Best Vacuum Sealer for Hunters 2023

The best vacuum sealer for hunters means to mark a full stop to old zip locking because unlike these conventional techniques, vacuum sealing preserves perfectly.

Best vacuum sealer for hunters
Best vacuum sealer for hunters

However, perfection is guaranteed from beginning to end. Vacuum sealing involves air removal firstly. So the best vacuum sealer means to remove air excellently that results in the flawless seal.  

The second part of the story comes, the cooking upon opening the seal. So, don’t doubt burns, flavor, texture, and above all, the nutritional value because an excellent seal leads to a marvelous yield.

Moreover, they are effortless to use and save time, money, and are also space-saving equipment. In the context below, we have described a few vacuum sealers that are experts in their ground. So, here you go:

Product ModelPreviewKey FeaturePrice at Amazon
Foodsaver Compact Vacuum SealerExtra Wide Sealing StripCheck Latest Price
NutriChef Automatic Vacuum SealerDry & Moist Sealing OptionsCheck Latest Price
GERYON Vacuum SealerSous Vide CompanionCheck Latest Price
KOIOS Vacuum Sealer40 Consecutive Seals CapacityCheck Latest Price
ABOX V69 Portable Vacuum SealerCompact Design with MagnetsCheck Latest Price
VacMaster VP210Customizable Sealing MethodClick for Latest Price


Benefits of vacuum sealing meat from hunts:

Vacuum sealing includes multiple benefits in general. It allows you to buy food in bulk, and you can also save money by purchasing family packs. With a vacuum sealer, you get the chance to preserve leftover food and not waste them. This is a very healthy kind of food preservation because it doesn’t require any chemicals to preserve. In short, the list is endless. But vacuum sealing holds some particular benefits for hunters. After returning from a day out at hunt, you’ll surely be having lots of meat with you. How you are going to enjoy this deer meat for a long time? Vacuum sealing is the only solution to store it for the long run. Besides storing, there are several benefits of vacuum sealing meat from the hunt. Let’s have a glance:

  • Vacuum sealing maintains the freshness of meat for longer times.
  • The overall texture of meat, its appearance, and color remain the same even if you unseal the bag after several years.
  • Vacuum sealing meat from hunts stops it from discoloring and prevents freezer burns.
  • Adding spices to meat from the hunt and then vacuum sealing it boosts the flavor.
  • Once you vacuum seal meat from the hunt, its smell will not affect the frozen items besides.
  • If you hunt to sell meat, then vacuum sealing increases the value of the meat because it is a method that ensures safe and healthy storage.
  • Make several portions and vacuum seal them accordingly. It will help you to adjust bulk meat in small storage spaces. After placing seals, you’ll be having ample space left for other frozen items also.
  • Sealing meat in several packaging promotes easy usage. Just take out one pouch, thaw it, and use it immediately—no need to defrost whole meat pieces.

My Top Pick- Best Vacuum Sealer for Hunters

Types of Vacuum Sealers

There are three main types of vacuum sealers on the market. Wishing to buy a vacuum sealer to preserve meat, fruits, vegetables, soups, and stews? Indeed a good idea to purchase this useful equipment. But before heading towards a retail shop, learn about the types of vacuum sealers. Because it is the foremost question about which a seller may inquire you first of all. So, there are two types of vacuum sealers. Let’s learn their features briefly:

1-External Sealers(Suction Vacuum Sealers)

These are the most commonly used vacuum sealer and is also known as an external vacuum sealer. It can seal a list of endless products. These can be leftover eatables, non-seasonal clothes, etc. Suction vacuum sealers are not very expensive to buy. Besides, they are compact and easily fit on countertops. They work by clearing the air from the pouch and tightly seal the bag afterward. Just you have to put the open end of the bag inside the tray of this clamp-style sealing machine. Close the lid and let the equipment do its job. Buy textured bags with this group of vacuum sealers for hunters because they are perfect at drawing in a vacuum.

