Best Small Air Fryer-Top 7 Mini Air Fryers for Home & Outdoor

With the backing of a few valid reasons, when you require the best small air fryer for your kitchen. Then nothing attracts you bigger. Whatever the traits and characteristics a large device owns; it won’t fall in the category of your requirement.

best small air fryers
Best Small Air Fryers

However, the reason can be your small family, limited countertop, and fix budget or anything else. Once you decide to purchase an air fryer, such reasons come in the way and turn attention precisely on the requirement.

Though, if you short-list the demands according to your lifestyle even then there seems a flood of utilities that are ready to gulp your pocket. And the results are uncertain meanwhile. Also for the lovers of fish, we selected some top Best Air fryers for fish. These models would definitely a great addition in cookware appliances

That’s why we have come up with a few amazing best small air fryers from notable brands. Those mean to simplify life through their innovativeness and prolificacy and are the best small air fryers in the market.


Best Small Air Fryers Best in 2020

So, now a massive crowd of useless products is not going to bother you. Since our list will significantly prevent you from a lot of frustration. Just hold your breaths and here you go.

Philips 2.75 QT, Best Small Air Fryer with Starfish Technology

Reaching heights of popularity and while gaining more and more trust and recognition day by day.  Philips air fryer stands top amongst the best small air fryers.

Although air is the requirement for frying rather than oil but what allures most is the evenly fried food. That is not possible with the same perfection through any other product other than the Philips air fryer because this trending cookware has a feature of patent starfish technology that facilitates air circulation in the air fryer. Therefore, ensures you an evenly cooked snack without turning even if there are piles of it.

Also, the powerful direct hot air flows quickly throughout the food leaving food golden outer crust with crispy and tender inner side. More than this, the flow of hot air dries the excessive moisture and works as a fat drainer.

Since rapid air technology revolves hot air around a metal mesh cooking basket. So the requirement of zero or little oil is obvious. Thereby a healthier food with 75% less oil is a promise of the brand.

Moreover, it does not limit you to fry only but also allows you to dive in the sea of baking, grilling, and roasting also through its versatility and multi-purpose attitude. So, while saving you from spending money on various machines for individual functions. This best small air fryer also saves your counter space as well.

While causing a minimum smell and no oil splatters, this best small air fryer seems safe and easy-to-clean device. That’s why we do not stop you from washing it in a dishwasher.

Just dump in your food, adjust the temperature and automatic shut-off timer, and get ready to enjoy a heavenly experience. Subsequently, remove the nonstick drawer and 1.8lb basket and go for an easy cleanup through the dishwasher.

  • Adjustable temperature control ranges to 390 degrees
  • 30-minutes timer
  • Cooks to perfection
  • Very easy to use
  • Well-built
  • Can serve up to 3 persons at once
  • Better to wash the parts by hand
  • Only suitable for small families

KOIOS 6.8 QT, ETL Listed Air Fryer Best For Dehydrating, Reheating and Roasting

Air frying a basket of chicken wings, roasting vegetables or grilling sandwiches was not that perfect before. But with the manufacturing of this best small air fryer of koios, every eatable is ready-to-go with ultimate excellence.

With the blast of super cyclonic hot air, the snack receives heat from all angles. Thereby an evenly cooked meal with a crispier exterior and juicier inner isn’t that surprising.

So a golden texture with the enriched nutrient content offered by air fryer but surely without oil and those dangerous Trans fats is like a dream come true.

Apart from air frying, grilling, and roasting, this best small air fryer behaves extraordinarily as a re-heater and food dehydrator. However, both the latter functions are not commonly available in air fryer thus koios is a heart-winning utility for consumers.

Now you can enjoy the leftovers since the utility renews the crispiness and freshness of the snack. Moreover, the dehydrator facilitates natural preservation hence extends the life of your food. Thereby prevents you from spending money on fresh foods.

Above all, the machine features an LED panel comprising an ON/OFF, a pause button, four function buttons, with six presets. Just click on whatever you want to perform. On the other hand, making manual adjustments is also an outstanding facilitation.

While researching on the cleaning issues, we can proudly unveil the fact the frying basket is nonstick. That’s why handwashing doesn’t seem a hectic task because nonstick coatings demonstrate fewer residues left behind. Also, the basket of this small air fryer is dishwasher safe as well.

In short, this 1800W machine that comprises 6.8qt capacity is truly a smart piece of equipment. With a 60-minute timer and cooking food between 105°F–400°F, the air fryer serves more than expectations.

Moreover, if you are French fries lover you may choose one or more from the top reviewed Best Air Fryer for French Fries by our team at cookware trends.

  • Quiet air fryer
  • Very easy to use
  • Quite suitable for a family of five
  • Thermal grilling rack is aluminum alloy
  • Works efficiently
  • Intuitive interface
  • Does not heat the house
  • It comes with a minor odor that doesn’t affect the flavor of food and goes away after the first use.
  • It occupies a good amount of counter and difficult to store.

