How to use a wok on an electric stove

Technological advancement has changed the way of living of every individual, hasn’t it? Like many other fields, technology has brought major changes in methods of cooking. The days were gone when your grandma had to work hard for igniting the fire in a handmade stove. Gas stoves were also the buzz word of the old days. Nowadays, electric stoves are more common items in a kitchen. Electric stoves are easy to use, handy, and less risky in its use. Want to enjoy stir-fried food at home but only have an electric stove in the kitchen? Here is the answer to numerical How to use a wok on an electric stove.


How to use a Wok on an Electric Stove?

Before answering this question, I would like to tell you a little more about the electric stove and types of wok, so that you can understand the answer to the question well.

Types of Electric Stove

An electric stove is a common kitchen item nowadays. However, there are different types of stoves in the market. Hence, it is essential to know about different types of electric stoves before buying and using it. Moreover, we will disclose which type of stove is good for a wok.  Let’s start

Electric Stovetop with Coil

The simple and basic stovetop is an electric stove with coils. It is sturdy and hard. Cooking on it might be the easiest option to choose from all other options. More amazingly, a family with a tight budget can equip its kitchen with an electric stovetop with a coil. Yes, it is one of the best budget-friendly stovetop available in the market.

If you are worried about its cleaning process, let me clear that there is no need to worry about it. This electric stove is easy and simple to clean. You need not put extra hard efforts to clean the stove.

Electric Stovetop with Smooth Surface

If you are more conscious about the smart look of your kitchen, then it has been made for you. It is one of the smartest and handsome choices among your kitchen items. Electric stovetop with a smooth surface will add more value to your kitchen’s look.

As I have mentioned earlier that it has a smooth surface then you need not worry about cleaning. Cleaning of this stovetop is a kid-play indeed. Moreover, there are no crevices for food to stick in. Just take a soft cloth or towel and clean the stovetop.

One factor about that you must take extra care is the delicacy of the stovetop. The smooth surface of a stove is made of ceramic glass which can be cracked with heavy cookware. Therefore, always take care of it while using the electric stovetop with a ceramic glass surface.

What is a Wok?

It is nearly impossible to find a guy who didn’t see a wok in his life. A wok is a reshaped model of the Frying pan. If we talk about its material, you will come to know that material of a wok is the same as a frying pan, for example, Aluminum, non-stick, and cast iron. Let’s have a bird’s eye view on different types of wok according to its shape.

Round bottom shape

One of the most common types of wok is a round bottom wok. You would have observed this type of wok in different hotels and your house kitchen. I think it is the most common kitchen item.

If you have an electric stovetop with coil then round bottom Wok would be the best-fitted utensil for you. For coil stove, the round bottom wok will pass the even heat to your food.

Flat Bottom Shape

Flat bottom shape is the other type of Wok. As we know that the bottom of this Wok is flat, so, it can be the right choice for a smooth surface electric stove. Aside from a smooth surface stove, it is suitable for the coil stove as well.

Precautions before use

You should follow several precautions before cooking in a new wok.  A new wok has been coated with different chemicals and oils to prevent from rusting. Therefore, it is essential to remove all the harmful coating from the wok. The procedure of the removal of coating is quite simple. Just add some water and dishwashing soap in the wok and place it on the stove until water boils.

After boiling the water in the wok, take a soft cloth and wipe the wok efficiently. Now let the wok cool and wash it well again.

Lastly, Just add a little quantity of oil and let the oil heat up for 5 minutes. After that add garlic or ginger in the oil and stir the oil, thereby, heated ginger oil makes a coat around the inner walls of the wok. Now your wok is ready to cook.

Last Words

After getting enough knowledge about the type of Wok and electric stoves, it is easy to buy your desired and stove and wok accordingly. If you have a smooth surface electric stove, then go and buy a flat bottom wok. However, for coil stoves, always buy a round bottom wok. If you have any other suggestions, please don’t forget to write in the comment sections. Thank you. Stay blessed.

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