Best Microwave for Seniors & Elderly 2023

Microwave ovens are one of the easiest and safe appliances for reheating and cooking. Your kitchen can never be complete without the microwave that’s super easy and simple to operate for seniors at home. It lends an excellent helping hand in the kitchen. With it, healthier foods remain just a button away. Hence turn out the perfect utility for elders.

But be vigilant while opting for the microwave for the elderly. They can become useless if they lack simplicity and safety because both are the prime requirements of the elderly. Other features, for instance, size, design, and construction, are secondary aspects.


Why are Microwave Ovens Safer for Seniors?

Following a healthier diet plan for good survival is very important for seniors. Microwave ovens are perfect gadgets that help them cook more nutritious food like a snap. Microwave ovens are gaining popularity day by day amongst the senior. Because they let the elderly enjoy their favorite food without any tiresome activity but with maximum safety.  

 Although they are a safer piece of equipment for any age group, experts recommend using microwave ovens for older people for several reasons.

First of all, microwaves are easy to use, require minimum labor, and help them cook healthier food. Above all, they are safer to use. So, pre-cooking to make a puree, enjoying canned food, and a lot more become possible for seniors with microwave ovens.

 Microwave ovens don’t burn food. Hence, it doesn’t become a source of additional hassle. Also, they don’t catch fire due to sound engineering. Moreover, the microwave radiations don’t leak, causing health hazards to the senior citizens. But these are all the possibilities until or unless it is used according to guidelines.

Model NameImageKey FeaturePrice at Amazon
Nostalgia RMO4AQRetro/ Large 0.9 Cu FtLatest Price
Commercial ChefRotary Dial ControlLatest Price
Panasonic NE1025FBottom energy feed systemLatest Price
BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7Large Digital DisplayLatest Price
Sharp R21LCFSClassic Dial TimerLatest Price
Samsung MS11K1300AS1.1 Cu. Ft. Countertop MicrowaveLatest Price
COSTWAYCustomizable Auto Cooking ModeLatest Price

Top 6 Best Easy to Use Microwave Ovens for Seniors

Picking a microwave for seniors can be a difficult task; there is so much variety in the microwave oven industry, and it’s important to look at aspects of each model.

Below is the list of the best microwave for the elderly and senior citizens. In this review guide, I will talk about the pros and cons of the top-rated microwaves super ideal for seniors. Going through all the specs will educate you about the right device for you. So, let’s cross fingers and dive to depth. 

1-Nostalgia RMO4AQ Retro Large Countertop Microwave for Elderly with Dementia

This is a very elegant microwave oven in design as well as performance. This microwave oven comes with an easy dial knob that’s not hard for an elder hand with dementia. That’s why it’s super easy for seniors to reheat and cook a wide variety of foods. For instance, vegetables, beef, poultry, bread, rice, pizza, etc. besides, thawing frozen food and preparing popcorn becomes super handy with this model.

It is an 800-watt mode with 5 power levels. You can adjust the cooking time with the help of a control dial. There are also a few presets that let you adjust precisely. Moreover, you can again go to express cooking.

On the control panel, you’ll also find a delay and stop/cancel feature. A child safety lock is also there. It ensures safe operation when kids are around with seniors while cooking or reheating.

The control panel includes a LED display, which is easy for low visions. It shows you the set time. Meanwhile, the LED display highlights the 12 presets. The presets include fish, dinner plates, chicken, and much more.

The interior is suitable to accommodate a standard size plate. This microwave’s compact-sized body makes it perfect for dorm rooms, basement bars, and other smaller areas. Above all, its sleek retro design adds glitter to gold.

  • Heats evenly due to rotating glass carousel
  • Comes with an easy dial knob
  • Works great
  • Appealing looks
  • Well-built, Easy to use, and maintain
  • Defrosting function does not perform properly

2-Commercial Chef Counter Top Rotary Dial Oven– Best Easy to Use Microwave

The commercial chef brings a very simple and easy-to-use microwave. That’s why this is indeed the best microwave for the elderly. There are only two dial controls. The power dial control offers a variety of options, from low to high. For instance, medium-low, medium-high, etc. besides, the 30-minute timer lets you set time with a 5-minute increment. So, you see, the mechanism allows making adjustments very precise.

This 900w microwave is very well-built. Its front is stainless steel. The rest of the construction resembles a black cabinet style. Here, I will mention the ultra-convenient handle also. The grip type handle makes it easy to open and shut for seniors.  In short, the machine appears to be a right sturdy product.

This high-quality microwave is not very big in size. But it’s with 0.9 cubic feet of interior. The turntable size is 10.5” and is dishwasher safe. It’s perfect for smaller apartments and minimum counter spaces. If you own a huge family, then this microwave from a commercial chef is definitely not your go-to place.

So heat beverages, reheat leftovers, or cook a pizza, popcorns perfectly with this compact powerhouse. In the end, the machine inspires you through cleaning requirements as it’s easy to clean also.

