The Best Potato Ricer for Gnocchi Buyer’s Guide

A potato ricer turns to be a best-ever purchase once it succeeds in its field. Here what do you mean by success? The success comes when the ricer performs mashing without breaking down the starch molecules. Therefore if the resulting yield is airy mashed potatoes, then thumbs up to the best potato ricer for gnocchi.

best potato ricer for gnocchi
Best Potato Ricer for Gnocchi

However, this is not all about the best potato ricer for gnocchi. Instead, some more qualities are must-have ingredients to enjoy complete goodness—for instance, ease to use and clean, multi-tasking, anti-slip handles, and knob, etc.

So, if you have finally decided to experience this thrilling gadget, don’t browse somewhere else. Instead, scroll down first because we are here with a few products that went through our experimental series and inspired by their talent.

 But wait a minute before heading forward. Why not learn what gnocchi is before reading the products’ review. So, here you go.

Product ModelPreviewKey FeatureLatest Price
Bellemain Potato Ricer3 Interchangeable Fineness Ricing Discs Click for Latest Deals
OXO Potato RicerNon Slip KnobsClick for Latest Deals
Priority Chef Potato RicerMulti-PurposeClick for Latest Deals
Potato Ricer by Vita SaggiaLarge CapacityClick for Latest Deals
RSVP International Potato RicerPot Resting ExtensionClick for Latest Deals


What is gnocchi?

The term ‘gnocchi’ came from the Italian word ‘nocchio.’ This Italian word means ‘knot in the wood.’ So, gnocchi is Italian pasta. Above all comes the classic potato gnocchi. It includes cooked and mashed potatoes, eggs, and flour also.

Whatsoever, these are rippled small squat shells and taste divinely with different toppings. So, just drizzle tomato sauce or cream and serve these small bites as the first course. Similarly, you can also enhance their flavor by using butter, pesto, or cheese as toppings

 However, the best potatoes with high starch content and low water content are perfect for preparing excellent gnocchi. As a result of this, your gnocchi will turn out less gummy and just WOW.

How to prepare gnocchi?

Most importantly, you must know how to prepare gnocchi. Though the process is quite simple, a few guidelines will help you a lot. First of all, the right potato is a must-have ingredient. Boil them along with skins and peel them subsequently before they cool. Furthermore, pass them through the ricer and make dough afterward.

For dough preparation, mix flour, egg, salt, and mashed potatoes and knead it well. Due to constant kneading, a ball will form. Make several ropes out of the ball and cut them into smaller bites. Lastly, cook them and enjoy the fantastic flavor along with your friends and family.

What is the role of potato ricer to make gnocchi?

If you love gnocchi and want to make delicious gnocchi at home, the potato ricer is a device that makes your work easier. Yes, this little device turns the potatoes into a superfine mash-the main ingredient in the gnocchi.

Someone may argue to mash potatoes by hand, but the hand mashing process will not mash enough to make gnocchi. Also, some people may intend to use a food processor or potato masher, but this potato mixture will never turn to a superfine airy ball required to make perfect gnocchi. The food processor will grind potatoes to a sticky mess with watery fluid because harsh electric grinding will release starch.

On the other hand, potato ricer- a handy tool turns cooked potatoes into a perfect mesh. The design of potato ricer is so classic, allowing steam to release away from hot potatoes. It is important to minimize water in the shape of vapor. The less water in potatoes means you have to add a minimal amount of flour to produce dryness. Less flour is a guarantee to succulent gnocchi.

What are the benefits of potato ricer?

A potato ricer, a handy compact tool is super easy to use. It‘s a manual handheld and compact machine. You have to apply pressure to get perfect airy texture mashed potatoes.

First of all, let’s have a look at the most crucial factor, or quality is the benefit of using potato ricer in your kitchen. Its use cut down the trouble of peeling hot potatoes. Peeling hot potatoes is the most troublesome part before sending it to a processor or ricer. The best potato ricer will perform all the mess by retaining the skin and harvesting the mesh required to prepare fleshy gnocchi.

