Which oil is best for frying chicken?

Fried chicken is undeniably an irresistible snack and holds a significant place in American cuisine. However, the foundation of this scrumptious recipe lay in Scotland or West Africa. Whatsoever, people around the globe love to consume the amalgamation of crunchy exterior and juicy inner. But despite the deliciousness, preparing fried chicken is not a hassle-free task since frying involves the game of oil. And the scary part is indeed the scorching oil.

Which oil is best for frying chicken?
Which oil is best for frying chicken?

Who will not wish to enjoy fruitful results by the end of the messy cooking experience? Obviously everyone! So, what if you choose the wrong oil upon which multiple factors depend upon, for instance, nutritional content, flavor, etc. Your whole exhaustion will turn into ultimate frustration. That’s why we’re here to guide regarding a few aspects that require deep consideration while opting for oil to fry. Since it is the sole ingredient. Moreover, we’ll also let you know the best oil for frying chicken so here you go:


Points to ponder for Best Oil for Frying Chicken

The smoke point:

Every oil starts to burn and smoke after reaching a certain temperature and thus turns into rancid. However, each oil’s smoke point is different. But specifically for frying, select the oil with a higher smoke point. Since chicken requires a high temperature for deep frying. This will not only enhance the flavor of chicken but you’ll get your yield before oil starts to burn.

Oil flavor:

Neutral oil with almost no flavor and taste will work best in this regard. Since you want to enjoy the original flavor of fried chicken. So usage of oil with its particular strong flavor will definitely destroy the party.

Flavor transfer:

If your oil holds the potential to preserve the flavor of one food and transfers the aroma to the other. Then it’s an unquestionably a wrong choice. So while frying, you better take notice that the target oil features no flavor of fried fish. But will deliver you an authentic fried chicken taste.

Best oil for frying chicken & Wings

Vegetable oil is our recommendation if you are going to practice frying at home. Before we go in detail let’s clarify that oil extracted from the plant is actually a vegetable oil. For instance, canola, olive, sunflower oil or a mixture of these.

Firstly, the smoke point of vegetable oil lies between 440° to 450° and the ideal temperature for frying is 350. So, it proves itself as the best oil for frying. Moreover, with almost zero individual flavor and minimum ability to transfer aroma. Vegetable oil stands as a strong candidate as the best oil for frying chicken. So, go for vegetable oil once you decide to fry chicken since it’s the perfect option amongst the entire category.

How to Choose Oil for Frying Chicken?

Here, in this section, we are going to explain some refined oils with a higher smoke point. These oils are suitable and best for frying chicken or another deep frying at high temperatures. Most popular oils on the market are corn oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, soybean oil.

Different foods require different to maintain flavor with a crispy coating. For frying chicken, vegetables, shrimps, bacon, and fish, you have to keep a temperature between 350-375 degrees. At this heat, cooked food will maintain a crispy exterior with a fluffy inner side without absorbing oil.

To maintain flavor, always try to select oil with a higher smoke point. Also, the price and oil flavor is to be noted to pick oil for frying chicken. If you cook items regularly or want to fry large amounts of foods, canola oil is one of the best choices for its neutral flavor and affordability.

Smoke Points of different Oils for Frying

Canola Oil:

It is one of the best budget and healthier choices for frying chicken. This neutral flavor oil smoke point of400 degrees with high omega-6 and omega-3 levels.

Coconut Oil:

With 450 degrees smoke point, coconut oil is the best oil (odorless & flavorless) for frying chicken. Another bonus is its high Lauric acid levels with higher healthy fat levels making coconut oil a healthier option for frying chicken.

Peanut Oil:

It is one of the most affordable frying options for chicken with the highest smoke point i.e., 450 degrees. It’s non- flavor transfer property makes peanut oil an ideal pick for frying crispier chicken.

Soybean Oil:

It is inexpensive chicken frying oil with high smoke point-450 degrees. Soybean oil is a healthier option for deep frying with low saturated volume and high unsaturated fat levels.

Sunflower Oil:

With a 450-degree smoke point, sunflower oil is healthier oil for frying chicken. Sunflower oil, with polyunsaturated fat, is also inexpensive and ideal for daily frying.

Final Verdict

Some other oils like avocado oil (smoke point 520 degrees) and olive oil. (Smoke point 400 degrees) with robust flavor are excellent oils for frying. But these oils are pricier than others.