The Best Pan for Frying Potatoes and Chicken 2023

Pan-fried potatoes with a tender inner and crispier exterior are an amazing side dish in breakfast or dinner. People around the globe and specifically Americans, are quite obsessed with the cuisine.

Pan-fried potatoes help you explore another version of cooked potatoes other than roast or deep-fried. But to enjoy the experience from start till end, you need to be much specified about all the details. Besides an easy and precise recipe, focus on the pan also

The best pan for frying potatoes and chicken is an ideal solution to avail yummylicious treats. But how to find the best frying pan amongst the flood of skillets is a numerical we are going to answer in this post. Frying pans on the market differ in one aspect or the other. Don’t get panic and frustration about it, because you’re at the most suitable station. That’ll undoubtedly take you to the perfect, useful, and worth the money destination. 

Also, fried chicken holds a prominent place in southern cooking. But only what bothers is the amount of oil used in preparing. Otherwise, tender and juicy meat wrapped in a crispier and flavorful skin are an all-time favorite snack.

So, go ahead since choosing any of the described pans can serve you with a heavenly experience of preparing meals. Good luck with the research on your part!


Top-Rated Pans for Frying Potatoes

Product ModelPreviewSizeKey FeaturePrice at Amazon
Lodge L14SK315 InchesPre-Seasoned/Made in USAClick for Latest Deals
Gotham Steel9.5",11",12.5"Titanium Ceramic Coating/ Toxin FreeClick for Latest Deals
GreenLife CC002382-001 Pack of 2 (7",11')Thermolon Nonstick ceramic CoatingClick for Latest Deals
T-fal E9389710-Inch,12-InchProfessional Induction BaseClick for Latest Deals
Matfer Bourgeat 62002 0620029/1-2 InchesBlack Steel PlateClick for Latest Deals
Tramontina 80114/537DS14 InchesProfessional Grade Frying PanClick fr Latest Deals

03 Best Pan for Frying Chicken

Product ModelPreviewSizeKey FeaturePrice at Amazon
T-fal E938S33-Pieces(8",10.5",12.5")Thermo Spot Heat IndicatorsClick for Latest Deals
Lodge L8SGP3ASHH41B10.5 InchesCast-Iron Square Grill PanClick for Latest Deals
Cuisinart 622-30G12-InchHard-AnodizedClick for Latest Deals

Top 05 Best Pans for Frying Potatoes and Chicken

Because we aim to assist you in the process, that’s why we have come up with a few amazing best pans for frying potatoes and chicken. So we make sure that it’s going to be one of your fruitful approaches because we are the ones who recommend you something upon proper experimentation. Those are multi-functional, versatile, and matchless by all means. So, here you go:

Lodge L14SK3 Cast Iron Skillet for Frying, 15″

From the ages, cast-iron utensils are working hard to satisfy their users and achieve ultimate success in the mission. That’s why lodge opts for this fantastic material and brings a variety of cast-iron cookware with matchless versatility and durability. 

L14SK3 Cast Iron Skillet from Lodge is a fabulous stance amongst the best pans for frying potatoes. Being cast-iron utility, the product serves with a facility of usage in an oven, on a stovetop, or a grill. Even you can take it to your picnic resorts since the pot is also compatible with the campfire.

While helping you in the preparation of slow-cooking recipes, this 15.25” skillet inspires you through vast functionality. To clarify, fry potatoes, stir, bake, sear, and sauté your favorite eatables. And get ready to fly on the sky of flavors and aroma.

Heat retention and even heating is again a big plus that furnishes your cooking span. Cast-iron is a classical heat conductor, and only even distribution of heat through the entire skillet is not a fantastic deal. The benefits of its heat retention do not end here. But this one feature also keeps your fried potatoes warm for a longer time. 

Click for the latest price of Lodge L14SK3 Cast Iron Skillet for Frying at Amazon

Besides the incredible functionality, this Lodge cast iron pan for frying adds the aesthetic looks to your kitchen also. Its black color seems gorgeous with every color scheme. So going for this skillet won’t distract the harmony of your kitchen. 

The charisma of the product has no full stop. Similarly, the skillet also accompanies safety precautions; for instance availability of two handles promotes secure handling. Moreover, its surface is nearly nonstick; therefore, nothing to worry about hazardous fumes. Those are quite common in the field of nonstick cookware that goes through a chemical treatment. 

