How to use a mandoline slicer to julienne?

A mandolin slicer, a hand-operated gadget, helps in cutting super-thin vegetables and fruits in a uniform and clean way. It cuts the vegetables in thin slices. You can use the mandolin slicer for preparing fresh salads. Also, you can cut vegetables in a particular shape for pasta with this fantastic slicer. But in this post, I am going to share some details about, how to use a mandoline slicer to julienne safely?

Using mandolin slicer for julienne sticks requires a bit of expertise. Even then, a professional can be injured if the device is used carelessly. But, with a little bit of practice and using the proper gadget, you can manage it efficiently. So, it’s better to choose a mandolin slicer that is manufactured to provide safety also. The hopper style or guard holder is the best choice


How does mandoline slicer work?

A mandolin slicer is a hand-operated device. It is the best option to choose in comparison to knives. Because it gives even results very quickly. Moreover, mandolins are versatile gadgets.  They include interchangeable blades. As a result, you can slice vegetables in different shapes such as wavy and julienne. Thus you can slice vegetables in a variety of textures.

But how to use a mandolin slicer? Although it’s not rocket science but a few tips can help you use the slicer safely. So, let’s describe in a step by step process how to use a mandolin slicer. It will help you achieve perfect results without hurting yourself with the blade.

  1. First of all, put the slicer on a cutting board. The cutting board must be securely placed on the counter so that it won’t slide here and there.
  2. Then select the most wanted slicing blade and adjust it into the mandoline. The majority of the devices include different slicing blades offering different textured slices. So, pick one and fix it in.
  3. Adjust the distance between the blade and mandolin base. The width of the slice depends upon this distance. More gap means more width.
  4. Now take the vegetable, wash, and peel if required. Adjust it on the slicer. If the vegetable is huge than the width of the slicer, cut it into two halves.
  5. Now place the finger guard tightly over the vegetable. A finger guard acts as a protective shield for fingers against blades.
  6. While gripping the finger guard, move the vegetable over the slicing blade. The direction of your hand movement should be up and down. As a result, the cut slices of the vegetable will start falling on the cutting board.

What is a julienne cut?

The term julienne is a French word. It means thin strips of fruit, vegetable, or meat. Typically, each julienne cut is about 3 inches in length and 1/16- to 1/8- inches in width. Julienne cut is also known as matchstick cut. The shape resembles a thin stick. Either you want to stir-fry vegetable or serve it in raw form; a julienne cut is always an excellent option. Most importantly, this cut style let the vegetable cook quickly. You can cut the vegetable in julienne shape by following the below steps:

  • Cut the vegetable in several squares slices.
  • Furthermore, trim each square slice into multiple strips.

Can you julienne with a mandolin?

Yes, mandolin slicer works efficiently to make perfect slices for julienne-smaller or big sticks. Not only julienne slices but also this small kitchen can work wonders in lots of fruits and vegetable slicing, including waffle cuts.

What is the need of julienne cut?

  • Julienne cut gives a classy look to a cuisine.
  • Vegetables like broccoli and zucchini, when cutting in julienne, appeal to the picky eaters.
  • Julienne cut vegetables tend to cook evenly and quickly.
How to use a mandoline slicer to julienne
How to use a mandoline slicer to julienne?

Mandoline slicer usage other than julienne cut

A mandolin slicer can be your best crime partner in the kitchen. It helps you prepare ingredients for a recipe in a quicker way. With the help of different blades, you can not only make slice but shred and grate also.  Mandolins available in the market are of two types. Some are hand-held, while others are full-sized for commercial purposes. For household purposes, we recommend you buy a hand-held mandolin slicer. Because these portable models mean to fulfill your requirements within the parameter of your kitchen. Below are some of the recipes in which a mandolin slicer proves your best helper in the kitchen.

Fruit salads:

Fresh fruit salads are no more a dream now. A mandolin slicer helps you slice all the fruits in an instant. Just top them with honey or some olive oil and enjoy the healthiest breakfast.


