How to reheat oats in minimal time without a microwave?

How to reheat oats in minimal time without a microwave

Oatmeal is one of the most versatile breakfasts around and can even be reheated the next morning to save time. You need to know a few tricks for perfect instant oats, but it’s way easier than you think. The most quickest and easiest way is to use a microwave, though I will also show you … Read more

Can stainless steel pans go in the oven?

Can stainless steel pans go in the oven?

You are no more confined to casseroles for baking or roasting in the oven. But you can always use Pyrex, ceramic, and cast-iron cookware for the purpose. But have to follow the safety guidelines because cookware must not be dealt with casually in ovens. Similar is the case with stainless steel pots and pans.  They … Read more

Deep frying Vs. Pan Frying- Brief Discussion

DEep Frying vs pan frying

Deep frying and pan-frying are two versions of the same cooking version. Heat and oil are the mediums required for both of them. These methods are very commonly used around the globe. But which suits you depends upon a lot of factors. In the below context, you’ll come across such facts that were not known … Read more

Can a Rice Cooker be Used to Keep Food Warm?


Although boiling rice in a good quality spacious pot is very easy, it still can’t stand the rice cooker’s magic. Why? Because a rice cooker is the latest innovation with nice and useful options. It lets you steam vegetables, poach fruit, and prepare risotto without stirring. But folks show their deep concern about certain factors … Read more

Can you cook pasta in a rice cooker?


Don’t dare to add even a pinch of doubt about the versatility of a rice cooker. Because indeed, it’s a tiny beast. It can perform so much your cooking tasks. So, once it enters your kitchen, you can’t resist exploiting it in different ways. With a rice cooker, you get the chance to enjoy a … Read more

Can I Grind Coffee Beans in a Food Processor?


Brewing coffee without grinding is simply useless. You won’t enjoy the desired results and will end up throwing your coffee in the sink. Thus it would be best to transform coffee beans into the coarse ground to explore the real good inside. Why waste your precious coffee beans through experimentation? Grind them in a coffee … Read more

Air Fryer Vs Pressure Cooker-Brief Discussion


A pressure cooker is an old piece of equipment. It has been part of every household kitchen for ages. Like every other machine, it has also changed in design and technology. But the makers don’t ruin the aim of its usage. Instead, every change improves its functions and end results.  Air fryers were launched in … Read more

Can you put wax paper in the oven?


Paper with a thin wax coating on single or both sides is referred to as wax paper. This wax coating doesn’t allow food to stick. Besides, it also makes the paper water-resistant. However, you can use it for a variety of purposes. It is one of the essentials in the cooking and baking process. Gustave … Read more

How Long Does Homemade Peanut Butter Last?


Making peanut butter is just a piece of cake; however, keeping it for longer can be a tricky task. Now, you’re thinking how long does homemade peanut butter last? The answer to this question depends on various factors that needs a bit of explanation. So, let’s check which type of peanut butter can last longer … Read more

Can You Put a Pot in The Oven?


Searing roast at the stovetop and transferring the same pan to the oven for further cooking is a very nice idea. But for this hassle-free activity, make sure that your pan or skillet is oven-safe, and can you put a pot in the oven? You can figure out the status of your pan by turning … Read more