  • The more you use, the better it turns
  • Excellent quality
  • Big enough
  • Not very heavy
  • Not a delicate pan
  • Adds nutritious iron to your snack
  • Easy to clean
  • Don’t use in microwave

Gotham Steel 9.5” Fry Pan with Ultra Nonstick Titanium and Ceramic Copper Coating by Chef Daniel Green, Dishwasher, and Oven Safe

Now you go with a robust aluminum pan that features an award-winning coating of Ti-Cerama from Gotham. Hence, the entire limelight is here. The aluminum significantly distributes heat evenly throughout the pan when frying your potatoes. The titanium ceramic coating meanwhile functions similarly to the nonstick and gives you an impressive fried potatoes release without greasing. 

The importance of the interior coating seems so vast when we get to know about its durability. As the manufacturers ensure its scratch-proof nature, you immediately feel an attraction to buy this pan for frying potatoes 

However, this nonstick frying pan not only made to last for long. But the inner layer of Ti-Cerama coating behaves sincerely towards the health of its user. Also, this nonstick pan is free from all kinds of toxins like PTHE, PFOA and PFOS. Whatsoever, capturing all the benefits of the interior in a single image is quite challenging since the list is endless. Similarly, effortless cooking is again one of its beautiful traits.

Once you get crazy with Gotham steel 9.5” Frying pan, you won’t regret your naughty experimentations as it is such a lovely piece of cookware when it comes to cleaning. So, either you burn the cheese or melt a candy; nothing annoys your dishwasher since the cleanup is a breeze because of the interior’s sliding nature.

For upgraded deals of Gotham steel 9.5” Frying pan at Amazon

The skillet is safe to grip while cooking because of its cold touch handles. However, holding is again not hectic because of the lightweight design. Most importantly, this solid steel pan from Gotham allows usage in the oven up to 500F. 

In short, if you’re looking for something that offers effortless cooking, don’t scroll down since your requirement is in front.

A package of safety, strength, functionality, and productivity is ready to arrive at your doorstep. And want to reveal how cooking in an air feels. 

  • Works nicely upon oiling
  • Looks appealing
  • Only requires low-medium flame
  • Energy-efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Food sticks after a few uses

GreenLife CC002382-001 Soft Grip Pan to Enjoy Pan-Fried Russet Potatoes, Blue

While aiming to introduce something that features a unique tint along with incredible service. We bring you a set of two turquoise pans 7” and 10” from the trustworthy manufacturer that is greenlife.

The turquoise aluminum exterior, furthermore, comprises complementary soft-grip handles that are a definite bonus. Also, the manufacturers promote convenient handling because of design and cool-touch quality.

I am now coming on to the inner coating of this GreenLife CC002382-001 frying pan. So the inner layer comprises a nonstick healthy thermolon ceramic. Luckily it also lacks any kind of toxic chemical — for instance, PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium, non-toxic frying pan. Similarly, the aluminum body also features no lead and cadmium, thereby making the pan a fantastic source of safe food.

Moreover, the inner ceramic coating is quite durable, made to last for long, and serves you with a fantastic nonstick service. Just add a very minimal amount of oil, and your crispy fried potatoes will slip into the platter. The secure release attribute behaves awesomely. 

Check the latest price of this GreenLife CC002382-001 frying pan at Amazon

The even heat distribution through this aluminum pan inspires you breathtakingly and turns your cooking task into desirable ease. And once you are done with cooking, washing is like nothing since this pan for russet potatoes or seafood is dishwasher safe. Even if you prefer to hand wash it, soft sponge and a mild soap is the requirement.

Last, of all, we will like to remind you of the fact that nonstick cookware can serve you for centuries If dealt with proper care. But if the user doesn’t bother usage precautions, any nonstick pot can prove as total garbage.

  • Requires low-medium flame for cooking
  • Energy-efficient
  • Pretty and stylish
  • Great nonstick
  • Sturdy
  • Flat bottom
  • Inner and outer coating both flake off after a certain period

T-fal E93897 Professional Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Fry Pan with Glass Lid, 10-Inch, Black

With a T-fal nonstick pan for frying, you not only buy a skillet to prepare French fries or potato frying. But you avail the chance to experience a whole ride of thrill and luxury. To clarify, the features that matchlessly add royalty to your cooking span are part of this T-Fal E93897, for instance, the presence of thermo spot heat indicator that changes color upon appropriate preheating so that you get to know about the right time of pouring potatoes and other foods.

Most importantly, the interior is scratch-resistant and so durable that even using a metal spatula doesn’t make any difference.