Now you can enjoy the flavor of coleslaw anytime. Because preparing cabbage with a mandolin slicer is only a matter of a few minutes. Add some mayonnaise, cream with a pinch of black pepper to boost the flavor.

Onion slices for beef burgers:

A mandolin slicer puts an end to a messy and uneven onion cutting. You turn the sulfur-emitting side of the onion downward. Therefore, the slicing process doesn’t frustrate you by creating tears also. Moreover, it slices onion in uniform rings in a blink of an eye.

Beetroot and goats cheese salad:

Preparing a beetroot salad gives a healthier kick to your diet. A mandolin slicer is again here as a game-changer. Besides, slicing beetroot, it also helps you in grating cheese. So, no need to buy box grater separately because some mandolin slicers also include a grating blade.

Veggie chips:

Munching through a bag of veggie chips is the healthiest exercise. You can slice any root veggie with a mandolin slicer and sauté it. also, sprinkle some salt and add a few drops of lemon juice.


Slice tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes, and mushrooms and prepare an extra-large pizza quickly for your friends. Similarly, for preparing a sweeter version, mandolin slicer helps in slicing, apples, peaches, and plums.

Fruit tarts:

Buy a piecrust from the nearby grocery store. Cut thin slices of your favorite fruit with a mandolin slicer, arrange them on the crust, and bake. A delicious and instant fruit tart is possible only with a mandolin slicer.

How to use a mandoline slicer to julienne?

Factors to consider before buying a mandolin slicer

Slicing fruits and vegetables with a mandolin slicer gives you a whole new culinary experience. But the excitement can be spoiled if the slicer doesn’t match your requirements. It can be a total fail if it doesn’t provide you with safety. So, be very considerate that your chosen mandolin is high-quality slicer. It should require minimum force to slice while offering a very nice safety mechanism.  Below, we are going to describe a few aspects that you should focus on while choosing your future crime partner:

Blade shape:

There are three kinds of blades shapes found in mandolins.

  • Straight blade: it is commonly available in French models. This is the perfect type to slice tough vegetables
  • Diagonal blade: this kind of blade is found in Japanese models. Besides, slicing tough vegetables skillfully, it helps you with tender vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers.
  • V-shaped blade: two diagonal blades make up this style. This shape helps to slice huge ingredients.

so, choose according to the most liked vegetable at your home


Mandolins are manufactured in two kinds of designs. They are:

  • Hand-held mandoline slicer: this group of slicers includes a handle for gripping. You can set the hand-held mandolin according to the angle that suits you. As a result, it’s easier to control while slicing. Most importantly, this design helps you slice the tomato or cucumber straight into the salad bowl.
  • Stand mandoline slicer: this familyincludes legs and is designed to stand on them. They are sturdier than hand-held models and are more versatile in comparison.

So, again choose according to your convenience and comfort level.

Slicing width:

Though mandolin slicers allow you to adjust the gap between the base of the device and its blade. But there are a few specifications in this regard stated below:

  • Some slicers help you with set slicing depths. In this way, you can slice the vegetable in the same width every time.
  • Other models offer rolling adjustment. With these models, you cannot produce the same width of slices every time. Because they don’t offer set slicing depths.


  • There must be some kind of food holder with the mandolin slicer. Without a finger guard, you can easily hurt your fingers. A food holder serves the purpose of holding the vegetable tightly and slides it along the ramp. It acts as a shield between the blade and your fingers. So, don’t buy a mandolin without a finger guard.
  • Moreover, changing blades also invites a safety concern. It should be an easier activity to clip the blades in and out. Otherwise, you’ll end up hurting your fingers badly.

Ease to clean:

It always seems tempting to buy a device that is dishwasher-safe. So, slicers with such freedom are a nice pick. But even then, we don’t recommend you to put the mandolins in the dishwasher. Because the blades can get dull speedily due to the chemicals used in the machine.