2-Chamber Sealers

This type of vacuum sealer helps you in productively sealing liquids. You can seal soups, beverages, and marinades and can use later when needed. Just put in the pouch and close the lid. It doesn’t work by removing air from the pouch like a suction vacuum sealer. Rather the chamber vacuum sealer withdraws air from the chamber. As a result, the air pressure becomes equal in both the inner and outer of the pouch, and liquid gets securely sealed. Also, buy flat chamber vacuum bags if you prefer this group of vacuum sealers. These bags are economical to buy, unlike textured bags that are compulsory for the second type of vacuum sealers.

3-Suction Vacuum Sealers

This is the commonly used type of vacuum sealer and is also known as an external vacuum sealer. It can seal a list of endless products. These can be leftover eatables, non-seasonal clothes, etc. Suction vacuum sealers are not very expensive to buy. Besides, they are compact and easily fit on countertops. They work by clearing the air from the pouch and tightly seal the bag afterward. Just you have to put the open end of the bag inside the tray of this clamp-style sealing machine. Close the lid and let the equipment do its job. Buy textured bags with this group of vacuum sealers because they are perfect at drawing in a vacuum.

4-Handheld Sealers

These are portable and easy to use and carry.

Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing The Vacuum Sealer for Hunters

Learning about the types of vacuum sealers is not the end of the journey. You have a lot more to go because buying requires much research.

Yes! Research on multiple aspects. In the below context, you’ll get to know about a few factors that must be considered vigilantly before paying the final money so that you gain maximum out of your purchase. Rather than throwing it away to decorate the trash bin. We are adding a lot of details after this review section

Top 06 Best Vacuum Sealers for Hunters

Our team observed keenly the reviews of thousands of people purchasing vacuum sealers. Also, our members looked at the ratings of different models. Our reviewers met the market experts who go on testing every new model. We considered price tags, design, and market claims before finalizing the list of the best vacuum sealers for hunters
All the information given below will help you to determine which vacuum sealer worth the price with consistent performance.
So, move ahead to an in-depth review guide of our top picks.

Foodsaver Compact Vacuum Sealer Easy Clean, UL Certified

Safety is the priority of FoodSaver. So, all the appliances by FoodSaver are ETL or UL certified by nationally recognized test laboratories (NRTLs).

Why is this vacuum sealer the best? The answer to this question is straightforward. This device preserves food with perfection. You can enjoy preserved food with original flavor and taste for up to three years.

Most importantly, the sealed food or meat dumped in the freezer will remain burn-free and flavorful for longer times. Yes, it keeps meat chunks fresh five times longer as compared to other ordinary storage methods. That’s why this vacuum sealer is the most popular device among the hunters. Not only the hunters love this, but it is a super-fit model for the kitchen. And, it is because this vacuum sealer seals both dry and wet items with ease.

Furthermore, the usage and competency of this vacuum sealer are remarkable. The LED light indicators guide the entire sealing process step by step. Just push the seal & vacuum button, and the device potentially removes all the air. And, after removing air, this best vacuum sealer ensures an airtight seal. All the process ensures divine freshness and flavor.

Also, this vacuum sealer has the most positive reviews from its users. This popularity is because of its one-handed operation. You can lock the lid with a simple turn, while some other vacuum sealers require considerable force. Hence this ease of use makes it a truly best vacuum sealer for hunters.

Moreover, the cleaning and maintenance of this Foodsaver vacuum sealer are not frustrating. It comes up with a dishwasher safe removable drip tray. So, the cleaning of this kitchen appliance adds glitter to gold.

  • A perfect remedy to your food storage problems
  • Maintains freshness 5 times more than other techniques
  • Money-saving utility because it allows you to buy from the sale
  • Preserves nutritional content and quality
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Sleek design
  • Features jar attachments
  • Stops to function after some period

NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System Dry & Moist Food Modes

Another best automatic vacuum sealer is the prime product by NutriChef. This device differs from Foodsaver vacuum sealer because it works using electricity. As both, the utilities don’t hold similarities in their basic operational style. Therefore, a long list of contrasts is on your way to go.

