How does a meat grinder work?

As you know that there are two types of meat grinders. Electric meat grinders and manual meat grinders. Both of them own a drastic difference and that is the power source. This difference leads to so many other dissimilarities also and above all of them lays the contrast in operational style. Here, I am revealing how does a meat grinder works either it’s manual or electric?

Manual meat grinders are simple and economical. But economical purchases are not always successful because they truly lack in one facility or the other.  However, with electric meat grinders, there comes ease although they are technical devices to use. But the performance and durability you receive in return are simply incredible.

After an overall analysis, we recommend you to buy an electric meat grinder due to their magical abilities. That’s why we are here to describe to you how these monsters operate. But first of all, let’s learn how to assemble electric meat grinders.

How does a meat grinder work?
How does a meat grinder work?


 Assembling a meat grinder:

Models may vary from one another in their construction and design. But the majority of the meat grinders follow the below-described criteria of assembly.


Once you start to assemble the grinder components, make sure that all the parts are properly washed, rinsed, and sanitized. Also, don’t forget to dry them thoroughly before proceeding forward.


Make a check that the power cord is out of the electric switch for a safer assembly.


Insert the T link at the front side of your machine. With the help of a locking screw, tight the T link securely in place.


Place the screw pushing bar in the T link. Fix the bar tightly into the back.


Put the four-leaf blade on the screw pushing bar. The flat side of the four-leaf blade must be facing out.


Put the round knife at the end of the screw pushing bar. It is important that knife edges are flush with the screw pushing bar edges.


Insert the four-leaf handle cap into the T link tightly.


Lastly, you need to attach the stainless steel plate or tray at the top of the T link. Now, ready, steady, apple go.

How does a meat grinder work?

Now let’s learn how the meat grinder works and presents you awesome yields:

Preparing meat:

Firstly, you need to cut the meat piece into small-medium sized chunks according to the size of the feeding hole. Put them in the freezer until they get firm enough for a sound grind. Also, put the grinder blade in the freezer for 30 minutes. So that an efficient and mess-less grinding can take place.

Adding meat to the feeding tube:

Take the feeding bar or pusher in one hand. Meanwhile, start to add meat pieces one by one in the feeding tube from the other hand. With the help of pusher, keep on feeding meat to the grinder. Don’t overload the feeding tube otherwise the machine will start to clog. Also, put a clean bowl under the blades so that the ground meat gets a good platform to fall.

Blade spinning:

The blades of the meat grinder spin and therefore push the meat into the attached plates. As a result, you’ll get the grind according to the size of the plates’ holes. Either you fit fine, medium, or coarse plate; you’ll get the ground meat accordingly. If your machine includes a sausage attachment, you can attach that to prepare delicious and fresh sausages.


After you’re done with the whole grinding, now it’s time to clean the unit properly. Disassemble the machine, wash all the parts, and sanitize them. Make sure that they dry completely before you store the unit. For the rest of the machine body, take a damp soft cloth for cleaning and sanitizing. We also recommend you to lubricate the oil seal through the screw hole once in 6 months.

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