The detergents used in the dishwashers lead to the wearing of blades rapidly. That’s why mandolin slicers or other objects with blades must be hand washed. Even if they are claimed to be dishwasher safe.

However, some companies suggest you put only the body in the dishwasher after removing blades. This is a nice idea.

The versatility of the mandolin:

List down your basic need to use a mandolin slicer.

  • You only need a basic blade to slice onions and tomatoes for quick prep.


  • You want different styles of cuts out of your slicer to add charm to your recipes.

So, choose a simple or multi-functional mandolin slicer accordingly.

Use of Mandoline slicer for Julienne cut:

Mandoline slicer is a nice device to attain a julienne cut. The resulting juliennes will be quite even and uniform in length and width. As some mandolins include a single blade whereas others include interchangeable ones. Therefore, the process to produce julienne cut differs in both types. Below we’ll guide you on how to use both kinds of mandolins for julienne cut.

Interchangeable blades:

It is very easy to cut a vegetable in julienne shape with a mandolin having interchangeable blades. Just choose the julienne blade, clip it in the frame, and adjust the gap between the blade and the base. Once you decide the cut thickness, which can range from 1/8”-1/2”, start moving the vegetable along the path. As a result, the julienne cuts will start falling on the cutting board or on anything that lay beneath. Make sure, that you are using the finger guard to avoid accidental injury.

Single blade:

Preparing julienne cuts with single blade mandolin is not that easy but not impossible. It’s a bit time consuming and requires a knife also. First of all, slice the produce. You will get the slices according to the shape of the fruit or vegetable. Then, pile up the slices on the cutting board and cut them into thin strips. That’s all!

Best professional mandoline slicer:

A mandoline slicer becomes the best buy if it fulfills the below criterion:

  1. The manufacturing material must be nontoxic and food grade.
  2. Its blades must not rust with frequent usage.
  3. It should not be very costly. The presence of extra bells and whistles adds to the cost. So, buy a simple product.
  4. The blades must be smooth to adjust to the required thickness.
  5. It must be sturdy, well-built, and should last for long.
  6. The mandolin slicer must include a very productive finger guard
  7. The availability of a variety of blades is a good perk.
  8. Exchanging blade must not be challenging.
  9. The unit should be easy to use and clean.
  10. A storage case along with the device minimizes the mess.

How do you cut julienne carrots with a mandoline?

What is the best mandoline slicer to buy?

When looking for a super-versatile mandolin slicer for slicing fruits and vegetables, I always prefer to pick the best multipurpose manoline ricer with adjustable blades, also easy to use and clean.

After digging a lot on the market, I found Mueller Austria Premium Quality slicer for fruits and vegetables. It is the best mandoline slicer in a very reasonable price range.

There are five interchangeable blades. You can adjust all of them to any thickness level as the slicer offers several thickness settings. The thickness is also very easy to adjust with a handy thumb dial control.

Most importantly, the unit is furnished with a patent design of dual knob. It helps to make adjustments easily.

Slicing onion, preparing julienne cuts of carrots, and grating cheese are quite breezy with Mueller Austria.   Moreover, it also acts as a garlic chopper and vegetable peeler. So, it turns out very versatile equipment.

The entire manufacturing material is also of good quality and food grade. Its blades are 420-grade stainless steel and are super sharp. Besides, they are also FDA and LFGB approved. The framework of the slicer is ABS plastic that is BPA free and non-toxic. So, we assure you of a healthier yield.

While offering endless possibilities to chop, slice, peel, and grate, the unit is also very easy to clean. Hence, it eases your kitchen lifestyle. Its efficient performance cuts down your prep time. As a result, you feel like a professional chef if you’re not. Because this mandolin slicer helps you cut uniformly and prepare quickly.

The company also stands behind its product and replaces or refunds. If you don’t find it suitable or up to the mark. So, go for it.

How to use Mandoline slicer properly?

Now moving forward, enjoy fresh tomato juice with multiple health benefits.