Big Boss Easy Operation Air Fryer (Dishwasher Safe) With Free Recipe Books

This best small air fryer is the true reflection of its name. Yes! It’s the real big boss and is purely dynamic and yielding.

As you know that air fryers don’t require oil to cook. But hot air is the sole ingredient that browns the food thoroughly. While imparting crispiness to the outer layer and maintaining inner flavor and juice this easy operation air fryer maintains the taste.

But this big boss utility performs its job with triple cooking power that is halogen, convection, and infrared heat. That’s why the device heats up instantly and proves as an energy-efficient product since preheating is not a requirement.

Moreover, the design and configuration of the air fryer promote cooking of two foods simultaneously because of a 2 shelf-set. In addition, its transparent glass bowl lets you monitor the cooking cycle without opening the cooking chamber. Above all, you can also expand its Super Size capacity up to 16 quarts with the optional extender Ring

Being a versatile best small air fryer, the machine helps you in grilling, baking, and roasting also apart from frying. So, while saving time and energy, the product also saves your countertop from the capture of the toaster, oven, sandwich-maker, etc.

However, another good part of the story is its two dials that are extremely simple and easy to operate along with popular food directions right on the unit. So with the precise adjustment of temperature and timer, get ready to satisfy your appetite with a truly divine meal. Furthermore, the timer automatically shuts off once the cooking time is over.

To sum up, making oil less breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert is breezy beyond hopes with 13000W big boss air fryer. Feel free to make crispy French fries, mozzarella sticks, fried chicken, crispy veggies & much more.

  • Very easy to hand wash although dishwasher safe
  • Dehydrates food also
  • Simple controls rather than digital
  • Enough accessories
  • Seeing food while cooking is a bonus
  • Cooks to perfection
  • Not very efficient for bigger families
  • A lot of parts require cleaning

Bagotte Touch Screen Small Detachable Basket Air Fryer with Recipe Book

Bagotte best small air fryer lets you cook your favorite dishes at any time while minimizing 80% fats and calories. Rapid hot air technology circulates hot air in all directions thereby leading to a fast and even cooking. As a result of this, a healthier and nutritious yet crispy and delicious meal comes at your fingertips.

Moreover, featuring the latest touch screen control panel imparts an innovative look to this best small air fryer. The facility to adjust time and temperature manually helps you make accurate choices according to food.

However, you can also utilize the functionality of either of the 6 presets cook modes with digital controls. So, great flexibility in time and temperature settings becomes quite handy with bagotte air fryer. Not to forget that the available temperature range is 180℉ to 380℉ this cooks food within 60 minutes.

Since the frying basket comprises a nonstick inner coating so a gentle hand washes with soapy water is enough. On the other hand, if you put in a dishwasher then it is not an issue again because the nonstick layer guarantees fewer residues.

Above all, this 1500W air fryer helps you cook frozen fries, poultry, steak, nuggets, and fish with its 3.7qt capacity. So, step ahead for this worthwhile product that doesn’t lack behind I featuring safety precautions as well.

Through safety precautions, we clearly mean auto-shutoff function and ETL/FDA certification. So, there is nothing with which this amazing air fryer fails to fulfill.

  • Roasts, bakes, and grills also
  • Consists of a 5-degree increment in temperature
  • Easy to use system
  • Cooks to perfection
  • Prevents overcooking
  • Suitable for a family of 3
  • Place the air fryer on heat resistant surface otherwise, consequences are threatening

US PIEDLE Air Fryer-Oil less Dishwasher Safe Cooker with Nonstick Basket (Free Recipes)

While carrying out the research, we come across another air fryer from a remarkable brand that is us piedle.  This amazing manufacturer also comes forward with the best small air fryer. That is multi-functional with the proficiency to fry, grill, bake, and roast magically.

With the ability to serve a family of 3 in an efficient manner, the device offers a guilt-free food meanwhile because 360-degree rapid air circulation cooks food instead of oil. But produces a snack that doesn’t lack in appearance, texture, and flavor comparatively to food that goes through conventional frying.

So, if you forget buying oil from your way home, don’t worry as oil is not a requirement. Moreover, the usage is quite promising. Since the LED panel exhibits time and temperature for the accurate cooking settings while giving maximum control in a simple touch. However, the temperature range varies from 175-400°F that cooks food within 60 minutes maximum.

In addition, we suggest you preheat the device for quick and efficient results. Therefore, this best small air fryer emerges as a true powerhouse that not only saves time but is energy efficient meanwhile. In addition, it saves your precious earning because of its versatility while behaving like a one-stop-shop.

So, what is still stopping you from choosing these us piedle air fryers? Are you curious about its care and maintenance or safety measures? Don’t panic since the machine absolutely means to satisfy you in both aspects.

To clarify, its detachable nonstick frying basket and all the accessories are dishwasher safe. Or you can hand wash them with soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge. On the other hand, safety is again assurance and availability of cool-touch handle and exterior is the perfect demonstration.