  • Easy-grip type pull out handle
  • Very effective temperature control
  • No complicated bells and whistles
  • Markings on the dial controls are very prominent
  • Not super fit for large families

3-Panasonic NE-1025F Light-Duty Countertop Commercial Grade Microwave Oven with Auto Shut Off

Let’s show you another the best microwave for seniors from Panasonic. It’s very compact with a small footprint. So, it perfectly suits smaller areas like waitress stations, vending, etc.

And why this microwave oven is ideal for senior citizens? Opening the door of this microwave is very easy. With a grab and handle, the door opens quite smoothly, which’s super easy for older hands. A 6-minute electronic dial timer with a 10-second increment is also very nice. Moreover, the automatic resetting of the timer acts as a cherry on top for seniors.

Although the design is sleek, the unit is made according to commercial standards. It includes an energy feed system at the bottom. This minimizes the travel distance between energy and food and results from inefficient heating.

As this is a commercial-grade microwave, so the construction is heavy-duty and made to last for long. The machine features a stainless steel body. Besides, the interior is also sturdy enough to stand heavy usage.

This 1000w machine also features anti-theft protection. Its installation offers the users with maximum peace. Because the anti-theft aspect ensures the equipment’s safety, this commercial-grade microwave is certified by NSF and UL.

  • See-through door
  • Inner light
  • The company offers very good chef technical support
  • Easy to maintain
  • Well-built
  • Super customizable
  • Reliable unit
  • The ability to heat food is not long-lasting

4-BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven with Turntable Push-Button Door

This microwave helps a lot with its 6 presets. We can say that this microwave offers endless options for seniors. Its 10 power level settings for defrosting, reheating, thawing frozen food make it ideal for the elderly to adjust the cooking time.  Also, the timer and clock along let you reheat and cook foods. This machine requires 700w of power.

 Most importantly, the microwave performs the tasks with a button touch. The LED display is also obvious. It informs the remaining cooking time. That’s another plus for seniors with a little bit of low vision.

Other helpful features of the unit include a child safety lock and a removable glass turntable. The interior is also spacious and includes a light bulb also. Above all, a 30-second express cooking is an outstanding feature.

The microwave features stainless steel housing. With a smaller footprint, it adjusts easily in minimal spaces.

Black and Decker is a very professional brand. It has made a name in the industry by introducing functional and quality products. Its EM720CB7 Digital Microwave includes a 1-year limited warranty and is UL certified. So, why not give it a try.

  • Compact Design
  • Large LED digital display
  • Super Quiet
  • Glass turntable that looks nice
  • Professional grade clock and timer
  • Wide interiors with good values
  • Function keys are difficult to read without a flashlight

5-Sharp R-21LCFS Medium Duty Best Microwave Oven For Elderly

The company is well known for making innovative products. The housing is made up of stainless steel with a silver finish. Its interior is also spacious enough for a 13 1/2 inch dining plate. Its 900-watt power is also an example of excellence.

The dial timer of this best microwave oven is very nice and super versatile. It lets you set time from 10 seconds to 6 minutes. A single dial timer makes the product super simple to use for senior people with arthritic hands. LED indicators enhance the vision; that’s another ideal aspect for seniors with low vision.

In the control panel, you’ll see many recommendations about the heating time of varied foods. The guidelines are a good incentive for seniors.

Defrosting, reheating leftovers, and preparing popcorns or pizza is possible with this microwave. Above all, the unit is easy to maintain.

  • Compact and handy microwave oven
  • No complicated dials and buttons
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • You can alter the time during the heating cycle
  • Seems a little bit pricey

6-Samsung MS11K3000AS Countertop Microwave Oven with Ceramic Enamel Interior and Sensor

This microwave features the most spacious interior out of all the best microwaves for seniors discussed yet. The interior is 1.1 cubic feet with ceramic enamel coating. For seniors, this durable scratch-resistant coating is super easy to clean and maintain. The exterior of this microwave is stainless steel with a silver finish. The housing is made to stand heavy usage.

Another feature that makes this microwave ideal for arthritic hands is it’s easy to use dial control. The easy to use engineering of the dial control allows you to adjust the timer during the cooking and heating cycle. This ends in more precision and accuracy. Different presets are also there to ease the job.

We also assure you that the microwave by Samsung is pro at even heating. It features a triple distribution system that heats the food thoroughly.

Most importantly, the device offers sensor cooking also. With the help of vapor-sensing technology, the mechanics of the product adjust the timer for improved results.

The LED display is striking blue. It provides clarity and helps the seniors to read the markings easily. Eco mode and child safety lock also catch the limelight.

This Samsung microwave with ceramic enamel coating is super easy to clean and maintain. The surface is scratch-resistant. A gentle wipe is enough to deep cleans all the stains and grease.

  • Energy-efficient microwave oven
  • Heats food quickly and evenly
  • Appealing looks
  • Easy to use for senior citizens
  • A bit louder in operation

7-COSTWAY Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

This is another ideal option that can fulfill all the criteria of easiness for seniors. Its 5 power levels let you heat food to a certain level. The power levels range from defrost to speed cooking. You will find an excellent range of temperature levels from Medium-low, medium-high, and high that come in between.

