Top 07 Non-Toxic Panini Press with Buying Guide 2023

Panini might be a new word to you. Let me tell you about Panini. Yes, Panini is an Italian word that means sandwich, crispy, crunchy, and delicious. So, you can make your lunch crispier and crunchier than ever before with the nontoxic Panini press. We know the Panini press is not a common utensil that every kitchen has.

To make a grilled melted-cheese sandwich, Panini press is the only choice in the list of your kitchen utensils. If you think that the Panini press’s functionality is limited to only Panini making, you would not be right. Panini press is versatile in its work.

Top-notch Panini press can help you make grilled Kabab, steaks, chicken, and vegetables. Let’s have a look at our compiled list of Panini press. But before jumping to the reviews of the following products, let’s have a look at the types and buying guide of the product.


7 Best Non Toxic Panini Presses

ProductPreviewCapacity/PlatesKey FeaturePrice
Oster Extra Large Titanium-InfusedNot removableFloating Hinge SystemCheck Latest Price
George Foreman GRP4842P Removable Plates/Dishwasher-SafeCeramic Grilling Plates/Waffle PlatesCheck Latest Price
Hamilton Beach Fixed Grill PlatesCafe Style Floating LidCheck Latest Price
IMUSA USA GAU-80102 Large CapacityAdjustible Cooking HeightCheck Latest Price
Breville DuoXL CapacityFlat and Ribbed LidCheck Latest Price

Types of Non-Toxic Panini Presses:

Panini press can be categorized concerning the material used in it. Or types of plates are also the dividing point of Panini makers. Let’s discuss it one by one.


The plates of Panini makers are built up of aluminum. Using aluminum in the product has several advantages. For example, aluminum takes no time to heat up. Moreover, it costs less than other types of material.

On the flip side, where aluminum material tends to heat up quickly, it loses heat fast. So, you will have to turn it on again and again as this material loses heat fast.

2-Cast Iron

Unlike aluminum, there is no limitation to losing heat quickly. Cast Iron material is more capable of transferring heat evenly. Furthermore, it is multi-faceted in its work. Making steaks and chicken Kabab on a cast Iron Panini maker is no longer a problem owing to long heat retention. To get better results, a user is supposed to season oil frequently on cast iron plates.

On the other hand, it takes a long time to heat up. Additionally, it weighs more than aluminum products. When it comes to price, Cast Iron sandwich makers are expensive. So, all these factors are in mind while choosing the product.


Similar Aluminum material, non-stick Panini press can also heat up in no time. Owing to the non-stick nature, the sandwich press is easy to clean as no food sticks to the plates.

Amazingly, Non-Stick Panini makers can prepare hygienic food because this type of product demands little oil. Yes, you will have to season little oil for making a sandwich or steak. In addition, the non-stick Panini press is less expensive than cast iron material.

It is good to know that it has only one drawback when it comes to its disadvantages. The surface of non-stick plates is more prone to damage. A user will have to take extra care while using and washing it. Don’t use hard material to wash the plates.

So, all these are the types of Panini Press according to the material of plates.

Buying Guide for Panini Press

As we know that we should do vigilant research before buying any product. So, reading the buying guide before purchasing the following products is necessary to get the right product. Let’s check the factor we should consider before buying the Panini maker.

Grilled or Griddle?

The answer to the question is subjective. And the choice in grilled or griddle varies from user to user. One likes a griddle Panini, while others love to eat grilled ones. There are different types of Panini makers.

You can get grooved top and bottom of the sandwich with both grooved plates of Panini. Amazingly, you can acquire a grooved top and a smooth bottom sandwich with different sides of the device.

Another option is also available in this kitchen utensil in which a smooth-sided sandwich can be cooked with both smooth plates. Now it depends on the user which type of sandwich he likes the most, grilled or griddle.

Flexible Hinge

A flexible hinge allows you to grill sandwiches with large ciabatta. Moreover, variable sizes of sandwiches, Kababs, and steaks can be grilled with a floating hinge option. So, always consider the hinge of the product; thereby, you can make versatile food in the Panini maker.

Removable Plates

With fixed plates, there is no problem with the taste of Panini. You will get the same taste of a sandwich with removable plates and fixed plates. However, the difference lies in washing. Removable plates are easier to wash than fixed plates.

So, facilitate yourself in washing the sandwich maker with removable plates.


