Can you cook pasta in a rice cooker?

Don’t dare to add even a pinch of doubt about the versatility of a rice cooker. Because indeed, it’s a tiny beast. It can perform so much your cooking tasks. So, once it enters your kitchen, you can’t resist exploiting it in different ways. With a rice cooker, you get the chance to enjoy a variety of grain foods. And every time, it will amaze you with its incredible yields.

So, don’t rely on the name rice cooker because the rice cooker tends to boil rice and all kinds of pasta and soup. Yes, pasta! You have to seek guidelines about a few factors. And you’ll be able to cherish your love for various pasta recipes most easily.


Using a simple rice cooker:

Pasta Making Recipe in a Rice Cooker

Cooking rice in a rice cooker is a bit challenging. Because you may get a different rice quality every time so, the water and rice ratio cannot go the same.

But cooking pasta is super easy. Raw pasta doubles in volume as it boils. So, your inner pot must be spacious enough to hold boiled pasta.  Whatsoever, the following procedure works for a simple rice cooker with only a “cook” option.

Here is how it goes:

  • Put 1 cup of dry pasta in your cooker.
  • Add water to it. The water must thoroughly cover the pasta. Suppose you love eating al dente. But if you want a softer version, then add some more water so that it reaches ¼-1/8 inches above the pasta.
  • Add some salt and 1 teaspoon of oil. Salt will enhance the flavor. At the same time, the oil will act as a barrier against foaming.
  • Close the lid and press the cook button to initiate the process.
  • While the boiling cycle is on its way, stir the pasta twice or thrice to avoid its gluing.
  • As the pasta will absorb all water. So, there is nothing to drain. Please take out the pasta so that the hot pot doesn’t brown it.

Tip: if you are going to boil spaghetti, break it into two halves. Rest you have to follow the same process described above.

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Can you cook pasta in a rice cooker

Using a multi-functional rice cooker to cook pasta:

Boiling pasta in the latest rice cooker is not rocket science. In fact, the process is quite similar. The difference only lies in the button name.

An innovative rice cooker facilitates the user with so many functions. So it also features particular buttons to serve the purpose. Thus, for boiling pasta, you can press either of the following buttons.

  • Rice
  • Soup/stew
  • Saute

Pressing any of these buttons will let your pasta water boil.

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The ideal size of the rice cooker to make pasta:

You can make pasta in any of the available sizes. The small size will be able to boil only 1-2 portions of pasta. Whereas, the bigger models can easily entertain a huge family. Above all, bigger versions can accommodate the spaghetti strips without breaking into pieces.

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Final word:

At first, boiling pasta in a rice cooker may not seem that easy for you because it requires a hell of guesswork. But once you get through the learning curve, you’ll find it fun to do. So, don’t waste more time thinking to buy a rice cooker. Be practical and bring it to your home to enjoy endless benefits.