Moreover, the titanium-reinforced nonstick inner contains no lead, cadmium, or any other toxin. Also, there is no need for extravagant greasing to enjoy mouthwatering and healthier yield.

Above all, the premium interior is the prime source of effortless release and hence the effortless cooking.

However, the outer construction contains aluminum with a stainless steel base. The aluminum plays a vital role in even heat distribution. On the other hand, the stainless steel base of this frying pan sits evenly on any cooktop even on induction.

T-fal E93897 Professional Nonstick Fry Pan with Glass Lid at Amazon

Thus, with this skillet, you get to with every ease, convenience, and remarkable results under one roof.

In addition to this all, the riveting of cool-touch silicone handles help you to grip the pan fearlessly while making French fries or simple russet potato frying. Its tempered glass lid also comprises a cool-touch handle similarly and allows you to hold the cover without any risk.

However, the glass lid is useful in so many ways. For instance, monitoring the cooking cycle becomes feasible, and its tighter grip helps retain the moisture and heat.

Whatsoever, capturing every attribute, in a nutshell, is a big task. So why not experience the thrill through a live operation.

  • Performs all modes of cooking quickly, such as sautéing, searing, etc.
  • Retains juices and flavors of the food
  • Very easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe up to 400 degrees F
  • A versatile product
  • The bottom is not flat

Matfer Bourgeat 62002 062002 Black Steel Round Frying Pan, 9 1/2-Inch, Gray

If you are in search of the best round frying pan for your kitchen that can genuinely serve for decades to come. Then no other skillet can beat the durability of steel round frying pan from Matfer Bourgeat. While build to fulfill all the standard of sturdiness, the pan emerges as a reliable and long-lasting product.

The strength of the utensil is evident from the fact that it holds impressive compatibility for all stovetops even for induction also. Its heavy-duty construction involves a durable steel handle as well that offers a tighter grip while being in use for frying potatoes.

Moreover, manually turn the pan’s surface into a nonstick layer through greasing. However, regular oiling also plays a part in enhancing its life longevity. Above all, the steel efficiently, evenly disperse heat throughout the pan upon flame exposure since it’s an excellent heat conductor. So, the products turn out as time-efficient utility.

For latest deals Matfer Bourgeat Steel Round Frying Pan at Amazon

Once your purchase comes in your hands, and you crave badly to use it. Don’t forget to put it below hot running water to remove the protective layer.

Furthermore, as soon as you finish your potato frying, use a paper towel to wipe this best black steel frying pan or you can rinse it with hot water. However, we don’t recommend the usage of dish soap. Subsequently, dry the pan and re-grease a bit.

  • Can stand high temperatures
  • Very smooth interior
  • Heats up quickly
  • Retains heat
  • The handle doesn’t get hot
  • Protective wax is very hectic to remove
  • Requires a lot of maintenance

Tramontina 80114/537DS Professional Aluminum Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan to Enjoy Home Fried Potatoes, 14″, Made in USA

An NSF certified Tramontina 80114/537DS nonstick pan that is quite ideal for professional usage is indeed the best pan for frying potatoes.

Moreover, the fantastic part of the story is that the fry pan is easily adaptable for both commercial and non-commercial usage. So, either you’re a chef at a restaurant or a housewife. The pan offers ample opportunities to sauté, sear, scramble eggs, home fried potatoes and chicken.

Most importantly, the exterior comprises heavy-gauge aluminum construction that furthermore features an aesthetic satin finish. The aluminum plays a vital role in quick and even distribution of heat throughout the cooking surface. Thereby makes the utility an ultimate time and energy saver. Meanwhile, the satin finish behaves like glitter to gold, and hence the exterior catches the major limelight.

However, the rest of the limelight lay in the interior, which’s exclusively nonstick and promotes the effortless and quick release. Moreover, the inner coating not only smoothes the cooking but it also turns the cleaning task into maximum breeze through the dishwasher. Since the nonstick means fewer residue left behind.  

Above all, we feel the delight to claim that this Tramontina professional pan for frying is friendly with all cooktops. Similarly, it is even compatible to oven up to 400degrees F.

check the latest price of this Tramontina professional frying pan at Amazon

In addition to this all, the riveted cast stainless steel handle helps to maneuver the pan. Also, it contains a silicon soft-grip cover that is removable also, so no risk with great versatility becomes quite handy.

In short, all the endless opportunities with single purchases are not that accessible before this ideal and premium-quality fry pan. So, hurry up and grab this fantastic nutshell unless the stock runs out.