If you are expected to prepare only wraps and sandwiches, there is no need to check the temperature control options of the sandwich press. However, if you want versatile functionality in preparing food, the temperature is one of the most important factors to consider.

Therefore, check temperature control to make diverse ranges of grilled foods.


This factor is optional in buying guide. Various brands of the Panini press are providing different accessories in the package. Those accessories facilitate the user in washing and cooking. So, always check the accessories which the manufacturers are offering.  

Price and Warranty

 For many, price is the decisive factor. Maintaining a balance between price and quality is a hard nut to crack. However, you will find the best quality product at an affordable price in the following list. Check the price tag before buying.

Another factor that is also good to check is the product’s warranty. Policy about warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, check whether the manufacturer is providing the warranty or not.

Congratulations! after scrutinizing all of the factors for a sandwich grill, you are ready to buy your desired product. Let’s check the different features of the following products one by one.

Top 06 Non-Toxic Panini Press

The following Panini grills are chosen after researching for hours. Moreover, we have tested all the following grills. Thereby, we can tell our users the main features of the grills with their pros and cons. Let’s look forward to the different features of grills. And see where a Panini maker is lagging behind and what is good in it.

Oster Extra Large Titanium-Infused DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Indoor Grill

Oster sandwich grill gives plenty of reasons to buy. The first reason Oster feels proud to present this masterpiece is Dursceramic costing on grilled-plated. Duracermaic coating allows the user to grill a nontoxic Panini relatively in less time.

The size of this product is another plus of this sandwich press. The user of this product can prepare three sandwiches at one time. Interestingly, you can open its flexible hinge up to 110 degrees that can accommodate a large chunk of food at one time.

The material of this Panini press is non-sticky. So, you can easily wash the plates of it. As far as the temperature is concerned, it heats up fast owing to non-stick material. Moreover, this model of Oster retains temperature for a long time.  Users can adjust the temperature according to their requirements.

So, make a healthier and more hygienic sandwich at an affordable price.

  • Duraceramic coating
  • Non-stick plates
  • Large size
  • Variable Temperature Options
  • Heats fast
  • Non-removable Plates

George Foreman GRP4842P Multi-Plate Evolve Grill

George Foreman GRP4842p is a 3-in-1 kitchen utensil. Unlike the sandwich as mentioned earlier maker, George Foreman grill has more options to cook food in different ways. It comes with three different removable plates, and you can make Waffle, Panini, and Grill with this model of George.

The more exciting feature of this model of George Panini grill is temperature control. You can use raise the temperature to 500 to cook the food fast. Moreover, its digital LCD allows you to track temperature and time. So, adjust the temperature and time according to your need and cook a crispier and delectable food in minutes.

Another feature that makes it versatile is its plates. This George Foreman grill package contains three different removable plates for waffle, grill, and Panini. All the plates are coated with a non-stick material that is easy to clean and can be heated in a shorter span of time.

Like any other advanced sandwich grill, its plates are also coated with ceramic that helps to make hygienic and nontoxic wraps and sandwiches.

  • Best non-toxic Panini press
  • Digital Display for Temperature and timer
  • Removable Plates
  • 3-in-1 Kitchen utensil
  • Versatile in its functionality
  • We didn’t observe any shortcomings in this model

Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill With Locking Lid

If a low budget is the only hurdle in buying a quality Panini press, Hamilton Beach Electric grill has been made for you. This multi-purpose electric grill can give you the best experience for Panini, wraps, steaks, and sweet fruit turnover.

One of the best breathtaking features of this Hamilton Beach Electric grill is its floating hinge, in which the user can accommodate a large sandwich easily. Both sides of the plates evenly distribute the heat on a sandwich to make it brown.

Like any standard electric grill, plates have also been coated with non-stick material. So, you need not worry about having.

This electric grill is a high-selling product on different eCommerce stores with a low price tag. However, there are several limitations to this device.

There is no option in this Hamilton Beach Electric grill model to control or adjust the temperature. You are bound to cook all types of food at the same temperature. That is one of the significant drawbacks of this grill.

Moreover, the absence of a drip tray is a chunky mess that can be observed around the electric grill during grilling any food. Lastly, fixed grill plates made the washing and cleaning task difficult. So, no temperature control, absence of drip tray, and fixed plates make this sandwich grill annoying for many users.