First of all, this best vacuum sealer for the hunter features a control panel at the top. Furthermore, the control panel includes soft to touch digital buttons. You’ll also perceive led indicator lights for guidance.

Secondly, the Nutrichef electric vacuum sealer helps the user with two sealing modes. Both are equally serviceable. Hence help you to seal excellently according to food type. To clarify, dry indication means to seal solid items, whereas you can seal steamed food through-moist evidence.

However, being a good vacuum sealer, the equipment fulfills the entire criteria of productivity. In other words, this electric vacuum sealer allows you to shop and cook in bulk.

Also, this best electric vacuum sealer promotes sealing and subsequently freezing of seasonal fruits. Hence helps you enjoy non-seasonal shakes and smoothies.

Moreover, molds, bacterial growth, and spoilage are just not a question with this device. And the reason behind this is the complete air drainage that leads to a good seal. Above all, various laboratory tests also declare Nutrichef vacuum sealer as a functional utility in terms of increasing food life.

  • Preserves taste, texture, and appearance marvelously
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Stain-resistant housing that’s why very easy to clean and maintain
  • Saves time and money
  • User-friendly device
  • Package accompanies water-proof and reusable bag
  • Stylish design
  • Can also reseal wine bottles
  • Suction and control need improvement

GERYON Automatic Vacuum Sealer, Easy to Clean, Compact Design (Black)

Similar to other prominent manufacturers, Geryon also comes forward with a blessing for hunters. The vacuum sealing system resembles with Nutrichef model. While removing air, the device seals its particular designed bags. Hence protects the food from fungal attacks and decorating the trash subsequently.

Also, the Geryon vacuum sealer stabilizes your economic level. Because you can preserve additional food for a longer time using the Geryon vacuum sealer. So it promotes the bulk purchase of fruits and veggies from wholesale markets or sale

Moreover, it simplifies your busy lifestyle to a great extent. To clarify, being a working mom, you cannot spare time for daily base cooking. But with a Geryon vacuum sealer, you can preserve meals for the coming months. Most importantly, it seals so expertly that the food retains its original flavor and freshness.

While comparing it with Nutrichef, you’ll see a similar sort of control panel. Soft-touch digital buttons, along with led indicator lights, are user-friendly components. And above all, an electric plugin is there to start the operation.

Most importantly, this best vacuum sealer for hunters offers precise sealing. To clarify, you can either go for a gentle or normal mode. Moreover, you also get the chance to seal by dry or moist food. So, multiple choices lead to perfect results.

Let’s not forget to mention the compatibility with wine stoppers and vacuum canisters. Furthermore, the upper lid is detachable. Thereby cleaning the equipment is super easy.

  • Sealer bags are BPA free
  • Features an accessory port
  • Saves food, space, time, and money
  • Sealer bags help you organize your fridge
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Very easy to use
  • Doesn’t seal liquids competently

KOIOS Vacuum Sealer, 80Kpa Automatic with Starter Kit, Dry & Moist Modes

Though all the above vacuum sealers enhance food life 5 times more than ordinary methods with koios vacuum sealer, your food maintains freshness 7 times better. So, why not mark it the best vacuum sealer because it emerges as an excellent deal for hunters who are looking for ways to preserve their whole hunted deer meat.

But this is not the only attractive aspect; a lot of uniqueness furnishes the product. Amongst them is its resistance to high temperature. Since the incorporation of the mica sheet into a heating strip is the real icon behind. Therefore, bearing up to 300 degrees F is exceptional.

Moreover, this trait also promotes a continuous operation for forty hours. So, it’s genuinely an incredible attribute.

