Best Outdoor Deep Fryer: 5 Reviews 2023

It would be great fun to go for a picnic with friends and family once a month. Cooking at a picnic adds more value to the picnic. However, it’s really hard nut to crack to pack up all the essentials for cooking.

outdoor deep fryer

To avoid you from packing up all the essential and to make your picnics and outdoor parties more enjoyable, we bring a solution for you. Yes, the best outdoor deep fryer can make the cooking super easy during your picnic trips. Interestingly, these propane deep fryers are easy to carry from one place to the other. Aside from easy portability, versatility in nature makes these fryers more demanding. So, enjoy the parties in your lawns, gardens, or backyard by cooking amazing dishes with these deep fryers.


Top 5 Best Outdoor Deep Fryer 2020

If you are in confusion about choosing the deep fryer then the following list of these amazing cooking tools must help to choose the best tool. So, keep clean your kitchen by cooking different dishes in the backyard for gatherings.

King Kooker 1265BF3 Portable Propane Outdoor Deep Frying/Boiling Package with 2 Aluminum Pots

King Kooker 1265BF3 might be the best choice for the people who haven’t use any deep fryer yet. The most fascinating part of this cooker is its durability. Its heavy-duty welding makes it sturdy and strong.

You can get 20pounds brown and crunchy turkey in one go. Yes, the capacity of this cooker is 29 Qt which is enough to cook turkey of 20 pounds simultaneously.  That 29 Qt. propane comes with a lid and high-quality material.

Apart from 29Qt. propane, its 11 Qt. fry pan adds another feather in the cap of King Cooker. Moreover, the heat resistant plastic handle of fry pan makes your cooking easier in an enjoyable way.

If we talk about its heat unit then you will be shocked to know that it has 33,000 BTU heat burners. With this heat burner, making a brown turkey in eye blinking time is not an issue now. To protect you from any unfortunate incident, it has an adjustable regulator with battery operated timer. Interestingly, you will get a booklet with it that will provide you the proper guideline for you.



  • Heavy-duty welded material
  • Aluminum makes its body
  • High cast Burner
  • Large enough to cook 20 pound Turkey
  • Thermometer included
  • Auto shut-off timer doesn’t work well

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Bioexcel taco cart Outdoor Two Tank Fryer compatible with Propane Gas Tanks, comes with 2 Baskets & Stainless Steel Oil Tank

Another outdoor propane makes our list perfect. It is a double basket outdoor deep fryer. You can make two different items in the two dishes. Each basket has enough space to make food equal to 1 gallon.

Additionally, the basket is made of steel which is easy to wash and the flexibility of steel makes it more durable.
The height of this outdoor fryer is almost 4 foot that is considered perfect for stand up cooking. Both the stoves have buttons to control the heat of the burner. And varying heat option makes this fryer more feasible for cooking.
Whether you want to use it for your home gathering or at a commercial level, this double basket fryer doesn’t disappoint you.



  • Double Basket
  • Steel Material
  • Perfect height for cooking
  • Durable
  • Safe to use
  • The cover of this fryer is not good in quality.

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Bayou Classic 700-701 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer Stainless Steel

Bayou classic deep fryer would be the smartest choice among all the cooking utensils. You would love to make your finger foods in it with no time. Yes, the ideal factor which cannot be ignored is its cooking time.

You can get your finger chips, fried fish and many more within a short span of time.
Bayou Classic deep fryer has the double basket in it with lid. Moreover, all the body of this breathtaking fryer is made of stainless steel. Therefore, it is easy to keep clean. Besides keeping it clean, you can keep your kitchen clean by cooking outside the kitchen.
Although stainless steel and double basket are attractive features of this propane, yet the base bottom design is a thrilling attribute of this masterpiece.
Its temperature gauge helps to maintain the desired temperature well. To get an empty basket, the drainage system astonishes you.



  • V-Design Shape
  • Double Basket
  • Temperature Gauge
  • 10-PSI Regulator Kit
  • High-quality material-Steel
  • Easy to keep clean
  • We didn’t observe any shortcomings in it.

