Best Pan for Cooking Steak-Cast Iron Grill pan (Buying Guide)

Purchasing the best pan for cooking steak means boosting your love for grilled food. Also, these cast iron pans let you satisfy your grill food cravings through its versatility and ability to offer indoor grills. Nowadays, outdoor grills are not the last option to enjoy steaks. Since the innovation of the pan-searing technique are the game changers now.

best pan for cooking steak
Best Pan for Cooking Steak

These game-changer cast iron grill pans are the real door openers to grilled steak, bacon, fish, or veggies. But without employing an outdoor grill. Amazing! No frustrating smoke, but the perfect flavor and texture of grill food is no more a dream now if you don’t own enough space in your apartment to arrange a grill.


Types of Pans Available for Cooking Steak

Before going to buy the frying pan for steaks, read on to see the kinds of pans for cooking steaks on stove.

Copper Pan

Copper is an excellent material for steak cooking. But keep in mind to select copper pan with stainless steel toughs, because some metals like tin are not suitable for high temperatures required for browning and searing steaks.

Stainless Steel/Tri-Ply Pans

Stainless steel is the best and even heat conductor. The even heat conduction ensures even steak cooking. Also, tri-ply cookware is stainless steel layered with different metals. Usually, copper and aluminum are layered because these are great heat conductors. These pans create a perfect temperature for your steak. Moreover, stainless steel pans are easy to wash, also safe to use for searing steak at high temperatures.

Cast Iron Frying Pans

These pans are the best of all in heat retention, and this thorough heat ensures an evenly cooked and beautiful browned steak. Also, the seasoning process ends up with great flavors and aromas.

Moreover, cast iron pans are compatible with all types of stovetops, which I think, the most vital aspect to consider before buying pan for searing steaks.

Carbon Steel Frying Pans

Carbon steel pans have most of the same cooking properties, the cast iron offer. So, we can say it is a lighter version of cast iron frying pans. Another best part is, these type of pans are available in different thickness levels. The thickness of the pan has a proportion to best steak; the thicker the pan is, the better the steak is.

Moreover, carbon steel pans require regular seasoning like cast iron. Also, these pans need more prolonged preheating because they retain lesser heat as compared to cast iron frying pans.

Factors to Consider before Picking up Cast Iron Frying Pans

As we discussed above, all cast iron pans are not equal in quality. So, before going to pick the best pan for cooking steak, consider these factors.


Heavier pans are great for cooking steak evenly because the heavier metal retains perfect heat for longer times. As, the cast iron pans are heavier than its counterparts, with 8-10 pounds in average weight. Also, cast iron is the best choice for searing steak but choose a pan with a weight that is comfortable to carry.


For proper browned crusty steak, you will need to have enough space in a frying pan to allow steam escaping. If you have chosen a 12-inch fry pan, there will be 9-10 inches cooking space.


The easy-grip handle is another most important aspect to consider. The steak cooking pan must have rounded handles for comfortable and secure gripping. Some of the frying pans come with smaller helper handle opposite the main stem to manage weight.


If you pick a factory seasoned fry pan, it is ready for use right after unboxing. Pre-seasoned cast iron frying pans cost more; to cut down pan cost, you can opt to do season yourself.

Pour Spouts

Mess-free and efficient pour spouts will help in easy cleaning up after cooking steak. Mess-free pour spouts are vital because you have to deal with a lot of greases when you are cooking steak in a frying pan.

Top 07 Cast Iron Pans for cooking Steak

Though the best pan for cooking steak is already a solution to your numerical, we are here to facilitate your search amongst numerous models as well. In the context below, we have come up with a few grill pans that are worth your time and money. So, let’s have a look.

Lodge Cast Iron 10.5-Inch Square Grill Pan for Steak, Black

Thanks to the lodge for always introducing an irresistible variety of cookware. Either you want something particularly for cooking a turkey or preparing scrambled eggs. Lodge never ignores the priorities of its consumers. In the same vein, this trustworthy brand also strives to bring the best pan for cooking steak, and success again embellishes their journey.

So, a cast-iron square grill pan is the one that truly depicts the expert attitude. Whether it’s about sautéing, searing, frying, baking, or stirring. First of all, its cast-iron holds the potential to heat up thoroughly, resulting in cooking all the ingredients evenly. Moreover, cast-iron is also competent to retain heat superbly. Therefore, its primary construction material marks itself as a dominant benefit amongst the entire grill pan list.

