Best Portable Blender for Travel-The Ultimate Guide 2023

The best portable blender for travel stands on the top when a traveler starts to pack. Not because he’s a foodie but because food is the requirement for survival. And spending so much on the restaurants that come his way is not a wise idea.

Best Portable Blender for Travel
Best Portable Blender for Travel


Top 07-Best Portable Blender for Travel

A portable blender from a notable brand emerges as an amazing alternative and helps kill hunger economically. However, if you are a regular tourist or a seasonal one, it doesn’t make any difference. A portable blender is always the best choice to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since restaurants and food points mean to serve junk rather than nutritious eatables.

That’s why we are here with a few best portable blenders for travel that neither lack in performance nor excellence. Just have a look and selecting either will take you to a luxurious flavor of smoothies, shakes, soups, and juices. But Before jumping to the review section we will explore some main benefits of portable blenders

Super Benefits of portable blenders

The modernization of the present time is due to the development of different industries. That strives to introduce the latest innovations every other day. Since the industries sincerely focus to attract consumers through different advancements and promotions in their product. That’s why each utility available in the market truly reflects the pure hard work and input of manufacturers.

Similarly, portable blenders are also an amazing update of conventional heavy blenders. How portable support an individual throughout his busy routine is another story that we’re going to elaborate on below. So, here you go with a few advantages of portable blenders that make them irresistible purchase for an individual.

  • The topmost benefit is health. Since portable blenders serve you fresh fruit juices and smoothies anywhere you want. So they prevent opting for junk food that forms the basic menus of food spots.
  • Moreover, if you are following a well-balanced dietary plan, the portable blenders help you maintain the track constantly. No matter which point of the planet you are present at. Portable blenders remove all the hindrances that come your way to follow healthy eating habits.
  • Portable blenders are real-time savers because they own smart but powerful batteries that are energy savers meanwhile. Once you feel crave for the favorite smoothie while traveling. You can enjoy that within the next few minutes with the efficiency of portable blenders.
  • While offering you endless possibilities of preparing smoothies and drinks, the portable blenders help you add fruits and veggies in different variations in your diet.
  • A handy appliance that’s easy to carry everywhere you go.
  • A portable blender requires small storage and counter space always attracts buyers.
  • Unlike bulky blenders, portable juicers carry out silent operation hence don’t frustrate while performing.

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1-Hamilton Beach Best Portable Blender Bottle for Shakes and Smoothies

A very feasible and indeed the best portable blender for travel is the one from Hamilton beach. This portable blender pours its ultimate dynamism and turns certain complications into maximum facilitation.

Since the utility is a house-full capsule of performance. So if you expect divine services during travel then you’re not wrong at your pace. This 14-ounce jar runs with175watt motor, therefore, it brings your requirement in front in no time.

Moreover, its stainless steel blade comes forward with maximum usefulness and surprises with its potential to crush ice evenly. Not only this, but the blender manufacturing features a BPA-free material and comprises a compact design. So this best portable blender for travel turns out as the most effective and worthwhile you may have never made.

In addition, so many tasks become one-touch away. Therefore, with a single push of a button you can make smoothies, marinades, shakes, and much more.

Similarly, the most amazing part of the story is its portability. Hence you can enjoy your favorite drink not only at home but at picnics, sporting events, and everywhere you want. Thereby, blend and subsequently run to your job because consumption directly from the jug is a big bonus.

To clarify, it’s a two-in-one utility that is a blending jar that turns into a travel mug upon detachment. 

Just add in icy ingredients or fresh fruits and enjoy the ease of use with delicious yield. However, not only the yields but cherish the ease of cleaning as well. Since both lid and jar are dishwasher safe.

  • A simple blender with no bells and whistles
  • Blends quite evenly
  • Serves with good consistency and taste
  • Very economical
  • Compatible for car holders
  • Blender base is also very easy to clean with a soft sponge
  • Large mouth
  • Blades are non-removable so cleaning becomes hectic sometimes

2-Oster BLSTPB-WPK Blender for Travel

A smoothie drinker finds refreshing to start his day with a healthiest and nutritious smoothie. But what if he is far away from home? It doesn’t matter because oster brings 250W blender that is the best portable blender for travel. So at whatever the venue you are, keep this individual-sized blender with yourself to satisfy your untimely cravings.

