Best Tupperware for Meal Prep

Preparing meals before time is very important in the lives of busy people as it is best at saving time and money. Especially, if you are preparing your own food and you are on your weight loss journey, Tupperware is a must have. These plastic or glass food containers with tightly fitted lid with food grade material are guaranteeing to keep your meals fresh for longer times. That’s why best Tupperware for meal prep is ideal and easy to use cookware for most of us.

Moreover, with meal prep, you can direct your lives towards a healthier direction with portion control. Rather than buying processed snacks from the nearby store, you get the chance to enjoy nutritious meals with meal preps.

The idea of meal prep must not threaten you of wasting the whole Sunday in the kitchen. It is a technical strategy that can be executed in various ways according to ease. It all depends upon your goals, likings, and routines which strategy you opt for. 

The end quality of your meal prep solely depends upon these storage containers. So, to prevent your all efforts from going in vain, it’s very important to buy the boxes keenly. To give you a genuine review, we experimented with Tupperware from several companies. Some of the containers proved useless while others emerged as flawless.

But, before going to review section, have a look at the important factors of food containers ideal for meal prep. Here we go!

Product ModelPreviewKey FeatureLatest Price
Meal Prep ContainerMade in USAPrice at Amazon
Green Vege Bento BoxReusable Plastic ContainerPrice at Amazon
Freshware Containers3 CompartmentsPrice at Amazon
DuraHome Food Container44 Sets, Mix SizesPrice at Amazon
Glotoch Plastic ContainersAir Tight Lunch ContainerPrice at Amazon
Portion/Perfect Food BoxPerfect for AdultsPrice at Amazon
Weesprout Food StorageBaby Food Storage ContainerPrice at Amazon
Best Tupperware for Meal Prep


Factors to consider:

Tupperware can make the true difference in the taste, quality, and freshness of your meal prep. So, make sure that your chosen product includes all the necessities required for the successful experience. Here we’ll guide you about a few must-have aspects of Tupperware. Without these features, your purchase will fail to fall into the criteria of perfection.

  • The Tupperware must be easily washable and reusable.
  • The containers must be airtight to maintain the crispness and freshness of the ingredients.
  • Make sure that your chosen bento boxes are microwave-safe. Always choose containers with BPA-free construction material.
  • Do inquire the seller that either the Tupperware is freezer-safe or not. Always prefer a freezer-safe storage box as they prevent the meals from freezer burns and retains the nutrients.
  • The lid must fit tightly and prevent leakage.
  • Tupperware with compartments are very useful. In this way, you get more surface area and can add good variety in one box. Compartments allow you to add multiple kinds of nutrients in your single meal.
  • Look for stackable containers. They will easily settle down in your refrigerator or gym bag and will consume less space.

Top 07 Tupperware for Meals

Besides several ways to meal prep, there come other multiple aspects also. Choosing the right kind of meal and the most suitable container are the glimpses of such aspects. Here, we are going to address the top-rated Tupperwares.

So, we have described those flawless bento boxes in the below context. Above all, we recommend you to buy them instead of investing in some crap. These are authentic reviews based on our personal experiences. Hope you also agree with our perspective.

BPA Free Meal Prep Containers, 15 Pack Food Storage and Portion Control Made in USA 28oz

The brand is well known for making the best food containers for portion meal. There are a lot of positive reviews about this particular product. So, don’t waste your time thinking too much. Because the company also offers a refund or free replacement if you face any issue.

This 15 pack Tupperware is made up of food-grade plastic with no BPA or other toxic ingredients. It is very lightweight yet durable. You can easily put them in the freezer as the material is compatible with it.

 Besides, you need not transfer your meal prep in a microwave-friendly pot for warming. Because the Tupperware is microwave friendly also. Once you finish the meal, put it in the top rack of the dishwasher for an easy and quick clean up.

Also, you can arrange them in a stack. Buying these food containers will not only help you in saving time and money. But preparing a meal beforehand helps you follow a nutritional regime.

  • Reusable
  • Occupies minimum space because they are stackable
  • Offers nice capacity
  • The lid doesn’t fit very tightly

Green Vege Bento Meal Prep Containers with Lids, 3 Compartment Reusable Bento Lunch Box-Food Containers Pack of 10, Black

This is another ideal Tupperware for meal prep which is also freezer, microwave, and dishwasher-safe. It clearly means that the containers are made up of durable and food-grade plastic.

Yes! The plastic of this Tupperware is free of harmful chemicals such as BPA-BPA free food container. Its manufacturing is also approved by the FDA. They are stackable so they also save space in the refrigerator or your traveling bag. 

Lids are easy to open and fit tightly. But we don’t suggest these containers for liquid foods because the lids are not tight up to the standards for liquids.

This is a 3 compartment box most suitable for dry ingredients. You can put leftovers in them or can use them as a lunch box for kids. Take these food containers to camping or take your favorite food to the office. The partitions of Green vege food containers are very useful as you can put different items in one box.

Fitness experts have also found this Tupperware as the best option for a meal. The design of the containers helps you in portion control. So, you can also fulfill your nutritional goals with this Tupperware by green veggies.

  • Keeps food fresh
  • Easy to store
  • Meals are easy to set in them
  • Thin plastic is used

Freshware 3 Compartment Meal Prep Containers with Lids, BPA Free Bento Box, Stackable, Microwave, Dishwasher, Freezer Safe, Portion Control, (24 oz)

This is also the best 3 compartment Tupperware with a nice capacity. With these containers for food, you need not try fast-food chains that come your way during travel. But pack some homemade nutritious meals in them and take along to avoid unhealthy foods.