Also, the availability of cast iron demonstrates the weighty configuration. As a result, the craftsmanship also comprises the addition of two handles each on both sides. So, that the lifting remains no more bothering to the user.

Above all, this cast iron grill pan is compatible with all kinds of direct heat sources. Be it a grill or campfire. So, once it arrives at your doorstep, rush to your kitchen and enjoy the magical functionality of the product. Since it comes pre-seasoned and you can use it right out of the package. However, a minor coating of the vegetable oil enhances nonstick results

Moreover, a red silicone handle holder also accompanies your purchase. So, don’t worry about holding this 10.5” grill pan while it is hot.

To sum up, a versatile cast iron pan from a renowned brand wants to ornament your steak love. So, please don’t ignore it. Preferably a little can release your much frustration.

  • Very easy to clean
  • Produces excellent flavor and texture
  • Perfect for indoor grilling
  • Very durable
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Requires special care

All-Clad Hard-Anodized Non-Stick, PFOA Free Square Grill Steak Fry Pan

Now comes up a hard-anodized aluminum grill pan. That features a sturdy construction and promises you anti-warping traits. Apart from exhibiting durable configuration, hard-anodized aluminum heats up quickly and also evenly. Thus guarantees you a thoroughly brown yield with an even texture and flavor.

Therefore, all-clad also comes with the best pan for cooking steak and doesn’t remain behind in the race. Besides the above attributes, there is a lot more to go. So, let’s move ahead!

Also, the pan features a nonstick coating that is non-toxic and offers an effortless food release meanwhile. To clarify, it’s competently nonstick and takes you to the most convenient journey of cleaning thereby. Also, the nonstick coating means a full stop to oil since it needs minimum to zero oil. So, again the pro of offering cholesterol-free food makes this grill pan a worthwhile purchase.

Moreover, the manufacturers equip this 11” square grill pan with firmly riveted stainless steel handles. Hence transferring the utensil from oven to countertop is not more than a piece of cake. The design of Tall sides and wide bottom deserve another round of applause.

While capturing the entire charisma of this best pan for cooking steak, let’s not forget to mention that the cookware can stand up to 500 degrees F in the oven. Most importantly, the pot is dishwasher safe. But we suggest you hand wash it for better and longer results.

  • Imparts perfect grill marks.
  • Sturdy pan
  • Superb quality and craftsmanship
  • Very affordable
  • Very easy to clean
  • Doesn’t heat evenly but only on the heating element

Unicook Cast Iron, Nonstick Frying Pan Perfect for Steak, Bacon

So, if you want both functional as well as physical beauty. Then nothing can suit your taste other than this best pan for cooking steak. Since red enameled exterior and black porcelain interior is something not common in the field.

Ok! So, being a grill pan, the cookware features a perfect ridged surface. That marvelously imprints grill lines while penetrating the unique grill flavor into your veggies, steak, or bacon.

Durability is also an assurance because cast iron is the primary construction material that symbolizes strength for sure. Above all, even heat distribution, along with superb retention, is a specific trait. So, the pan emerges as truly productive cookware to grill fish, meat, or poultry.

Also, the pan is useable on all kinds of stovetops, even induction as well. But remember to expose it in the oven up to 450 degrees F, not more than this.

However, don’t doubt the inner porcelain enamel as it doesn’t mean to destroy the flavor. But it offers nonstick service without any seasoning. So, feel free to sauté, broil, bake, braise, or grill. Hence enjoy the full potential and maximum versatility of this best pan for cooking steak.    

 Not to forget, the pan helps you avail of all the benefits of nonstick porcelain. Either it’s about fat dripping or cleaning ease. The cookware seems unbeatable from all aspects.

  • Perfect for indoor grilling
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heavyweight but worth it
  • Reasonable price
  • Very durable
  • The handle gets hot so be careful

GOURMEX Grill Pan Nonstick Coating for Meat, Fish Steak

The best pan for cooking steak from Gourmex is superlatively durable. Hence excels in sturdiness amongst the entire list. While comprising heavy-duty cast aluminum, the cookware ensures long-lasting service. Since aluminum is an anti-warp material.