The device is effortless to use.  It features 2 mechanical knobs along with 2 buttons. These mechanics help you adjust the power level and 60-minute timer. That’s why this easy to use microwave is ideal for seniors with arthritic hands. Over the interface, you can see the led display. It depicts the remaining time to help the aged people.

This Costway microwave ensures an even and thorough heat distribution. The glass turntable rotates at 360 degrees. This rotation not only provides even heating but quick heating as well. You can remove the turntable after a few uses for a cleaning episode.

The unique feature of this microwave is its default cooking settings. This aspect lets you cook several foods like a snap. You have to select the menu, select the right weight, and then press starts to initiate cooking. This all adds to the ease of usage for seniors.

The availability of a child lock makes the device a safe piece to use. This 900-watt unit features a 0.9 cubic feet interior. Also, it’s ETL, and UL certified. So, pick this model without hesitation and thanks us later.

  • Efficient heating
  • Tiny monster
  • Quiet unit
  • Easy to use
  • Nice retro look
  • Smaller writing may be hard for some seniors
  • Beeps periodically that doesn’t seem good
Best microwave for seniors

Factors to consider before Picking Easy to use Microwave for Seniors

Buying a microwave oven, incredibly the best for the elderly, requires some attention. The factors to consider in general will not work in the scenario, but you have to narrow down the characteristics according to the fragile nature of the elderly. Although simplicity is essential for older people, let’s learn what makes a microwave oven really simple to use but with all cooking and reheating functions.

        I.            Easy to Learn Controls

Safety comes from simplicity. So, the controls must be simple to use. This will also lead to a good understanding of them. At the same time, a young and vigorous household cook will love to buy a microwave with multiple options and buttons, while an elderly will prefer to go for simple controls to avoid frustration.

Microwaves that feature dial knobs are suitable for seniors in comparison to ones with buttons. Make sure before buying that the dial control is big enough and turns quickly. However, if still, the button attracts you, choose a unit with minimum buttons.

     II.            Easy to read display

Good readability leads to the right usage of the microwave. Vision issues are common in aged people. So, display markings must be large and clearly visible. Clarity will prevent misunderstanding of the time and temperature. Hence marks a full stop to overheating and food burns. 

We recommend you go for a contrasting display. Black print in a big and bold format on a white background is perfectly readable for seniors. Dark glossy surfaces never enhance readability due to the glare. And your purchase may end up in the storeroom.

   III.            Size

Never buy a bulky microwave for seniors. It’ll be additional stress on their wrist joints and may strain them. On the other hand, the weight of the specific model doesn’t guarantee the quality. So, buy a compact unit that can at least accommodate a dinner plate. A microwave with 10” width and 10” depth will work best in this scenario.

   IV.            Release handle

Nowadays, microwaves feature push buttons. These buttons latch, and the door opens. All the buttons don’t operate with equal convenience. Some are harder to push than others. So, it’s better to buy a microwave with a pull handle. Because they do justice with the fragile fingers of the elderly and are not hard to work with, however, still, if a button door attracts you, then make sure it’s convenient for arthritic hands.

     V.            Auto shut-off

This feature is only available in pricey models, but the output truly worth the input. With an auto shut-off sensor, the microwave automatically shuts off once the food is done. It is a perfect feature for seniors because they cannot serve random visits to microwaves.

   VI.            Loud bell

Similar to vision issues, an older person is also prone to hearing issues. So, buy a microwave with a louder ring. Some models continue beeping unless you open the door. It seems an additional benefit.

How many watts do you need for a microwave?

First of all, keep in mind that higher wattage leads to efficient heating and cooking, and that’s why they come with a higher price tag. A 1000w microwave is an excellent option to go for. However, if you buy a 700w microwave, don’t expect a quick and even heating. So, it entirely depends upon your cooking needs.

You also need to address your family size while choosing the wattage. A family of 4 individuals can perfectly enjoy a medium wattage range. However, the 1000 watt device is suitable for a huge family.

A.     500-watt microwave:

It would be best to have a microwave for almost every meal or use it only on occasions to determine your wattage requirement. A 500w microwave may suit the latter case. If you don’t intend to cook in the microwave, a 500w unit will work best. This category is not very expensive, includes minimum features, but dehydrate food perfectly.

B.     600-800 watt microwave:

You will also come across 600-800 watt microwaves. This wattage range lets you steam foods and cook them too. Besides, they professionally heat frozen food. Most importantly, heating beverages in this category give more satisfying results. In short, this is the recommended range for an average household with medium usage.

C.      1000 watt microwave:

A 1000 watt microwave excels all the above in functionality. Within this range, you can truly rock the stage. Cooking chicken and boiling rice become handy with a 1000w unit. Even you can prepare a good dessert within this power range. They perfectly accommodate casserole dishes and turn out suitable for huge families.


Please select the microwave for seniors while considering their current physical condition and their future requirements. Our suggestions regarding the best microwave for the elderly depict our true care for our senior citizen community. And I hope this brief guide will help you purchase an ideal microwave oven for your family. Stay blessed.