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King Kooker KKDFF30T 30-Inch Dual-Burner Outdoor Propane Frying Cart

If you are going to arrange a large friends’ party in your garden then KING KOOKER KKDFF30T is the only equipment that you need. It is large enough to cook a lion share of a party’s food simultaneously.

This King Kooker has also 2 baskets of 15 Qt. each. It means you can cook 22 pounds turkey(Best turkey Fryer) in both the baskets of this fryer. Besides 2 baskets, you will a large punched aluminum fry basket and 2 small punched baskets in the package.
You have ever observed during your cooking in the parties that wind disturbs the flame most. To avoid the flame from any disturbance, it has a special protection shield for flame. The brass needle to control the temperature is also available separately for both fryers.
Aside from all these above-mentioned features, it has 54000 BTU cast burners that turn a turkey into brown color in a short period of time.



  • Double Large size basket
  • Aluminum and Steel Deep fryer
  • High-value cat burners
  • Flame Protection Shield
  • Brass Needle to control the temperature
  • Shipping services of the item are not satisfactory

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Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Liquid Propane Turkey Fryer

Last but not the least product that makes thousands of its fans is Char-Broil deep fryer. One who really cares about its weight and increased calories but doesn’t want to quit crispy foods then this deep fryer will make you happy.

Char-Broil fryer cares about your health and doesn’t allow you to get obesity without losing the taste of your foods.
This oil-less deep dryer makes your turkey without oil. Its Infrared technology tends to keep you healthy. So, serve turkey without using oil and save your money by keeping more fit and healthy.
This deep fryer is easy to use and thermometer helps to inform you about the temperature of a turkey.



  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Perfect to cook healthier foods
  • Saves money by saving oil
  • Drip tray


  • Size of this fryer is small and cannot be considered for gatherings

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What should you look at? (Buying Guide)

Buying a deep fryer is a daunting task. If you invest in the wrong product then the consequences of your choice will be worse than you think. Hence, it is always advised to buy a deep fryer after analyzing each product. What you should look at when you are going to buy a deep outdoor fryer will be learned here


The size of the deep outdoor fryer matters a lot. However, it is purely a subjective matter. And a suggestion for size differs from one to the other. If you have a large social circle and you have to invite a large number of people in your gathering than size must be large. Almost 30Qt. size is considered good for large gatherings.


After size, we will enlist material on the second number of buying guides. The low material products cannot last long bring a loss of your investment. Generally, Steel and Aluminum are high-quality material that is being used in the manufacturing of deep fryer.

Value of BTUs

BTU is the unit of burning heat temperature. Like size BTUs are also a subjective matter cannot be suggested by a single person. For the large size of outdoor fryers, a high value of BTUs is required to cook the finger foods in hassle. On the flip side, a low value of BTUs can be adjusted


Various low-quality deep fryer is low in quality and can bring severe repercussions for you. It is observed in various areas that owing to the fryer’s blast a large number of people get injured at the party. All this happens due to the low-quality material, used in deep fryer while manufacturing. Therefore, keep the safety factor in mind while buying any deep outdoor fryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a turkey fryer do I need?

The size of the deep fryer has been discussed earlier in the Buying Guide section. Please read the above section carefully.

Why are turkey fryers dangerous?

Various turkey fryers are made of low-quality material and sudden blast brings serious injuries and loss of money too. However, by adopting certain precautions, you can protect yourself.  The use of temperature gauge is essential to provide any mismanagement.

What is the best oil-less turkey fryer?

In the above list, Char-Broil is the best oil-less fryer. You can get an oil-free turkey with it. Moreover, oil-less turkey is better for your health.

How many BTUs do I need to fry fish?

In the buying guide section, we have discussed this question in great detail. You can read it and choose the best outdoor deep fryer for your gatherings


All the aforementioned fryers are best for large and small gatherings. So, make your friends and family happy by showing your magical cooking skills with these fryers. However, read buying guides before buying any product. Because the wrong choice can sweep over your money. If you aren’t satisfied with the above-mentioned fryers then keep visiting our blog because we regularly update our list of deep fryers. You can share your experience with us in the comment box. Thank you. Stay Blessed.