  • Toxin-free nonstick inner
  • Nice rubber handle
  • Requires low-medium flame
  • Excellent quality within the price
  • Food doesn’t stick
  • A non-stick layer is built to last for long
  • Contains no supporting handle on the opposite side

What is the best pan for frying chicken?

A pan becomes best for frying chicken if it includes all the following features:

  • The pan must not be shallow, but it should be 3 inches deep.
  • A lid to cover
  • Always buy a pan made up of cast iron, hard-anodized aluminum, or copper because these materials retain heat very well. However, stainless steel is also an excellent choice, but if used in combination with either of the above material.
  • The best pan always offers ample space to fry several pieces of chicken. Besides, it doesn’t hinder the movement of oil also.
  • A lightweight pan can never be the best option for frying chicken. Instead, go for a heavy frying pan so that the blisteringly hot oil may not knock over your hand.
  • The criterion of perfection completes if the pan is easy to clean.

Top 03 Pans for Frying Chicken

Rather than opting for a chicken being fried in gallons of oil-deep frying, the best pan for frying chicken can work as a perfect solution to the problem. Since it requires little oil yet serves with effortless cooking.

With the best frying pan, you need not worry about the mess. Due to which you always head towards a restaurant instead of preparing that at home. Because with these innovative nonstick skillets, the process exhibits maximum facilitation from zero till the end. And serve you a delicious, heavenly chicken, therefore.

So, if you are the one who truly wants to forget all the inconvenience to conventional chicken cooking methods, and want to move along with the latest technology, then we are here to help you in this regard.

T-fal E938S3 Professional Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Fry Pan Set, 3-Piece

T-fal works hard to bring constant development in its cookware range. That’s why consumers consider it the most trustworthy brand while opting for nonstick pots. This time if you’re in search of the best pan for frying chicken, t-fal E938S3 is again here to serve potentially.

With heavy-gauge aluminum exterior and featuring pro-metal nonstick interior, this frying pan comes with ultimate perfect construction. That’s not only sturdy but scratch-resistant as well. As a result of this, each pan in this set of three encourages the use of metal utensils even. That ensures the durability of the utility.

Moreover, the pan material also gets hot thoroughly and above all, quickly, and this’s indeed the best part. So, if you are in a hurry, the whole package of three turns out as a lifesaver.

Next, coming onto the safety precautions, manufacturers don’t pour any negligence. So, all the aspects of this pan for frying chicken and vegetables are designed focusing on safe usage. For instance, the presence of cool-touch silicone handles promises a tighter and secure grip. Similarly, the absence of any kind of toxins in the interior, as well as exterior, guarantees risk-free food consumption.

In addition to this, the pan informs you upon appropriate preheating through thermo-spot heat-indicator technology. So, whatever you want to prepare sautéing, searing, or frying. You just have to turn on the flame and let the center pattern turn into a red spot.

In short, an impressive device that needs zero to no oil is ready to fascinate your cooking task with versatility. Ease of use when accompanies with ease of washing, imparts an entire heavenly experience. So, why are you still wandering?

  • It comes with a tight-fitting lid that helps retain moisture and flavor
  • Is useable for any cooktop
  • Oven-safe even at 400 degrees F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Best nonstick competency that leads to effortless cooking due to quick release
  • The bottom is not flat

Lodge L8SGP3ASHH41B Cast Iron 10.5-Inch Square Grill Pan, Black

Unique crafting with maximum productivity is no more an old introduction in the market because the lodge has been doing great homework on this particular design for a long time. This unique chicken grill pan may be a shining member in your kitchen and worth your precious income.

This 10.5” square pan for frying chicken comes pre-seasoned and starts performing magically once unpacked. Besides this ready-to-use characteristic, the pot owns an ability to distribute and retain even heat throughout the skillet. Therefore, whatever the cooktop is, the pot is sturdy enough to get heat evenly.

Moreover, sauté, sear, fry, or grill according to your requirement. Als, the utility will not disappoint you because it lacks in no skill. And it can perform beyond desires with all the slow-cooking recipes.

Also, the skillet comprises handles on both sides, and this makes it an ultra-convenient frying pan. Though the versatility of this pan is at the peak but to enhance the longevity of your purchase, we strongly recommend coating with oil before use. However, this domestic coating can’t beat the one with which this cast iron pan for frying potatoes and chicken comes seasoned with.

Safe purchase that can furnish your eating lifestyle with maximum nourishment is no more a dream. Also, this lodge frying pan contains zero hazardous chemicals but the same time contain nutritious iron. Its red silicone hot handle holder ensures you a secure and tight grip. And again, it guarantees risk-free cooking.