Another peculiarity is undoubtedly the external pumping function. So feel free to preserve wine or perform canning and vacuum packing. Also, this external pumping function is compatible with food storage bags.

Above all, the vacuum sealer by Geryon serves with long sealing length. Thus you can seal long pockets or perform multi-packaging. Whatsoever, sealing several bags altogether minimizes work time.

Most importantly, its ease of use again makes it a worthwhile purchase. It’s an automatic vacuum sealer. So permission to precisely adjust the vacuum seal is a big bonus.

Moreover, you can seal both moist and dry products with particular requirements. Also, all the buttons are handy and make it a useful piece of equipment. Meanwhile, this best Geryon vacuum sealer for hunters includes a child lock that ensures safety. This unique child lock makes it impossible to operate for children. Thereby drains all fears of accidental injuries

  • Very efficient
  • Vacuuming and sealing prevents food from spoiling through bacteria
  • Very reasonable price
  • No need to lock the sides while sealing
  • Quite sleek but seals enormously in a single go
  • Vacuum seal switches automatically to seal
  • Not good at sealing very juicy eatables

ABOX V69 Portable Food Vacuum Air Sealing System for Food Storage, Compact Design with Magnets and 10 Bags

Last of all, it comes to another best automatic vacuum sealer. It holds a similarity in terms of mechanism and therefore offers a hassle-free operation. You need just to do minor work and leave the major for this utility.

Maintaining freshness 7 times more than conventional preserving techniques also equates it to Koios vacuum sealer. Hence both the utilities are not lesser than the Foodsaver vacuum sealer for hunters because this kind of ability is not mediocre. But it helps in winning the field.

Above all, this particular vacuum sealer opens doors to endless options. For instance, you can vacuum seal Veggies, herbs, fruits, meat, cheese, and even marinated food. And you can enjoy them with the same freshness, flavor, and texture for weeks to come. However, if you put seals in the freezer, the aroma remains original for a maximum of 3 years.

Most importantly, the device saves counter space magically. The reason behind this is removable cord and magnetic absorption meanwhile. Both aspects are enough to rock the stage. This magnetic absorption lets you hang the machine when not in use. Thus saves your counter for other purposes. Similarly, a detachable cord promotes secure storage.

Moreover, vacuum sealing, either dry or moist food, is not rocket science for the utility. Besides, resealing also becomes a handy task. In the same vein, preserving ingredients for later use is also feasible.

In short, it’s genuinely a tiny monster, as efficiency is also matchless because it can vacuum seal several packaging at one time due to an excellent sealing platform. That’s why AboxV69 is the best vacuum sealer for hunters. Not only this! But the ability to preserve non-food stuff shows unparalleled versatility.

  • Very effective
  • Easy to use and clean
  • No freezer burns or pathetic smells
  • Beneficial built-in magnets
  • Seals jars and wine bottles
  • Very sturdy
  • Strong suction
  • No con is found yet

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer for Hunters

The vacuum sealer from VacMaster is the vacuum chamber sealer. It is best at sealing liquids apart from liquid-rich foods; it is best for solids. So, you can use it to preserve fresh meat chunks from hunt, stews, and marinades.

The machine uses a different technology in comparison to conventional suction machines. It doesn’t remove the air but uses a unique method to vacuum seal a pouch. Hence causes a perfect seal. Put the pouch inside the chamber and close the lid. It will work by removing air from the chamber and equates the air pressure inside and outside of the bag. Furthermore, technology will seal the pouch. Lastly, the chamber will resume the air.

VacMaster VP210 vacuum sealer is competent to achieve maximum vacuum level. Moreover, it creates a double seal that can last for ages to come. This best vacuum sealer for hunters is easy to use also. Besides, it helps the user with several options to vacuum and seal that makes it perfect for commercial use. Therefore, you can deal with every pouch according to food type. The sealing machine is easy to maintain as well.