Some other benefits of potato ricer are as under

1-The best thing about potato ricer is that it does not require electric power.

2- Beginner friendly is another plus because its functionality is not complicated.

3- Super easy cleaning is also a significant factor in the compact potato ricer.

What features to look for in the best potato ricer?

 Any potato ricer is defined to be the best tool that is capable enough to handle a handsome quantity of potatoes. Potato ricers come in different sizes, shapes, and price tags. The price of the potato ricer is the main factor; you will get more comprehensive features if you pick a pricier product. But all is not price; always look at some basic things to pick handy and sturdy potato ricer.

1-Handles/Hand Strength

A potato ricer, a manual machine, requires hand strength to operate. It is difficult to run if it has short handles, more specifically if you have arthritis or have any other hand pain. So, always prefer potato ricer with longer handles. But for gnocchi you are using boiled potatoes, you don’t have to apply much force to prepare mashed potatoes. Also, handle grip is another consideration. The handles must have a rubber coating on the surface for a nonslip grip.


The capacity of the potato ricer determines the batch of mashed potatoes you get in a single-serve. Potato ricers with larger capacity are convenient-cooking gnocchi for large family members or outdoor gatherings. But also size matters in the operating machine, potato ricer with the extra-large or oversized commercial design is challenging to handle.


A stainless steel potato ricer is meant to live long. So, go for a model with the metal body, but some cast iron potato ricer tends to be substantial.  Potato ricers with the plastic body are sturdy enough to manage pressure on the ricer to mash potatoes for gnocchi.

4-Ricing Holes

The number of holes in a grater disc decides how quickly you mash potatoes for the most exceptional gnocchi. Some potato ricer models come with more than one grater disc. Always prefer potato ricer with multiple discs, smaller holes require more strength but discs with smaller holes are useful for baby juices press. On the other hand, a larger hole is a guarantee to get a coarse texture to potatoes for gnocchi.

5-Design of Edges

It is one of the handy features any potato ricer must-have. Potato ricers with a notch along the edges divide load and weight on hands. The groove enables you to place the potato ricer on the rim of the bowl for secure use.

6-Dishwasher safe

Always prefer potato ricer, which is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.


The price of the potato ricer is another factor to keep in mind. Most of the potato ricer ranges from $10 to $30. The price of the ricer depends upon the size and features a model has. Potato ricer with multiple discs may cost more than models with a single disc.                                                                                 

Top 05 Potato Ricers for Gnocchi

After digging a lot (spending more than 72 hours) and after inspecting around 80 potato ricers, our team selected the top five products which are not only the best potato ricers for gnocchi but also super-fit for fruit and vegetable ricing. These potato ricers are also best for baby fruit press and puree.

Bellemain Potato Ricer with 3 Top Rated Stainless Steel Interchangeable Fineness Discs

Are you tired of continually investing in flimsier potato ricers? So, don’t worry because you are at the perfect station now. Bellemain brings you a premium quality stainless steel potato ricer. Above all, the construction means to last for long because sturdiness is evident.

Moreover, the design and configuration add to convenience while mashing. Hence hand sore is just out of the question. Also, knobs are non-slip; thus, the potato ricer remains in place during the workout.

Though durability makes it the best potato ricer for gnocchi. Durability is not the only aspect that does so, but versatility Bellemain potato ricer also stands prominent in this regard. To clarify, it’s mashing is not bound with only one disc. Preferably 3 fineness ricing discs are there to help you as per requirement. Also, efficiency varies according to the disc type. To clarify, choosing disc with the smallest holes will get your work done faster in comparison to others.

Most importantly, the smoothest yield is a guarantee. And can you believe that the bellemain potato ricer doesn’t require much effort? The reason behind the ease is certainly the cushioned handles. Therefore, it’s a big bang for arthritis patients, fortunately. So, if you are one of the sufferers but want fluffy texture without getting hurt, then just go for this bellemain potato ricer for the gnocchi to cherish your cooking.