  • Satisfactory size
  • Good for a large family
  • Available at affordable price
  • High selling Amazon product
  • No temperature control system
  • No drip tray to avoid a mess
  • Non-removable plates made washing difficult

IMUSA USA GAU-80102 Large Electric Panini Press 1400-Watts, Silver

IMUSA USA GAU-80102 has something unique in features than other Panini makers. Whether you feel like eating vegetables or want to eat meat, this model renders its best service to deliver you brown meat and vegetables.

The plates of this grill are also coated with a non-stick material that makes washing easy. Furthermore, both plates of IMUSA sandwich makers are smooth. It means you will get griddle food from it. This type of grill device tends to deliver even and uniform heat to the food that is being heated.

Although it doesn’t have temperature control options, you can trace power and temperature from the available indicators on the front.

Lastly, don’t get ditched with its appearance, which looks like stainless steel material. Its exterior is coated with stainless steel-like material. Another feature that provides ease in transportation is its cool-touch handle.  

  • Versatile in its work
  • Best for Griddle food
  • Power and temperature indicator
  • Smartly engineered
  • More prone to get damaged of coating layer non-sticky material

Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press

Breville is one of the best brands in kitchen utensils. It would not be wrong to say that your kitchen doesn’t seem complete without Breville items at any cost. This Breville Panini grill has no exception in quality. It is also a top-notch product of Breville.

The feature that is going to be discussed here is power. This Panini model works at 1500-watt. It means this Panini maker heats up fast and grill the food in no time. Aside from this feature, the grill has two plates; one is smooth, and the other is ribbed.  The bottom plate is flat, delivering uniform heat to the food, while the top lid is ribbed.

The adjustability of the hinge is also another plus of this product. The floating hinge provides 4 different positions to accommodate the food according to the quantity. Moreover, the package has a user manual in which a complete guide is provided about Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo usage. With the package, you will get a recipe booklet from which you can get mouthwatering recipes of Panini and various other dishes.

  • Breville Brand
  • High-Quality Material
  • Powerful Device
  • Flat and ribbed lid
  • Recipe booklet and user manual
  • 4 steps hinge
  • No temperature control option
  • Hard to clean

De’Longhi CGH800 Retro Contact Grill and Panini Press 14.8 Inch

This De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press have two double-sided contact cooking plates so that you can grill meat, fish, and Panini sandwiches. This nontoxic Panini press will toast sandwich surfaces perfectly. Also, it will grill your meat and fish perfectly. It will be healthier than those cooked in a fryer or oven because they don’t sit there absorbing all the oil.

The adjustable height hinge will accommodate any food of any size so that you can cook more at once. The plates are also non-stick so cleaning up is as easy as removing the detachable drip tray and wiping the grill surface with a wet cloth.

The other great feature of this De’Longhi CGH800 nontoxic Panini press is the drip tray itself. It slides out to make removing the dirty water really easy. You can also line it with tin foil for easier clean-up. The excellent touch housing, power, temperature knob are all on top of the unit. It has a perfect footprint, clean lines, and a retro feel when closed.

Overall, this is a nice non-stick Panini press for healthy cooking in small spaces. I was pretty impressed with the level of heat it put out and how evenly it cooked my foods. It’s also great to cook sandwiches without worrying about cross-contamination when you use both sides at once.

  • Solid Construction
  • Easy to Use
  • Cool Touch Handles
  • Nice Grill Marks
  • Perfect Locking
  • Doesn’t come with removable plates

OSTBA 4 Slice Non-stick Versatile Panini Press Grill Sandwich Maker with Temperature Control

If you love paninis, then OSTBA Panini Press Grill is a perfect choice for you. This nontoxic panini press is a great kitchen appliance for making delicious and healthy sandwiches and paninis.

One of the best features of this panini press is that it opens up all the way and lays flat – making it easier to cook evenly on both sides. This nontoxic panini press also comes with temperature control so that you can make sure your paninis are cooked to perfection.

The OSTBA Panini Press Grill is also very easy to clean, as it is dishwasher safe. So what are you waiting for? Get the OSTBA Panini Press Grill today and start making delicious paninis at home.

  • 4 Slice Non-stick Versatile Grill
  • Opens 180 Degrees to Fit Any Type or Size of Food
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • 1200W
  • LED Indicator
  • Not Urable enough


Having read all the points of buying guides and reviews of all the top 06 nontoxic Panini presses, we hope you will be able to buy the right product. Here, we are happy to announce that we will regularly update our list of every product. If you want some new products, keep paying a visit to this blog, you will find something new and astonishing. Thank you, and stay blessed.

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