Do buy this unique piece to enjoy extraordinary services.

  • Seals perfectly in one trial
  • Very simple to use
  • Efficient
  • Very good customer care service
  • Small chamber and cannot accommodate 12”x14” of bag

Buyer’s Guide

Considerations to Pick the Best Vacuum Sealer for Hunters

1.     Frequency of usage:

Don’t ignore that how often you seal. Are you a working mother who cooks in bulk for a week or a month and seal extra food? Or sealing is an occasional activity for you like once in a blue moon? So do address your frequency of usage. Vacuum sealers differ from one another in their skills. Therefore buy the most proficient sealer if you need to use it on a daily base.

Also, you may need a vacuum sealer for a commercial purpose other than home. In this case, buy chamber vacuum sealer because they can perform heavy-duty sealing

2.     Manufacturer:

Always choose a brand that is well known for making very good quality vacuum sealing machines. In this way, you’ll not only receive a perfect vacuum sealer. But get the chance to enjoy a very good customer care service also. A famous company works hard on maintaining and improving its name in the field. So, selecting such brands will be a wise decision in the long run.

3.      Portability:

Consider the portability aspect as well. But keep in mind that with the maximum freedom to move the device here and there, especially for hunting, come a few drawbacks. If a vacuum sealer is lightweight, it will lack in performance and strength. On the contrary, an immobile sealing device is more skillful in comparison. It will be bigger but will help you in sealing liquids also. Whatsoever, if you want to buy a vacuum sealer to take with on vacations or hunting. Then obviously a lightweight and compact unit will work best despite its non-durable structure.

4.     Build:

Avoid buying plastic vacuum sealers because they don’t last for long and can break easily. Instead, go for stainless steel units to enjoy longevity.

5.      What do you want to vacuum seal?

Selecting a vacuum sealer also depends upon the type of food you seal commonly. Normally, both kinds of sealing machines are suitable for food that requires complete removal of air. But if you want to use a machine to seal some delicate eatables such as potato crisps without crashing them. Then chamber sealer is best as it can handle sensitive foods in a very nice way.

6.      Perfect sealing:

The suction power and speed of the vacuum sealer play an important role in creating perfect seals. Therefore do inquire about these factors. As a result, you’ll be able to prevent yourself from buying a pathetic sealer that fails to seal in one go. Otherwise, you’ll end up resealing hunted meat pouch again and again leading to frustration and time wastage.

7.      Suction power:

As the basic purpose of the vacuum sealer is to remove the air from the bag and seal it afterward. So, if a machine is not skillful at withdrawing complete air from the bag and seals. The hunted meat in the bag will get prone to freezer burns and will lose its freshness. It all depends on the suction power of the device. Poor suction power will leave air pockets in the bag. So, it’s suggested to choose a sealer with great suction power. High suction power also adds to the price but it’s not a drawback because good suction power truly worth the money.

8.      Efficiency:

With fast sealers, you can seal a great number of bags in a shorter span. Efficiency is the most required trait if you intend to buy a vacuum sealer for hunters and commercial purposes. It will help you to seal bags in bulk very quickly. Apart from serving with good speed, a vacuum sealer is ideal if it includes various speed levels. With different speed options, it becomes easy to adjust speed according to food type. So, look for flexibility to adjust speed as it helps sealing sensitive foods accordingly.

9.      Durability and longevity:

The more you use a sealer, the more quickly it can warp. Therefore, its motor and other components must be sturdy and durable regardless of the usage. A vacuum sealer should serve for ages.

However, some units include elements that you can exchange if wear out. But this may burden your pocket. So, look for a sealer with sturdy construction and design. If the company offers a long-term warranty, it’s a nice plus.

How do I prep meat for vacuum sealing?