  • The frying basket is stainless steel with a nonstick coating
  • An LED screen is very clear
  • The touch screen is very responsive to even a slighter touch
  • Simple to operate
  • Cooks to perfection
  • Shaking food during a cooking cycle is a must to receive evenly cooked food.
  • Don’t forget to dry the frying basket after washing to increase the life span

Imarku 2.6 QT Air Fryer Best Space Saving for Frying, Roasting, and Reheating

A calorie-free meal is indeed a guiltless one because it doesn’t tighten your clothes while adding to your waistline. Apart from destroying your physique, a cholesterol-free snack resourcefully drains away any risks regarding heart diseases and hypertension issues.

So, if an oil-less food is such a blessing. Then why not strive to make that handily and that’s only possible with an air fryer. However imarku air fryer can fulfill your purpose smartly while rapid hot air technology.

So powerful hot air surrounds the food thoroughly and turns that into a crispier and evenly brown yield efficiently. Since air is the basic ingredient so oil becomes a matter of past with this best small air fryer. But delicious and nutritious food accompanies your present and future with this best small air fryer.

Moreover, the equipment facilitates you to grill, bake, and roast meanwhile. And you know what! None of the tasks is a hassle with accessible buttons and convenient cooking setup. However, the timer is auto switch-off (0-30mins) and an adjustable temperature range varies from 175℉-490℉.

So, cook whatever you want either it’s Steak, Seafood, Frozen Foods, French fries, Vegetables, Bread, and Desserts. Just preheat this best small air fryer. Furthermore, dump in the food, adjust the temperature and timer and start the countdown for an amazing outcome.

Subsequently, washing is again not rocket science because the removable nonstick frying pan is dishwasher safe. In short, preheating, the strong impact of hot air and its ease of cleaning help saving time noticeably.

Most importantly, the equipment comprises a power cord storage design at the bottom that discourages any expected clutter. Also, the machine already causes zero mess and no oil splatters. Furthermore, if you are a family of 2 members, this 2.6qt air is going to be a worthwhile purchase.

  • Preheats very quickly
  • Exclusive performance
  • Releases no oily smell
  • Coo-touch housing
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Reheats leftovers
  • Leaves behind no need of an oven
  • Great for baking
  • No con is found yet

HOLSEM Small Air Fryer- Best Multifunction (Bake, Roast, Grill, Steam or Unfreeze)

If you want endless possibilities with one air fryer, then nothing can rock the stage other than holsem air fryer. Since it can steam and unfreeze besides performing grill, roast, fry, bake unlike other air fryers in the market.

Similar to the other air fryers, this device follows the rapid air technology and requires a tablespoon or no oil. Therefore serving with oil-less food that holds a harmony of original nutrient content and flavor is not an unfamiliar idea. But the way it performs its job mark it an exclusive product.

Since this best small air fryer comes with a top grill that’s why an evenly brown food is a guarantee. The turbo cyclonic air thoroughly surrounds the food and yields a delicious meal with up to 70% less fat.

Moreover, adjust the time and temperature according to the food type with two convenient knobs. Be there are drumsticks, fries, veggies, cheese sticks, etc, flexibility in the temperature and timer setting is a big plus. However, the available temperature range is 175-400 degrees F that perfectly cooks food within 30 minutes.

Although the device accompanies very significant utilities but the accessories that are not the part of other best small air fryers are:

Mini grill: it is a heavy-duty non-magnetic stainless steel accessory that gives space to the dripping fat.

Kitchen tong: so, it’s 100% food-grade silicone that is BPA and PVC free and heat resistant up to 480. In addition, kitchen tongs don’t scratch the nonstick coating and help you to grill conveniently.

Six cupcake molds: These cupcake molds above all are perfect for cooking eggs, and cupcakes. Moreover, they also function as perfect holders for sorting small items.

Potholder mat: The potholder mat influentially isolates heat and protects your hands and kitchen surfaces from scalding dishware.

Replaceable rubber feet: They add stability to the air fryer on your kitchen counter. Once the original rubber feet expire, these replaceable rubber feet act as a lifesaver.

Besides all the above bonuses, this small best air fryer turns out as a fruitful purchase because of its ease of use and clean and maximum safety. So rush before this 3.4qt air fryer runs out of stock.

  • Timer shuts off automatically to prevent overcooking.
  • Flexible extension cord
  • Suitable for a three-person family
  • Easy to monitor and use
  • Cooks to perfection
  • Not a premium quality product


Either of the above best small air fryers is a real game-changer. Because manufacturers are quite keen about making good quality hot air fryers/cookers that are important cookware in our daily life. All these models are with ultimate dynamism and practicality. So opt for any and get on the right vehicle.

Also if you are curious about health and want to know more about toxicity and material used in Air fryers we have added another guide for BPA-free Air Fryers. We hope this guide will also help in deciding the right cookware choice.

That’ll take you effortlessly on the journey of a healthier lifestyle and finally to the destination of the contoured figure. Good luck to you and your purchase!

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