How to make biscuits without an oven

For me, morning and evening tea seem unpleasant without biscuits. I hope you would have also enjoyed cookies with tea. But cookies from the markets are no longer attractive to me. I always prefer to make cookies at home. Do you know? Making biscuits without an oven is fun at home. Therefore, if you don’t have an oven and want to enjoy your homemade biscuits read the article carefully and follow all the instructions. I hope you will enjoy the recipe about “How to make biscuits without an oven”.  Before telling you the recipe, I would like to tell you how this recipe has been revealed to me, and then we will go to the ingredients and procedure.

How to make biscuits without an oven


Where I have learned these cookies without an oven?

It’s quite a funny story at all. And I would love to share it with my readers. Often, I used to go to my favorite restaurant in the evening. There I always take a cup of tea with special cookies from the restaurant.

Once, an idea touched to my mind while sitting and enjoying a cup of tea at that restaurant. On every crunchy bite of cookies, I began to inspire to make this type of biscuit at home. It was a foolish idea at all because I am not a chef. Aside from making coffee, I have never made any other dish with my hands. But the idea, making biscuits at home, forced me to do it at home at any cost.

I bought some ingredients of the cookies on assumption and packed cookies for my wife also. Having reached home, I told the idea to my wife and loud laugh was there in the room.

Anyway, I convinced my wife to make this type of cookies at home and show the ingredients which I have bought from a shop. Then my wife helped me to find the remaining ingredients. I found and bought all the ingredients.

My wife has another suggestion for making biscuits. She didn’t want to use an oven for baking the biscuits for no reason. Instead of using an oven, she wanted to use Idli maker. So, I agreed with her and started work. Amazingly, the recipe worked. Now we always enjoy the cookies with tea. Moreover, it boosts our confidence to make something new at home. Just read the ingredients and try yourself.

How to make biscuits without an oven

How to make biscuits without an oven?

Here, we are going to explore the ingredients and complete the procedure of those special cookies just give a try in your kitchen.


The following ingredients have been described for 30 cookies. If you want to want more or less, increase or decrease the quantity of the cookies accordingly.

Moreover, we have added walnut to enhance the taste. However, you can use chocolate chips or other dry fruits according to your wish. Let’s have a look at all the ingredients of mouth-watering cookies.

1-     Wheat Flour (Whole) 140gm

2-     Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter) 80gm

3-     Sugar (Powdered) 90gm

4-     Baking Soda 1Tsp

5-     Milk     half cup

6-     Walnuts 30gm


As the list of ingredients is short, the procedure is also short and simple. You just follow all the instructions carefully and get your brown, crunchy, and tasty biscuits in 30 minutes.

Interestingly, it doesn’t demand hard efforts at all. Even a kid can make it at home after reading all the procedures and instructions precisely. Let’s have a look at the procedure

  1. First, take a bowl
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients like (Whole Wheat Flour, Powdered Organic Sugar, Baking Soda)
  3. After getting a homogenous mixture, add clarified butter in the dry bowl
  4. Lastly, add milk and Walnut to make a dough

You need not knead the paste well because it can make your cookies chewy. So, just after mixing all the ingredients well and making the dough, now it’s time to place the dough in a refrigerator for 40 minutes.

Before placing the dough in a refrigerator, don’t forget to cover it with a cling paper.

After 40 minutes, just take the tray out from the refrigerator and remove the cling wrap.

Take a cookies cutter of your desired design and cut the cookies as you want.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to heat the idli maker.

Now place the cut cookies on Idli Maker for 30 minutes at medium heat.

When you observe that edges of the biscuits get browned turn off the heat leave the cookies for 20 minutes in Idli maker. After 20 minutes, your cookies are ready to serve.

Important to Note:

We have tried and tested the above-mentioned recipe at home dozens of times. So, it is advised not to change the ingredient for better results.

Moreover, some of our friends used vegetable oil instead of butter, which is not a good idea for this recipe. My friends ruined the texture and taste of the biscuit by using vegetable oil.

You can change the quantity of ingredients according to your demand and requirements.

How to Make Bakery Biscuits Without Oven (Complete Recipe)

Final Words:

I have shared the recipe which I have enjoyed the most in my life while cooking and eating. If you have also a recipe that has been enjoyed by you please share with us in the comment section. Lastly, don’t forget to give feedback after trying this recipe at home. We hope, you will like the recipe of “how to make biscuits without an oven”. Keep visiting our blog for new recipes and kitchen utensils. Stay blessed and thank you.