Best Way to Clean Cast-Iron Griddle

Using cast-iron griddle as an alternative to stainless steel is a very lovely option. It is a heavy metal and serves several benefits. First of all, it is economical to buy. Besides, cast-iron is good to use due to its excellent heat retention ability. Also, its cookware heats up evenly without developing hot spots. Typically, cast-iron griddles come pre-seasoned and offer a perfect nonstick cooking surface.

However, a cast-iron griddle is a bit tricky to maintain. Since the core manufacturing material is iron. That’s why it’s prone to rust and becomes a bloody useless piece of cookware.

In the below context, we have come up with the best way to clean the cast-iron griddle with helpful guidelines. So, read it thoroughly and enjoy the potential of the cast-iron griddle for the long-run.

Best way to clean cast-iron griddle


How to clean cast-iron griddle?

Cleaning the cast-iron griddle is not the only requirement. But proper cleaning is important, indeed. And the recommendation is to clean the griddle right after the meal is served on the table. It is to clarify that clean cast-iron cooking surface as soon as possible before it cools down. Because hot cast-iron griddle is super easy to clean.


Place the warm griddle under running hot water. Take a soft nylon sponge and pour a few drops of mild liquid soap. Start to scrub food residues. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves to shield your hands from the hotness of the griddle and water.

Scrubbing hard residues:

If the food residues are enough hard that a soft scrubbing doesn’t work, then we have a good strategy. Throw some kosher salt all over the cooking surface. Add a little bit of water to it and prepare a paste. now rub this paste on the stuck food. Once you are done with thorough scrubbing and no more residues are left behind, rinse the griddle with water.


There are two ways to dry the cast-iron griddle afterward. You can either wipe it with a soft dishcloth. Or put it on a stove with a low flame. Don’t remove the griddle from the stove unless the water dries completely.

Coating with a protective layer:

Before you store the griddle away upon cooling, don’t forget to coat the cooking surface with vegetable oil. You can use a paper towel for the purpose. Make sure that you coat the surface with a very thin layer.

A few guidelines to protect cast-iron Griddle for a long time

  • don’t soak cast-iron griddle in water. Because the standing water is its real foe. Long exposure to moisture results in its rusting. it has bad effects on its nonstick properties also. Rusted cast-iron griddles don’t remain food-grade any more. As increases the chances of metallic leaching into food.
  • Don’t use metallic spatulas with cast-iron griddle. they scratch cast-iron very easily.
  • Don’t use abrasive materials to scrub. It will damage the nonstick coating. Also, we recommend the usage of mild and gentle soap. as it doesn’t penetrate the cooking surface.


Always remember! The mode of cleaning depends upon the dirtiness of the griddle. If the griddle is not very dirty, wiping the surface with a paper towel and oil is enough. It will help you in attaining a perfectly clean and seasoned surface. it will ready to be used for the next cooking episode.