While summing up, we’ll like to mention that the gadget plays a vital role in producing the well-consistent gnocchi. No lumps remain once it pours its functionality. Hence the resulting cuisine emerges as perfectly smoothest eatable. Remember! The entire magic happens in a matter of a few minutes. So, hurry up to enjoy the best culinary experience

  • A must-go-to item for both professionals and newbie
  • Very easy to clean because it’s dishwasher safe
  • You can adjust the fineness through interchangeable discs
  • More extended handle add facility.
  • Very easy and comfortable to use
  • Nice looks
  • Requires one-handed operation
  • No cons

OXO Stainless Steel Potato Ricer with Good Grips

This OXO potato ricer seems a complete imitation of stainless steel bellemain potato ricer. Firstly, the stainless steel body is a similarity. That’s why both are the perfect examples of durability. Also, the stainless steel body symbolizes strength and sturdiness.

So, Oxo potato ricer means to last for long. Therefore you get more than you pay for. Moreover, the body is shiny and well-polished. Thus, the appearance is not conventional. Instead adds the aesthetic looks.

Above all, producing perfectly mashed potatoes for gnocchi makes it the best potato ricer for gnocchi. However, perfect mashing doesn’t require much effort because soft handles are there to facilitate.

Most importantly, the good grip handles help you squeeze easily, even if they are wet because they are slip-proof. The ergonomic handle design certainly matches your palm contours, and also the rubber handle absorbs pressure. As a result, a tighter grip is an assurance.

Besides the non-slip handles, this OXO potato ricer best for gnocchi features non-slip knob also. This fantastic aspect prevents the stainless steel ricer from shaking while being in operation-maintains its position over the bowl.

Although it’s the best stainless steel potato ricer, you can also mash different kinds of fruits and vegetables. While Oxo potato ricer resembles bellemain potato masher in functionality and productivity: but, it also differs from the bellemain ricer. The contrast lies with the interchangeable disc that doesn’t include in the Oxo package. Hence this device lacks a bit in versatility. Otherwise, it’s the best competitor of bellemain potato ricer. So, either, it’s design, usage, or ease of cleaning; the product can beat the glamour of bellemain potato ricer

  • Perfect for people living with arthritis
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sufficiently deep so can mash right amount at once
  • Closing handles doesn’t require much effort
  • Sturdy and substantial
  • Potatoes jump out of the top rather than getting mashed, resulting in mess and frustration

Priority Chef Potato Ricer and Masher for Light and Fluffy Mashed Potato

Though great and fluffy mashing property makes a device the best potato ricer the priority chef introduces a machine that also prepares juices from fresh fruits. Most importantly, here lies the contrast between this priority chef potato ricer from the above OXO potato ricer for gnocchi. So, if you want something exceptional in your purchase, priority chef potato ricer fulfills your expectations in the gnocchi.

Similarly, it also excels in quality. To clarify, this magical gadget is stainless steel and is not prone to rust or corrosion. Moreover, the configuration doesn’t deform with regular use. Above all, its ability to resist stains makes this potato ricer easy to maintain- a piece of equipment.

However, it also facilitates arthritis patients just like Oxo and bellemain. And the reason behind the fact is its long ergonomic handles that assure easy press. Because the handles are cushioned and non-slip therefore offers a tighter grip.

Besides, the nonstick material let the spuds come out quickly. On the other hand, if food particles remain behind, a simple rinse is enough. Hence thorough cleaning is a matter of a few seconds.

As we mentioned earlier, this best potato ricer for gnocchi also helps you to extract food juices. That’s why it is an undeniable fact that its functionality is not limited. Also, you can use this priority chef potato ricer for mashing different vegetables, e.g., turnips, carrots, etc. Also, preparing food becomes so hand with this tiny monster masher.

So, with all the features of a pro, the unit is easy to use for sure. Similarly, efficiency helps you prepare gnocchi with an excellent texture and consistency in a quicker span.