Furthermore, over the entire pan, including sides and base, a high-quality nonstick layer encompasses thoroughly. Therefore, the usual burning or residues behind is an absolutely strange concept for the utensil. Also, rusting or scratching has nothing to do with the pan since the nonstick layer is classical of its kind.

Moreover, the nonstick layer emerges as a health-friendly aspect as well. To clarify, its formulation is unquestionably eco-friendly and doesn’t contain toxicity such as PFOA. Meanwhile, we also ensure the durability of the nonstick coating. Therefore the revelation of any harmful chemical is, fortunately, impossible. 

So, this is all about the significant nonstick layer. However, the best gourmex pan for cooking steak features much more than your imagination.

Above all, another good part of the story is the cookware compatibility with all kinds of heat sources. Either it’s gas or electric or even coal, nothing frustrates your cooking experience when you own the gourmex pan since the legend behind the scene is subtle strength and more than enough durability.

Last, of all, we like to mention something exceptional besides the production of awesome texture and flavor. And that is the ease of cleaning. So, the nonstick layer means minimum mess and thus breezy cleanup. However, the pan is dishwasher safe also for maximum convenience.

  • Employable on induction also
  • Features a well-contoured handle for easy holding
  • Very easy to take care
  • Awesomely imprints grill marks on fish, bacon, etc
  • Food doesn’t stick
  • Versatile pan
  • Heats up slowly

Scanpan PRO IQ Nonstick Griddle, 11″

It’s a genuinely innovative pan that uniquely features stratanium nonstick for extraordinary performance. With the help of hepatic technology, the manufacturers penetrate hard particles into wave-like layers. As a result of this interlocking, the nonstick appears much more durable and quite sturdier than steel.

Moreover, stratanium nonstick depicts a beautiful texture. That is well known for incredibly effortless release. Not only this but such prolific surface sears, browns, and deglazes in a professional and inspiratory style.

While moving ahead, let’s clarify to you the fact that the stratanium nonstick is practically safe from several aspects. For instance, you can use a metal utensil with this best pan for cooking steak. However, other nonstick doesn’t allow this kind of freedom.

Also, this innovational technology includes no amalgamation of hazardous chemicals like PFOA. So, safety is at the peak. In short, the scan pan grill pan can perform skillfully for ages to come since it’s endurable beyond imagination.

Apart from offering so many exceptional traits, The stratanium nonstick doesn’t forget to provide cholesterol-free food. So, leave behind the concept of pouring an ample amount of oil because this best pan for cooking steak doesn’t mean to perform with splashing oil.

Most importantly, liberty of usage over any kind of stovetop marks this cookware a true gem. And real go-to product for every newbie to professional cook. Last, of all, the pan minimizes all the mess while behaving as an ultimate dishwasher safe utility.

  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees F
  • Induction safe
  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • Heats up quickly and evenly
  • Includes no hot spots
  • Retains heat due to thick bottom
  • No con is found yet

Deep Square Grill Pan for Cooking Steak, Fish, Meat, Dishwasher Safe

While featuring a heavy-duty cast-aluminum, the pan differs completely in durability from other cast alloys. To clarify, it’s marvelously sturdy and hence proves as a fruitful purchase for a longer span.

Since the construction ensures strength, the nonstick coating also demonstrates ultimate competency. Amongst multiple benefits, the coating is resistant to high temperatures, most importantly. In addition to this, the availability of ridges behaves like glitter to gold.

Although nonstick requires minimum to zero oil, these ridges help to drip off all the inner fats of food. Meanwhile, you need not worry about the resulting flavor as the cooking process locks in all the juices. So, this best pan for cooking steak skillfully serves you with healthier yet delicious food.

Moreover, the design comprises two pour spouts on the alternate sides. Also, an ergonomic handle with an anti-scalding design that’s riveted with an anti-skid screw makes the construction a real role model.

Above all, the harmony of the utility with all kinds of stovetops makes it the best pan for cooking steak. Besides, compatibility for the oven is simply a heavenly trait.

And when the pan fulfills its entire job, it doesn’t frustrate you with its cleaning also. Because the fabulous quality of nonstick leaves no hard residues behind. Hence makes the cleaning process an unbelievable breeze. However, it’s dishwasher safe, so the choice is entirely yours.

