How to Clean an Indoor Grill Perfectly

Expecting your purchase to serve for generations to come? You are not wrong because it was your hard-earned money that you invested in an indoor grill. But don’t forget! You also have to play some part besides manufacturers. Yes, How to clean an indoor grill efficiently? Your role is to provide the indoor grill with appropriate care and maintenance strategies because pampering is the right key to longevity.

However, indoor grills include a nonstick grilling plate. But we cannot claim the authenticity of the nonstick unless we endure it. Here, by authenticity, we are referring to ease of cleaning. So, if you find the grilling plate 100% genuine even then, cleaning is the requirement because it’s the tip to enjoy your further grilling.

That’s why, in the context, we have come up with the procedure of how to clean an indoor grill. However, the good part is that we’ll describe according to both removable and non-removable plates individually. So, let’s address the former category, firstly:

How to clean an indoor grill


How to clean removable grilling plates?

  • Before you unplug the appliance, you need to fill hot soapy water in the sink. This requires to be done first of all. Because once you remove the plates, you shouldn’t wait to proceed further.
  • Now, remove the switch from the socket and allow the grilling plate to cool, subsequently. Letting it cool down is indeed a nice gesture to prevent burns so, follow the precaution sensitively.
  • However, if you can’t wait for the temperature to lower down, then oven mitts are there to help in this regard. Therefore, wear them, and carry on the procedure.
  • Whatsoever, it’s time to submerge the plates in the hot soapy water that you prepared before the procedure. Furthermore, allow the plates to rest in the water for a shorter span. As a result of this soaking, any residue will fall apart for sure.
  • Besides, take a non-abrasive sponge and clean the grill plate keenly. Make sure that your sponge doesn’t feature any harshness as it will undeniably destroy the nonstick layer. So, after you finish the cleaning, take the plate out and put it aside to dry.
  • Once they get thoroughly dried, set them back in the unit.

The same way you can use to clean waffle maker plates.

How to clean non-removable grill plates:

Tackling no-removable plates is a bit challenging in comparison to removable plates. And since we are debating over maintenance of electric grills, so, one needs to be quite alert. Also, the nonstick quality is equally significant in this regard. That’s why we have come up with a few hacks that will unquestionably simplify the process.

But remember! Never try to practice the tricks over hot grill plates. Hence letting them cooldown is a mandatory step. So, while memorizing this very important precaution, let’s learn about the hacks:

1.      The aluminum foil hack:

Simplicity always attracts, and so is the case with this hack because it’s straightforward yet effective. First of all, take a sheet of aluminum foil and spread it all over the grill plate. Spreading must be carried out accurately; therefore, fit the sheet within all the grill lines and ridges. If an indoor grill belongs to the class of closed countertop. Then close the appliance after fixing the aluminum foil thoroughly.

Subsequently, switch on the grill. As a result of heat produced, any stuck residue or oil will loosen its grip to the plate. Hence will fall onto the foil. After some time, plug out the appliance, open it and fold the foil from the corners to the center and throw it in the dustbin. While you wrap the foil, be vigilant that the countertop faces zero dripping.

Now, the grilling surface is super easy to clean. Just use a soft sponge with mild soap, and here you go with a brand new plate.

2.      The moist paper towel hack:

A bit more vigilance is required while practicing this particular hack. But the results are as excellent as the aluminum foil hack. So, let the equipment cool down after plug out till it reaches the warm temperature. Most importantly, the accuracy of the warmness is the tip that leads to perfect grill cleaning results. So, once you make sure that the grill plate is neither too cold nor too hot, get ready to proceed further.

Thus, layer some damp paper towels on the indoor grill plate. Close the lid subsequently either attached or separate one. As a result of all this operation, the damp paper towel absorbs all the grease and other kinds of residues. But for this, you need to leave the device with wet paper towels for some minutes. After a shorter span, open the indoor grill and remove the paper towels, afterward. Then get ready to wipe clean the grill plate with a soft sponge and soapy water. Whatsoever, a final wipe is a must-do activity and must not remain undone. And we claim it as a perfect answer to question how to clean an indoor grill?

3.      A water spray:

This is a useful hack but not very popular. So, once you’re done with your delicious grilled veggies, unplug the unit and spray some water on the plate. Make sure that the temperature doesn’t fall completely before you sprinkle some water. Afterward, when the plate cools thoroughly, a quick wipe is the recommendation to remove any kind of residue. So, after the debris cleanup, perform a final wipe with a soft sponge and warm soapy water.

4.      The greasy tray:

Some models of the indoor grill may include a tray that means to catch all the dripping. Though it plays a vital role in promoting mess-free grilling. But the users don’t bother to focus on its cleaning and maintenance due to negligence.

However, cleaning a greasy tray is not rocket science. Since it’s a removable component, so cleaning is a breeze. You need to remove the saucy drippings and submerge the tray in a sink of warm soapy water. Most importantly, prioritize a non-abrasive sponge for its cleaning and let it dry before you fit it in the grill. Besides, some brands claim their trays a dishwasher friendly component.

5.      How to Clean the exterior of the indoor Grills?

The housing of the indoor grills is neither compatible with the dishwasher. Nor are they meant to be soaked in warm soapy water. Instead, a gentle wipe with damp cloth or paper towel followed by a drying session is the requirement. Manual drying is essential to avoid water spots and maintain the brand new shiny look of the exterior. Whatsoever, don’t forget to plug out the device before initiating the cleanup strategy.


As indoor grill helps you satisfy your appetite any time you crave for a grill. So, in return, it also deserves some love. Hence the only way to shower love on an appliance is to fulfill its cleaning requirements. And an indoor grill deserves the same empathy and care. For caring and cleaning indoor grills, we have described how to clean an indoor grill in detail.