Top-05 Air Fryers for One Person 2021

Living alone either for job or study is not a piece of cake because it requires an intense sense of responsibility. However, there are so many ways that help a person to add facilitation in his hectic routine. An air fryer is a fantastic stance in this regard that performs a portion of your tasks.

Air Fryers for One Person
Air Fryers for One Person

Apart from so many air fryers that can handle huge gatherings and big families at once, there are also devices mainly designed for one person. These air fryers for one person not only fall within your budget, but their construction is also quite compact. As a result of this, they easily get fit within limited space. Moreover, these small air fryers fulfill the entire criteria of functionality as well. So, why to opt for a viable option when smaller and equally compatible ones are available in the market?

Top 5 Compact Air Fryers for One Person

In the below context, you are going to learn about several air fryers compatible with one person. All of the products below are from famous brands and mean to thrill you through their magic. So, let’s have a look.

Air Fryer 2.2QT Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker with Temperature Control, Non-Stick Fry Basket and Cook Book

No more fuss to handle huge ovens while preparing a meal for a single person because fereol now brings an innovative air fryer for one person. That cooks food with technology similar to huge devices of the field. Hence serves with healthiest and guilt-free snacks within your budget(Best Budget Air Fryers). Yes! Being a compact device that offers 2.2qt basket, the air fryer helps to consume fat-free food without costing a kidney.

While employing the power of a convection fan, the utility uses hot air to capsule the cooking ingredients in it. Once the hot air thoroughly covers the food, cholesterol-free food remains a few minutes away. So, the machine is quite resourceful in minimizing 70% oil from your meal, either you bake, grill, roast, or fry.

Moreover, this healthiest replacement of the conventional deep frying method is also a mess-free source to cook food. Since minimum to zero oil is the maximum requirement other than raw food.

Also, the operational aspect is impressive, and the reason behind the ease is adjustable controls. So make sure that you set the time and temperature according to food type. And get ready to enjoy the ultimate flavor and texture from this versatile tiny bombshell.

Furthermore, nothing to concern about overcooking because this best compact air fryer automatically shuts off once the cooking cycle finishes. Above all, it’s easy to go machine for kids also because of the cool-touch housing and handle. So, why not to purchase such an amalgamation of ease, convenience, functionality, and productivity.

Not to forget at this point that the frying basket is detachable and dishwasher safe as well. Thereby adds more appeal to the utility. So, if you need something handy, compact air fryer in your office, investing in this device will never prove a flop choice.

  • Available temperature range is 180 to 400 F degrees.
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy to preheat
  • Saves time and energy
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sleek, stylish, and compact
  • Not compatible with huge gatherings

Dash Compact Air Fryer for One Person1.2 L, Non-Stick Fry Basket, Recipe Guide 

If you want something more trendy yet simpler equipment to prepare anything anywhere Then dash presents a genuinely innovative air fryer for one person. So, a massive round of applause for this mind-blowing device. That’s competent to thrill you with its functionality from appetizers to desserts.

 Therefore, purchasing it is not a bothering idea if you live in a hostel or reside in a small apartment for a job. Either way, the device means to facilitate your lifestyle with its efficiency and versatility.

Furthermore, with the help of air crisp technology, the utility cooks food to the perfect crunchy, crunch, texture, and flavor. Meanwhile, the usage of minimum to zero oil also marks a full stop to the consumption of useless fats. So, this Dash compact 1.2L air fryer turns out as an excellent source of nutritional food that doesn’t add to your waistline.

Moreover, usage is exceptionally breezy and requires adjustment of two controls. So, once you throw the raw food, set the time and temperature, and cross your fingers. The timer will alarm you about the ready food within a few minutes.

Also, preheating is, again, the most significant advantage that significantly saves time and energy. Above all, reviewing the safety aspect, the equipment doesn’t disappoint you again. Since the cool-touch handle and housing make it a safe product to use even for kids.

The compact design, 1.6qt capacity, different color options, and sleek construction make it an incredibly alluring best product. And when this all combines with the marvelous service, then the functionality is enough for adding glitter to gold.

So, either you want to enjoy healthily fried veggies, seafood, or steaks, this best air fryer for a single person must be your go-to place.

  • The compact but spacious frying basket
  • The automatic timer prevents overcooking or burning
  • Temperature and timer controls are easy to read
  • Features non-slip feet
  • Very easy to clean
  • Releases strong chemical smell upon first few uses

GoWISE USA GW22632, 2.75-Quart Digital Air Fryer 50 Recipes Book

Another best digital air fryer by Gowise USA that pours entire dedication towards the convenience and wellbeing of its purchaser stands third in our list. However, we’ll discuss the convenience aspect on a prior basis.

So, this best-rated fryer for one person comprises button controls that help you precisely monitor the cooking time and temperature.  These button controls are very easy to use and above all are quite accessible for the user.However, the available temperature range is 170°F – 400°F that functions magically within 30 minutes maximum.