Last but not least, the 11” pan proficiently serves with non-hazardous food. Because the manufacturing, fortunately, lacks in PFOA, PFAS, NMP, and NEP. Therefore, if you mistakenly overheat the pan, you need not worry regarding leaching toxicity. 

  • Heats up quickly and evenly
  • The exterior is heat resistant
  • Very durable nonstick
  • Imprints grill marks strongly
  • Sufficiently deep
  • Nicely heavy that’s not difficult to lift
  • No con is found yet

Zelancio Cast Iron Fry Pan for Steak, Fajitas, Eggs, Oven Safe

The best pan that we are going to describe below features no ridges for grilling. But even then, it’s the best pan for cooking steak. And the reason behind the fact is the amalgamation of porcelain and cast iron.

Since cast iron is well known for efficient and thorough heat up, and most importantly, capable of retaining heat, that’s why its significance is unquestionable. Hence, when the manufacturers furnish it with three layers of porcelain enamel. The pan emerges as the chip-resistant product that can serve you for a more extended period.

 However, porcelain enamel not only imparts strength but beauty as well at the same time. So, the cookware seems capable of pouring an excellent impression on the user through its physical appearance since the functionality influence comes afterward.

Moreover, the pan is employable on all kinds of stovetops. So, whatever you own, don’t bother to consider while purchasing this best pan for cooking steak. Also, holding a harmony with the oven catches the entire limelight.

So, the pan facilitates your cooking experience from oven to stovetop and finally to your table. Therefore minimizes the mess and compensate several pots. Most importantly, it embellishes the dining table not only with delicious food but also through its attractive looks.

However, the journey of the pan from the oven to the table is not tiresome since a solid cast iron long loop handle simplifies the transfer while offering a secure and tight grip.

Moreover, cleaning is not rocket science also. And the black porcelain glazed enamel interior plays a traditional role in this regard. Not to forget lastly, the availability of pour spouts that’s resourceful in cutting down any expected mess.

  • Construction contains no toxicity.
  • Not too heavy
  • Versatile
  • Browns perfectly
  • Doesn’t burn
  • No exclusive nonstick

Importance of Griddle Pans in Steak Cooking

If you want to enjoy a char-grilled steak on your stove, griddle pan is the only option. Unlike regular frying pan, griddle pan’s base has ridges; these raised ridges not only provide pretty looking grill marks, but they also create a flavorful crust.

Also, deep and tall troughs will allow the fat or oil to render into the grooves, these grooves ensure your steak is not cooked directly in oil, shallow grooves leave char marks with a greasier product.

Comparison between Cast Iron and Non-Stick Pans

Categories of Griddle Pan

Non-stick and Cast iron are the two main categories of griddle pans. Although both types have pros and cons, surveys show that cast iron pans are superior to non-stick frying pans.

Non-Stick Frying Pans

Non-stick pans have lower heat retention than cast iron pans. Also, easier to clean and have a more excellent non-stick quality due to its enameled layer. Usually, wipe them or stick in the dishwasher. But these non-stick pans offer lower ridges because they are made of single aluminum sheet with lower heat retention.

Cast iron Frying Pans

These pans are made of iron; some are enameled while others are not. Enameled pans are easier to clean. These pans have excellent heat retention as compared to nonstick pans. The only requirement before cooking is to preheat; usually, you have to wait for five minutes. This heat will cook your steak evenly and quickly.

Also, ridges of the cast iron pans are even bigger than its counterparts, and because these ridges are hotter, provide much better searing marks.

Furthermore, cast iron griddle pans are much cheaper, cutting down the price almost half than the non-stick pans. However, consider if you have any mobility issues because these are heavier pans (made of solid iron), although you would have no need to do much lifting during cooking steaks. Another con of the cast iron pan is, you have to be careful using on a shiny ceramic induction hob. Heavy cast iron pan could scratch or crack the surface.

Overall, cast iron pans are the far better bet. It cost lower with longer life, even for life if treated well. Cast iron pans can remain unaffected higher temperatures, yet it can withstand on oven’s full wack or the barbecue. Also, cast iron frying pans produce better looking and tastier food. But keep in mind all the cast iron pans don’t perform great.


Good for you that you reach our blog because our shortlisting is authentic and purely research-based. Keep following us because we are going to introduce highly innovative products in our upcoming articles. Just like we bring the best pans for cooking steak. Similarly, our next recommendations will again be the great ones in their field.

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