Working beyond a blender, the utility significantly works as a sports bottle as well. So, a perfectly compact machine that can easily move along with bustling schedules is ready to embellish your sporty lifestyle. Fill it with water once you get OK with your protein shake hence get on the campaign against dehydration.

While employing 1400W power, the blender can even crush ice quite thoroughly. However, it utilizes its 250W of power for making simple smoothies or shakes. And can you believe! All this is possible with only a little push of a button. Truly a game-changer!

Moreover, this best blender for travel also comes with a built-in fuse that is resettable meanwhile. Above all, its 16” cord serves you with enough flexibility also and the quality of the plastic is absolutely stunning. Since it lacks in BPA fortunately.

In short, the blender is matchlessly fast, efficient, and convenient to use. Similarly, the ease to clean it is again not at all rocket science. Being a dishwasher safe utility, the blender stands with our above statement.

A very easy to store product that doesn’t occupy much counter space meanwhile is vigorously waving to you. However, there is no such advantage that this 20 ounces bombshell deprives you of. So go ahead and beat the heat.

  • Small footprint
  • Do shake in between blending
  • Very durable
  • Built-in fuse automatically revives motor
  • Simple to use
  • Very powerful
  • Sometimes Lid leaks

3-Kacsoo SPOW S650-Single Serve Personal Portable Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, USB Rechargeable

Among the best portable blenders for travel, we find the one from kacsoo an ultra-unique utility. Because it is cordless and features a built-in rechargeable 5200mAh lithium-ion battery. Most importantly, you can utilize the blender for a week upon charging. Since the battery holds the potential to last long.

Just feel comfortable and above all secure while making different sorts of smoothies, salad dressings, or juices. Since premium quality, borosilicate glass is its basic manufacturing content that is BPA-free and non-toxic meanwhile. Similarly, the bottom of this tiny machine is also an eco-friendly ABS base.

In addition to this, the glass material is according to baby food grade. So, we don’t prohibit you from making baby food supplements. Thereby if you’re working mom of a toddler, this best portable blender for travel proves a tiny monster for you.

An absolutely powerful and efficient piece that certainly thrills the user with its skill. To clarify, the blender can run at the maximum speed of 16500rpm and thoroughly blends ice in just 20sec.  So, pour in the ingredients, press the button for three seconds. And there you go with a healthiest, nutritious, and delicious drink

However, its cleaning is again as breezy as its usage. Fill it with water and press the button. As a result of this, all particles set apart from the stainless steel blades. While leaving behind sparkling ones ready to serve again. On the other hand, the jar and lid are dishwasher safe as well.

Lastly, the utility is not noisy equipment and contains a safety cut-power switch at the bottom. Though we recommend you to turn it off while charging or using to save energy and to increase the lifespan of lithium battery.

  • Very suitable for small kitchens and on-the-go portability
  • Features an LED light that turns white from red upon complete charging
  • Red and white lights blink alternatively to warn about the blocked food within blades
  • Alerts you about the wrong fixing of the jug through a red light
  • Switch button and charging port are waterproof
  • Very lightweight
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Charge it with power bank, laptop, or computer
  • Not suitable for making hot drinks such as coffee

4-LOZAYI-Mini Portable Blender for Travel, Personal Blender for Office, Outdoor or Home

In between several useful yet latest innovations, lozayi brings a blender that demonstrates deep concerns regarding the safety of the consumer. That’s why with the help of built-in mechanical safety features, the blender prevents you from frustration and accidental malfunctioning also.

This best portable blender for travel comprises a handle that makes it a peculiar article of the field thereby. Moreover, the glass bottle is detachable and quite easy to carry along with your appointments, meetings, or get together.