Moreover, the device is breezy to clean because of the nonstick frying basket. That promotes easy food release and hence results in fewer residues behind.

Secondly, let’s discuss how this fabulous utility improves the nutritional intake of the user. So, the device employs circulating hot air but no oil and thereby produces cholesterol-free food.

Since the hot air capsules, the food thoroughly and let the fat drip down while retaining the nutritional content.  As a result of this, the resulting food comes out absolutely crisp, evenly brown with a juicier inner. That features no fat but essential nutrients.

Last, of all, let’s reveal another plus that the non-stick basket is safe to use since it features no toxicity. To clarify, the nonstick coating is PFOA-free and thus minimizes the risk of leaching hazardous chemicals.

Most importantly, the safer design is again an assurance because this Gowise USA fryer for living single person includes a button guard to avoid accidental detachment. Not to forget that housing and handle remain cool while the rapid air technology performs to the fullest.

So, hurry up and grab the product to enjoy the charisma of baking, sautéing, grilling, roasting with a single compact cookware utility.

  • Automatically shuts off so no overcooking.
  • Simple and efficient
  • Worth the money
  • Produces delicious food
  • Lightweight
  • Occupies minimum counter space
  • Separating the frying basket is a bit hassle

 Elite Platinum EAF-1200D, Digital Programmable Air Fryer with Recipe Booklet, 3.4Qt Nonstick Basket

Here you go with a 3.4qt programmable air fryer that resourcefully helps you to enjoy fry food but without guilt. Amazing! But the question is still there that how can a device serve fry food without fats and cholesterol. So, the reason behind the fact is rapid hot air technology.

This best compact digital air fryer requires no oil but uses the power of hot air to cook food. Therefore, produces food that is equally delicious and scrumptious to deep-fried food but luckily lacks in unhealthy fats.

Handling this hot air fryer best for one person is not rocket science since it features an easy touch-screen control panel. Therefore adjusting the temperature and timer between the available range is convenient beyond imagination. Once set, the 60-minute timer performs miraculously between 140 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Above all, no concept of overcooking or burning because of the timer that automatically shuts-off.

In addition to this, the utility is an ultimate mess-free device because it involves no splashing oil. Moreover, the nonstick frying basket means very fewer residues behind. So, zero mess is a true promise. However, this zero mess also leads to ease of cleaning thereby makes the cleaning process an ultimate breeze. But for more convenience, the frying basket is dishwasher safe also.

So, if multitasking is your requirement, then this air fryer by Elite platinum can prove itself as the best companion in the kitchen. Since it’s an efficient utility by all means. Above all, it not only fries without guilt but baking also becomes handy with this magical piece.

  • Wide range of temperature and minutes is a big plus
  • Very powerful technology
  • Cooks with crunchier exterior and moist inner
  • Safe to use
  • Nonstick layer contains no toxic chemicals
  • Nonstick layer peels off with time

Comfee MF-TN2501, 2.6QT, Air Fryer Best for one person

It’s time to discuss the peculiar best single person air fryer that employs the potential of a stainless steel element. The availability of this stainless steel heating element ensures the fastest 3D airflow system. So quicker heat up is also an assurance.

Whatsoever, oil is neither a requirement nor a desire. That’s why this air fryer seems an unbeatable purchase through all means. Because the strong influence of hot air doesn’t impact negatively upon the flavor also rather enhances it to the fullest. Moreover, the utility doesn’t disappoint you through the resulting texture of food and transforms the appearance to perfection.

Therefore, we promise you awesome taste and texture and above all health as well. Since zero to minimum oil is the only employment.

Looking over the temperature and timer setting, you’ll notice two controls over the equipment. That is not only accessible but serves you with convenient operation as well. So, you can adjust the temperature between the flexible range of 175ºf-392ºf for up to 60 minutes maximum.  

Versatility is again matchless and offers you with a wide range of options like grilling, baking, roasting, and frying. Hence the machine doesn’t let you miss your mother or wife who served with varied choices. For instance steaks, chicken wings, fish, French fries, and bread, etc.

Above all, the machine contains a good number of air inlets that guarantee smooth air circulation and maximum temperature balance. Moreover, the construction of this best air fryer for one person also demonstrates premium safety.  And in regard to cleaning, that’s breezy beyond words. So, what are you still waiting for dude?  

  • Very easy to operate
  • 2.6qt frying basket
  • Performs efficiently
  • Very easy to clean
  • Features an indicator light and bell that alarms you once the cycle is over
  • Lock over the handle is just unnecessary


An air fryer for one person must not be huge and complicated. Rather simplicity and compactness are the entire demand besides functionality. And above all products fall in the exact criteria. So, trust our reviews as they are the emergence of deep experimentation. And don’t feel hesitant to opt for any of the recommendations. Good luck!