Within the package, you’ll receive 21 packs of bento boxes. Each box offers 3 spacious partitions. So, you see you get sufficient space to store meals. Therefore, its purchase also saves money along with time. With freshware bento boxes, you can prepare a meal at home. So, again it turns out a money-saving commodity.

A food container by Freshware is the #1 seller in food storage containers category. They focus on producing sturdy and durable food grade products. Some Tupperware may melt upon microwaving even if the brand claims it to be microwave safe. But freshware truly brings well-built containers that are more reusable and don’t crack or deform after a few uses.

This Tupperware is compatible with the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. It comes up with food-grade plastic that doesn’t include any toxicity. It is also FDA-approved and thus is the safest option to buy.

  • Backed by a refund or free replacement
  • Heavy-duty containers
  • Stackable
  • Doesn’t leak
  • Lids are difficult to pull off

DuraHome Food Storage Containers with Lids 8oz, 16oz, 32oz Freezer Deli Cups Combo Pack, 44 Sets BPA-Free Takeout Container Meal Prep Microwavable, Mixed sizes

Now we have the most versatile food containers on our list. Besides, the boxes are very suitable for putting in leftovers, ketchup sachets, boiled and shredded chicken, etc. But these are not only the best Tupperware for meal prep but you can also store casual household stuff in them e.g. studs, screws, bands, beads, etc.

The package includes 44 boxes of three sizes. 16 containers serve with 8 oz of capacity, while the other 16 are of 16 oz. however, the rest of the 12 containers offer 32 oz of capacity. Overall there are 44 lids and every lid can fit any container regardless of the size.

The Tupperware by DuraHome comes with transparent plastic and lets you see the inside story. Moreover, the lids fit and seal tightly and thus prevent any leakage of liquids.

All the containers are made up of non-toxic, BPA-free plastic food containers. The construction material of this Tupperware is very durable. Therefore, the brand claims its Tupperware as the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe (top rack).

  • Stackable
  • Their storage doesn’t require a huge space
  • Good to store liquid foods
  • Safe to use
  • Boxes don’t remain stinky after wash
  • Good for 1-2 uses only

Glotoch 8oz Stackable and Reusable Plastic Containers with Lids- Leakproof  Slime, Deli, Soup Containers

This is the set of 48 boxes in which each container features a capacity of 8oz. the boxes are best at retaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, they are perfect for storing portion control meal prep. As a result, these are the best Tupperware for meal prep. They help you to stick to a healthy diet in your office or while traveling.

These reusable boxes comprise food-grade sturdy plastic. Moreover, the lids seal them tightly and ensure drip-free storage. Therefore, these drip-free food containers are ideal for storing ground coffee, soups, and other liquid foods.

We also make sure that these containers are safe for use in the freezer, microwave, and most importantly these are dishwasher (top rack). So, it’s obvious that no chemicals leach into food when put in the microwave.

Lastly, we would again like to remind you of a fact! Besides casual storing of salads and sauces, this is the best Tupperware for liquids as well as solids. It is the perfect purchase for dieters as they help to make small portions of nutritious meals. So, if you are obsessed with your protein intake, don’t ignore these containers. 

  • Very good quality
  • Convenient size that fits even in compact spaces
  • Stackable
  • No chemical smell
  • Saves money, time, and energy
  • Doesn’t leak
  • Frozen containers may crack

Portion/Perfect 3 Compartment Meal Prep Containers – Super Tough, Airtight, Thicker BPA Free Bento Box for Adults Set Of 5

With a 2-year hassle-free warranty, these food containers prove themselves as the best BPA free Tupperware. Their construction material is 40% thicker plastic and is very safe to use for health. Because it doesn’t include BPA or other toxic ingredients. And, being FDA approved, these bento boxes are considered as the safest option to use.

The containers are well-built and can serve you for a good period. Their lids seal well and make the boxes drip-free pieces to use. Besides this, this perfect Tupperware set is also safe to put in the freezer, microwave with dishwasher safe quality. Put them in the microwave without any fear of chemical leaching.

These bento boxes are see-thorough. Also, they offer varied capacities within one container. The color lids also add glitter to gold.

Regarding the usage of the boxes, we can proudly claim that these are multi-functional commodities. These food containers help and encourage your weight loss journey and help you follow a diet plan. Fill them according to the recommendations of your dietitian and take them along to your office, picnic, etc. if you are going to start keto, then this is the super-versatile Tupperware.

You can also them as lunch boxes or to keep daily leftovers.

  • Doesn’t remain stinky after wash
  • Sturdier
  • Storage requires less space
  • Maintains freshness of food
  • Liquids leak into other compartments

WEESPROUT Leakproof Baby Food Storage Container Set, BPA Free Small Plastic Containers with Lids, 4oz Snack Container

As far as our research is concerned, Weesprout also introduces the best Tupperware for meal prep. These containers feature food-grade plastic that includes superb quality polypropylene. Due to its safe manufacturing, you can use these bento boxes for varied purposes.

You can store formula milk and other baby food. Moreover, these are the best boxes to store herbs, snacks, purees, juices, and every kind of dry and liquid food because the lid screws on and fits very tightly and makes the box a leak-proof gadget.

These bento boxes are super durable and are made to last for long. They don’t crack or deform and are usable again and again in the freezer and microwave. And dishwasher-safe construction act like a cherry on top.

Within the price, you’ll get 12 containers each offering 4oz of space. Weesprout is also known for the best customer care service so place the order immediately. They also allow you to prepare a meal before use and store it in small batches for future use.

  • Stackable
  • The package also includes an erasable marker
  • Time and money-saving utility
  • The very runny liquid may leak


Make large batches for freezing or prepare ingredients to combine them in need. In either scenario, all the above articles are the best Tupperware for meal-prep. Every product includes all the important features and is ready to rock the stage. So, choose any and get ready to recommend your friends and family.