  • Safe to use
  • Easy to store
  • Doesn’t require much effort
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Produces fluffy mash expertly
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Doesn’t mash massive amount at once

Vita Saggia Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Potato Ricer and Masher, Premium Grade Vegetable and Fruit Ricer, Great for Purees, Baby Food Press

Bellemain potato ricer is the only product yet with three interchangeable ricing discs. Otherwise, all the other potato ricers feature a fixed disc. However, it doesn’t make a huge difference other than additional versatility. Similarly, vita saggia introduces a topnotch and premium quality potato ricer that also holds expertise in multiple fields- fruit ricing, baby food press, for puree.

Yes! We are talking about mashing potatoes for gnocchi because it features excellence from head to toe. To clarify, outlook, functionality, and productivity; hence everything of this heavy-duty potato ricer is up to the mark.

The external body is undoubtedly superior quality stainless steel with a lovely finish. So sturdiness is evident. Moreover, the convenience of usage is also unquestionable. And in this regard, we like to mention an anti-slip silicone knob and anti-slip long handles with silicone.

Firstly, the silicon knob helps to maintain the ricer over the pot. Secondly, the long handles let you exert pressure feasibly without straining your hand meanwhile. That’s why it’s truly the best purchase for arthritic complaint patients.

Most importantly, the container is big enough to yield the right amount at once. And, the heavy-duty masher promises a flawless yield with no lumps. So, you are going to enjoy multiple benefits under one roof. In other words, this best potato ricer for gnocchi offers a fantastic combo of smooth and efficient service.

Moreover, the perfect, fluffy mash is not an optional, rather mandatory aspect. While considering the requirements to maintain the device. The product doesn’t disappoint you again because it is dishwasher safe and thereby super easy to clean and maintain the finish.

  • Commercial grade potato ricer
  • Truly means to last for long
  • No mechanism to exchange disc so less hassle
  • Any residue quickly gets washed so creates no mess
  • Can mash other fruits, veggies, and baby food also
  • Not an ergonomic design

RSVP Potato Ricer for Potatoes, Fruits, Vegetables-Pot Resting Extension, Dishwasher Safe

So, to enjoy the best culinary experience, RSVP introduces the potato ricer also best for gnocchi. Since the brand’s objective is to gain maximum satisfaction of its customers. That’s why no compromise has been made on quality. As a result of this consideration, RSVP is known for manufacturing durable and long-lasting products. Not only is this, but superior performance and functionality undeniable.

However, the most prominent feature that marks a line between RSVP potato ricer and all other potato ricers on our list is the body material. The manufacturing material here is heavy-duty plastic rather than stainless steel. This is a subtle variation and adds strength, meanwhile. Moreover, the color combination also appeals at first glance. So, the product appears to be a worthwhile purchase regarding physique.

Furthermore, the configuration of handles resourcefully serves convenience to the user. Similarly, the device features an extension on the other side. This particularity is the icon behind the maintenance of ricer over the bowl.

Also, this best potato ricer for gnocchi differs from all the above except bellemain from another aspect. Yes! You got right. We are talking about serving a flexible choice for the creamy texture. For this purpose, this tiny gadget includes two interchangeable ricing discs. One means to produce coarse texture while others produce medium texture.

Although it’s an additional versatility-the multi-purpose attitude doesn’t end here because you can use this RSVP potato ricer for crushing dry ingredients. Moreover, for ricing green chilies, spring onions, and fruits- this potato ricer is the perfect pick.

In short, the machine is the latest and massive version of a garlic presser. It operates in the same vein, and then popping out yield is flawlessly smooth and fluffy.

  • Very easy to use
  • Doesn’t strain your hand
  • Sturdy plastic body
  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • Huge ricing pot
  • Dishwasher safe
  • A bit messy
  • Removing ricing disk for cleaning is challenging

How to Change RSVP Potato Ricer Plates?

How to Use a Potato Ricer?


Don’t underestimate the best potato ricer for gnocchi because they prevent the mash from becoming gluey and unmanageable. However, once you overdo your potatoes, the process is irreversible, and frustrating yield becomes your fate. So, adding this magical device to your kitchen cabinet is just like a game-changer. As the potential of potato ricer is directly proportional to the fluffiness of mash. So, make a choice and enjoy the deal.

How to Make Gnocchi at Home?