While imparting a fantastic grill for steaks and sandwiches, a multi-functional attitude is just a bonus. Most importantly, cleaning is again a breeze, an absolute hassle-free task.

  • Awesomely nonstick
  • Requires very little or no oil
  • Produces incredible flavor and texture
  • Cast-iron is very very durable
  • Excellent purchase for indoor grilling
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Requires special care, and maintaining it is not a piece of cake

Cuisinart 622-30G Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 12-Inch Skillet with Glass Cover, Black

This nonstick pan fulfills all the criteria of perfection when coming to its durability and a healthy yield. Cuisinart brings truly the best pan for cooking chicken and potatoes.

This nonstick skillet from Cuisinart comprises hard-anodized as the primary manufacturing material. That’s much better than stainless steel. It is more scratch-resistant and highly non-porous.

Since it is oven friendly up to 500 degrees F. So, your cooking task turns into excellent facilitation when the functionality of all aspects forms an amalgamation.

However, the interior features quantum nonstick that promotes the effortless release, moreover cooking, and hence cleaning. So, Cuisinart 622-30G pan’s manufacturing claims maximum excellence.

While being a hard-anodized pot, the pan contains a stainless steel handle that remains cool during cooking. And serves with a secure grip. Moreover, this ergonomic handle’s design is also resourceful in offering maximum convenience as you hold. And not to forget the lid part here that lets you monitor your cooking cycle. Also, it helps to preserve all the delicious flavors and moisture of the food content.

Above all, the pan rim guarantees drip-free pouring since it comes tapered. Overall, this Cuisinart fry pan is a remarkable innovation that is fit for slow-cooking recipes with perfection. Each aspect, whether it’s about performance or design, it ultimately exhibits superbness.

To sum up, a versatile product that can expertly practice several cooking techniques. While meeting all the standards of quality and professional elegance is just a few clicks away. So hurry up and grab before the stock runs out.

  • No hot spots
  • Quickly gets hot
  • Safe from all toxins
  • Weighty duty yet easily manageable pan
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent design with useful spout
  • The lid fits tightly and is dishwasher friendly
  • Underside base becomes horrible within a few days.
  • Don’t put in the dishwasher

Tips for Perfect Pan-Fried Potatoes:

Being vigilant about the following aspects can take your pan-fried potatoes to absolute perfection.

The cooking oil:

Though using butter is so appetizing, but it burns at high temperatures. Therefore, we find olive oil as a better option. You can go for a mixture of extra virgin olive oil with vegetable oil. However, you can also use any other neutral oil that has a high smoking point.

The potato type:

Don’t buy a russet for preparing pan-fried potatoes. Also, they are high in starch content and fail to produce crispy results. On the other hand, prefer to buy baby Yukon gold or any other creamy type of potato.

The right way to add herbs and spices:

Use as many spices as you want like paprika, coriander, garlic powder, or chili powder. But adding them very soon may burn them because dry spices are prone to burning. Hence adding them in the last few minutes is the most appropriate time.

On the contrary, you can add herbs such as rosemary at the very initial stage because heartier stemmed herbs don’t burn quickly. It also boosts the flavor if added soon.

Best Fried Potatoes Recipe:


  • 1 lb. of baby potatoes, scrubbed clean
  • 1 tbsp. of vegetable oil
  • 1 tbsp. of extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 tbsp. of freshly chopped rosemary
  • 1 tsp. of garlic powder (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp. of chili powder (optional)
  • Kosher salt to taste
  • Freshly ground black pepper to taste


  • Cut the potatoes into coin shape each slice featuring ¼ inch thickness. Now take a large pan, pour in some oil and heat it over medium-high flame.
  • Next, you have to transfer all the slices from cutting board to pan. Add rosemary, salt, and pepper and let them rest for 4-5 minutes. Within the span, the bottom of the slices will turn crusty and golden.
  • Now turn the sides and wait for 4-5 minutes again until the turned side achieves the same color.
  • Season it with chili and garlic powder. Now stir the potatoes periodically till the coins get tender.
  • Fried potatoes are ready to serve.

Why do you soak potatoes before frying?

We soak potatoes before frying because:

  • It minimizes acrylamide levels in your French fries. Acrylamide is a harmful chemical and is the reason behind cancer in animals. Also, it occurs when you cook starch-rich foods at high temperatures. Therefore, soaking potatoes result in starch removal and prevents you from health risks, ultimately.
  • Excess starch also results in sticking of French fries. So, once it gets off the potatoes, the chips turn crispier and crunchier upon frying.

