How are frying pans measured?

How are Frying Pans Measured?

Once you enter the market to purchase a skillet, various factors revolve around your mind that deserves zero negligence. Above all of the aspects, there’s an important element that if skips can make your purchase a total failure. And that particularity is your family size.

Since the number of family members lets you decide the size of the pan, so, you must earn proper awareness of how to measure a frying pan precisely. Moreover, some recipes also present the size requirement of the skillet for the particular feast. So, learning the way to measure a pan will never go in vain. Instead, it’ll add to your knowledge about essential basics.

Measuring a frying pan

The diameter of a frying pan ranges between the top of the utensil instead of the cooking surface. So, if the diameter of your frying pan is 12”, then the available cooking surface is undoubtedly 10”. It is because of the sloppy sides that minimize the cooking surface up to 1” from each side. These gentle slants bring 10” cooking surface with 12” wide top. However, you will name it a 12” frying pan. And that’s the simple answer to “How are frying pans measured?”

Similarly, if you belong to a smaller family, then you must go for a minimum of 8″ pan so that you can avail at least 6” cooking surface. Moreover, if the recipe asks for an 8” skillet, it means you need a pan measuring 8” amongst the two top edges. In this way, you’ll get 6” cooking surface.

How to Pick Frying Pan Size?

To sum up, the size of the pan doesn’t indicate the size of the cooking surface, but the length between one top to the other edge. So, a buyer must consider the cooking surface 2″ lesser than the given size.

Bottom line:

Above all, we recommend the buyer not to bother the sizes stated on the company’s website. Sometimes the manufacturers write the size on the pan, but we suggest you not to rely on them. Instead, pick up the pan with 2″ extra than required. Also, after receiving recheck the dimensions yourself to confirm the product compatibility according to requirement.