Vacuum sealing a marinade is a very appealing idea. It helps you with fresh marinated meat anytime in an emergency. Also, deboning deer meat is an art and requires a proper knife to complete the job efficiently. For this, you need your most loved flavor of the sauce. However, if marinating sauce is not readily available, you can use a few other ingredients. Take olive oil, vinegar, and lemon juice and use it as an instant replacement.

Now take meat piece and cut it into pieces. Place them in a vacuum sealer bag and add sauce to them. Add enough sauce that coats all surfaces of the meat. As you place the bag in the chamber, make sure that the seal maintains a gap of 1 inch from the marinade. Now proceed with the sealing process

Are vacuum sealers worth the money?

Yes for sure! In one way or the other, they are absolutely worth the money. You can avail discounts and sales on eatables. Buy in bulk, make packs according to your servings, vacuum seal extra food, and use them later. If you find a vacuum sealer a heavier purchase on a budget, the saving on meat and veggies will truly compensate. Rather will pay more than the sealer price.

What foods cannot be vacuum sealed?

If on one hand, some foods remain safe to eat after vacuum sealing. Then, on the other hand, we don’t encourage vacuum sealing a few food items. The reason behind this is the anaerobic bacteria that reside in them, unfortunately. This bacteria has the ability to grow without air. So, if you vacuum seals those, the bacteria will develop even in the minimum of oxygen. Therefore, the food becomes a risky product to consume once you unseal it. The foods that feature anaerobic bacteria are:

  • Raw onions and garlic as they emit natural gases and reduce vacuum, therefore.
  • Also, raw mushrooms and bananas because they spoil quickly in a vacuum seal.
  • All variety of soft and unpasteurized cheeses.
  • Vegetables that are just freshly steamed. Let them get cool for a safe vacuum seal. 

Can you use Ziploc bags with FoodSaver?

Ziploc bags are very easy to open and close. They are perfect to store food items for a short time. Because their seal doesn’t remain intact for a longer span. However, if you seal them with a vacuum sealer, they become influential for long-term storage. So, yes! You can use Ziploc bags with a food saver. The resulting seal will be durable and will maintain the freshness of contents inside for a longer period.

Does vacuum sealing prevent freezer burn?

The term ‘freezer burn’ refers to tissue damage that happens as a result of improper storage of meats. It doesn’t mean that freezer-burned food is dangerous to consume. But you’ll find it weird in terms of smell and flavor and won’t enjoy the freshness upon cooking it. and yes! vacuum sealing prevents freezer burns. As you know that vacuum sealing is related to the complete removal of air from the pack. So no oxygen molecules in the pouch result in zero oxidation and hence vacuum sealing shields against freezer burns.  The process also preserves the humidity inside and doesn’t let the water molecules evaporate into the surrounding atmosphere. This maintains the moist texture of food.

Can you microwave vacuum sealed bags?

Yes, you can microwave vacuum-sealed bags. However, don’t put a vacuum-sealed bag of raw food in the microwave for cooking. But you can reheat vacuum-sealed pouch filled with cooked food in the microwave. 

Can you use any bags with vacuum sealers?

No! you cannot use any bag for vacuum sealing. The ability of the bag depends upon the speed at which oxygen transmission takes place. The bags that feature a porous material have a high transmission rate of oxygen. So, once they are vacuum-sealed, they lose the vacuum within a matter of seconds. So, the bag suitable for vacuum sealing is the one that features a built-in oxygen barrier. It depends on the material from which the bag is made up of.

Tips to Use Vacuum Sealer Efficiently

How to Vacuum Seal Meat Properly


If you want a handheld vacuum sealer, then a Foodsaver handheld vacuum sealer may be your final destination. But if you prefer to go for an automatic, then you’ll have to choose from the rest four. However, whatever you want is going to simplify your lifestyle because either of the best vacuum sealer for hunters encourages you to store in bulk. Vacuum sealer also allows you to cook a meal in enormous quantities for long-term convenience. Above all, hunters are going to benefit from either of the five because this utility allows preserving your hunted deer meat for longer times.

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