What Is the Best Potato for Frying?

There are three kinds of potatoes. Starchy, waxy, and the third category includes mixed properties of both the former types. But if you consider the best potato for frying, we recommend you to choose starchy potatoes.

The reason behind the fact is their low moisture and high starch content. Though potatoes don’t maintain their shape. But their fluffiness makes them the perfect option to choose for boiling, baking, and above all, frying.

However, to guide quite precisely, we recommend you to buy Idaho or russet as they both are starchy potatoes.  They comprise white flesh wrapped in russet skin. Along with a neutral potato flavor, russet, and Idaho thrill with a soft texture and porous nature. So, they prove themselves as the best potato for frying.

Do you have to boil potatoes before frying them?

Boiling potatoes before frying is an excellent way to utilize leftover potatoes. However, they prefer to go for medium or low starch potatoes. Also, the boiled potatoes maintain their shape well while frying.

But you know! Boiling potatoes before frying also act as magic. If you only fry your potatoes till they are done, you are not going to avail the crispy texture.

That’s why boiling them for five minutes until they become soft and a bit translucent is a real game-changer. Boiling removes excess starch; therefore, the potatoes turn out crispier upon frying. By the way! Don’t forget to dry the boiled potatoes on a paper towel before throwing them in a pan to fry.

Is it safe to fry in aluminum pans?

Aluminum pans are lightweight and conduct heat very well. That’s why they also serve with the benefit of even heating. But aluminum reacts with acidic foods, and this is not a healthy exercise. The meals cooked in tomato sauce or other sauces containing vinegar or lemon juice are termed as acidic eatables.

So, cooking acidic foods results in pan corrosion and aluminum leaches into food. As a result, the taste of your food gets spoiled, and the meal becomes a toxic piece to consume. But if the aluminum pan is anodized, then it depicts zero leaching risk. So, if you love to use aluminum pans for their several qualities. Then buy an anodized aluminum pan or the one clad in nonstick or stainless steel coating.

When should you throw away non-stick pans?

Here you go with a few reasons that stand behind the dumping of your nonstick pan in the garbage:

  • If your pan warps, simply throw it as you are not going to receive excellent cooking results because the cooking surface is not even anymore. However, warping doesn’t depict any health risk.
  • With time, the nonstick pans develop a food build up. This accumulation results in dark discoloration and affects performance. It means the right time to discard has arrived.
  • Above all, the reasons lie the scratching. So, if your nonstick pan is suffering from a lot of scratches, immediately replace it with a new one. Because scratching open ways for toxic chemicals to leach in your food and makes the pan harmful to use.

Does soaking potatoes reduce carbs?

Soaking potatoes minimizes starch that is a kind of carbohydrate. But only from the surfaces that interact with water. Otherwise, soaking doesn’t reduce the carbs and calorie content of potatoes.

Can you freeze raw potatoes for french fries?

Yes! We can freeze raw potatoes for french fries. However, it doesn’t mean that you can transfer your potatoes straightaway from the grocery bag to the freezer. But you need to follow a sequential procedure. The procedure includes the following steps:

  • Scrubbing
  • Peeling
  • Trimming off bruises and green spots
  • Rinsing for a thorough cleanup
  • Cutting
  • Blanching the cut potatoes in the boiling water for 5 minutes
  • Putting them in cold water
  • Drying
  • Freezing.

How long to cook pan-fried potatoes?

Pan-fried potatoes or you can say crispy breakfast starters don’t take so long to prepare. Previously, it was considered a time-consuming task because, first of all, it requires boiling and then cutting before frying. But, fortunately, skipping the boiling part makes no considerable difference. Therefore, no pre-cooking required, but cutting and frying are all you need to perform. So, to prepare six servings of pan-fried potatoes, you need 5 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook. To sum up, you need to invest a total of 15 minutes in making such a delicious recipe.    

Best Pan for Frying Potatoes


Thank you so much for the privilege that you give us while scrolling down through endless lists of blogs. However, we hope that you find the article a perfect piece of information about the best pan for frying potatoes. We also promise that whatever you go for, the utility will certainly ornament your kitchen routine with maximum luxury. So, why waste a minute? Since spending time may lead to a waste of penny on some other useless product.

If you love butter garlic potatoes, here for convenience, we have added a video demo for frying potatoes in the pan. You will enjoy this my most addicted dish.

Butter Garlic Pan Fried Potatoes Recipe Video