However coming on to the glass bottle material, we make sure that the content is non-toxic, and BPA-free. Hence the most suitable food supplement and serves the safer drink. Therefore we ensure you the flawlessness of the jug.

On the other hand, stainless steel blades also play their equal part in entertaining you with an evenly blend drink. So sharp six saw blades operate at 22000rpm and crush frozen fruits or ice in a maximum of 20 seconds. However, the motor of this best portable blender also features an iconic nature. Thus pours its ultimate power to make most out of your money and time.

Since the device is cordless hence it indicates the blender performs with the help of rechargeable batteries. Therefore charge it while making an attachment between the USB cable and either power bank, computer, or laptop. Subsequently, get ready to use this tiny beast 24 times before the battery runs out. Whatsoever, being a battery-operated juicer, we mark it as the best blender for frequent travelers.

Furthermore, double-click is the least required to get your purchase on-the-go. Above all comes the efficiency that prepares a mouth-watering shake within 20-30 seconds.

So, hurry up before the product runs out of stock since it’s amongst the hot demands in markets.

  • It contains 15oz capacity.
  • The lid consists of direct drinking function
  • Very easy to clean through one button cleaning
  • Wipe the base with a wet towel.
  • Baby food, facemask, or a smoothie bowl everything is possible
  • Mixes powerfully
  • Upon complete charging, the blender also supplies power to USB devices.
  • Charges quickly
  • Shake 5-8 times in between blending

5-TTLIFE- Cordless Portable Blender USB Rechargeable Personal Blender for Juice, Smoothies, Baby Food, and Protein Shakes

The maximum condensation of power is something that makes ttlife portable blender odd one out. Since it runs energetically with 7.4V dual motor and blends everything ranging from baby food to frozen fruits within 10sec.

However, behind the strong influence of motor lies built-in 2*2600mAh lithium-ion batteries. That triggers the motor and furthermore the 4-points stainless steel blades to perform vigorously and serve an awesome yield thereby. Most importantly, pressing the power button for maximum 3sec is the minimum requirement and then ready one, two, and go.

While excelling in the performance, this best portable blender for travel also marvels in design and manufacturing. To clarify, the jug material is premium quality borosilicate glass that is BPA-free and eco-friendly.

Moreover, the base features a built-in cut power button about which we suggest you turn it off while using or charging. Switching it off saves energy and prolongs battery life at the same time.

Since it’s the best blender for travelers and contains built-in batteries so you need to charge it once the battery runs out. However, one time charging with USB devices, for instance, laptop, power bank, etc lets you use it for 15-20 times. Whatsoever, being a cordless utility also adds glitter to gold. Hence encourages you to take along with your busy schedules or while traveling.

Either clean the juicer cup through washing in the dishwasher. Or pour in some water and blend to clear it thoroughly. Anyway, the cleaning is breezy beyond imaginations. In addition to this, the charging port and switch button are waterproof. So don’t panic since cleaning doesn’t lead to any disaster.

 Lastly, we also ensure the provision of safety through a red light that blinks to indicate any sort of mismanagement.

  • Very quick blender
  • Blends ice quite nicely
  • You can open the jug from both sides
  • You can use it as a sipping cup
  • Powerful and sturdy
  • Very easy to use
  • Functions incredibly than the expensive blenders
  • Very good quality
  • Need to shake while blending otherwise fruit pieces stuck in blades

6-AUZKIN- Mini Portable Blender Best for Travel, Home and Outdoor, BPA-Free Personal Waterproof Blender, USB Rechargeable

So, auzkin also focuses to facilitate its buyers who’re always on their way to go but are fitness freak also. The manufacturer has put deep concentration on such consumers thereby bring you a rechargeable, cordless, lightweight, sleek and powerful utility.

Undoubtedly, auzkin juicer is amongst the ideal portable blenders for travel. Since it is always ready to serve you with nutritional smoothies and protein drinks no matter where you are. Because it doesn’t take much of your bag space and fits unnoticeably while you’re at the gym or camping.

Meanwhile, the compact and mini blender doesn’t frustrate you with charging issues because it features magnetic induction charging. So any power device that contains a USB port seems competent to charge it for instance laptop, power bank, or computer.

However, don’t suspect the functionality through the tiniest size and aesthetic looks of this traveling blender for smoothies. Since the magic lies here where this micro utility offers more than expectations.

Lithium-ion batteries work as significant icons and let the blades rotate at 21000rpm. Hence crush whatever comes in the way be it ice or fruits, everything becomes a piece of cake in 40sec.

While cleaning, your fingers don’t get prone to cuts through blades because of their secure design. Moreover, the blender refuses to operate if you ignore to tighten the jug properly. In addition, the jug material is also food-grade content and serves you with nutritious shakes since it’s non-toxic and BPA-free.

Last, of all, cleaning is again not rocket science because the blender is entirely waterproof. Thus, rinsing thoroughly doesn’t lead to a tragedy.

  • Once you charge it, the blender can serve for 10 times
  • Do charge for 4hrs before the first-time usage
  • Two-in one utility that is water bottle and blender
  • Charges quickly
  • Blends awesomely
  • Not suitable for blending hot contents

7-LaHuko-Waterproof Portable Blender for Gym, Picnic, Outdoors Best for Smoothies and Shakes

The portable blender that accompanies ultimate flawlessness in entire functionality is the hot demand of buyers nowadays, tending to pick blenders during traveling. However, the market is spilling with countless varieties. But we will surely recommend the product that succeeds in fulfilling all standards of uniqueness.

That’s why we bring you an amazing juicer from lahuko. That peculiarly features two rotating speeds for blending soft or hard food specifically. Moreover, the product doesn’t disappoint with its power. Since 2000mAh battery is competent to prepare 18 cups after single charging. However, one-time charging requires a maximum of 3 hours span.

Moreover, the juicer guarantees safety from all perspectives. Either it’s about jug manufacturing or the blades’ design, the security has been put in the first place. To clarify the jug features food-grade material that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. And the blades are stainless steel 3 layer 304.

Besides the skill and security, let’s not forget to mention the usage quality. So, the operation demands one-click movement and the personal blender gets on-the-way to go quite efficiently. Hence serve you with a nutritional and delicious drink in only 40sec.

While weighing 350g, this best portable blender for travel offers 380ml capacity, thus proves as a lightweight and compact product. Similarly, the looks are again sleek and stylish. So, the juicer seems nice in your hand while in the office or at the park. As it also plays the part of a water bottle.

  • Very easy to clean
  • Entire blender is waterproof
  • Evenly crushes the ice with divine power
  • Very quiet blender
  • Scratch-proof glass jug
  • Very easy to charge this USB juicer cup
  • The lid seals tightly
  • Very powerful
  • Features no indicator that warns of low battery

Frequently Asked Questions

1-How many smoothies a blender can make after a single charging span?

Some blenders can make up to 30 smoothies; others can prepare 15-20 though the entire credit goes to the battery. So, the working ratio of blender that owns battery with higher mah ratings is greater than the one having a battery with lower mah ratings. And battery operated blenders are ideal for travelers.

2-Are portable travel blenders compatible for preparing baby food?

Yes! But first of all, keep in your notice before buying that the glass material is BPA-free. Because only in this case no toxic chemicals don’t bother the baby food. Secondly, make sure that you are obsessively clean and dry the jug. So that no bacteria can grow in baby formula.

3-Are portable blenders suitable for preparing hot drinks during travel time?

We don’t suggest you blend hot contents as this can overheat the motors and damage the electrical components thereby. However, preparing warm drinks is a bit acceptable but avoids introducing super-hot beverages, for instance, coffee or tea.


A best portable blender for travel leads your life like a boss once you become habitual to it. since we get an addict to facilities quite soon and a portable blender is one of the stances. Though a person earns hard for approaching high-class survival. So, why not spend on a device that’s competent to add lavishness to one’s lifestyle and lead it towards convenience. Therefore, select any from above and get ready to enjoy a new breeze in your life.

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