Best Meat Grinder Under $100 Reviews 2023

Grinding meat at home gives immense satisfaction that is matchless. It ensures the purity of the yield. Moreover, it helps you learn grinding tips and tricks at home. Hence lets you explore a whole new world of meat processing. That’s why professionals and other fields related enthusiasts prefer to grind meat themselves. Rather than buying ground one from the market. Let’s explore the challenging market to pick the best meat grinder under $100-perfect choice by professional.


Top 06 Meat Grinders Under $100

Due to the increasing trend, some new companies have come forward to flourish in the industry. The scenario was not the same a few years back. But with the advent of new names, it has become quite challenging to pick a perfect product.

If you are short of budget, then selecting the best meat grinder under $100 is trickier. Because cheaper products are generally assumed as low-quality ones but don’t worry because we are here again with some inexpensive meat grinders. All the below products depict a beautiful blend of quality and performance. Therefore, you cannot call them cheap but can name them pocket friendly.  So, here you go:

But, have a look at different types of meat grinders are there in the market. Also, what factors to look for before picking a meat grinder for your home are discussed below. So before making a final decision, read our exclusive buying guide.

Gourmia GMG525 Electric Meat Grinder with 3 Stainless Steel Grinding Plates, Sausage Horn, Kibbeh Attachment

Meeting safety standards has always been the goal of gourmia. The trademark truly cares for its customers and focus on manufacturing products with an abundance of quality and efficiency.

This time gourmia brings the best meat grinder under $100 that contains a 500W ETL certified motor. The best part is its grinding capacity, which is around 1-2 pounds per batch.

Moreover, durability is also unquestionable because the manufacturing material is remarkably durable. Similarly, stainless steel blades also illustrate the long-lasting performance of this an inexpensive meat grinder.

Above all, the number of stainless steel blades is 3 for different types of cuts. As a result, you can make mince to either coarse, medium, or fine level.

Moreover, how the Gourmia GMG525 machine is extremely simple to use? Firstly, there is a switch with an on/off/reverse option. Besides this, you’ll be happy to see a dual safety switch also. Most importantly, all the controls are handy and easy to maneuver.

Cleaning is also a breezy task. The machine again comes forward as a symbol of utmost convenience. Just disassemble all the parts, wash them with soapy water. After washing, dry them and assemble the machine again once dampness extinguishes.

Also, sausages and kibbeh attachments are there to attract you. This best inexpensive meat grinder is here to fulfill your untimely cravings. It offers a new experience to personalize your cooking. Get ready to enjoy unique, delicious meaty recipes of your choice.

  • Solidly built machine
  • Awesome performance
  • Very economical
  • Suitable for light home use
  • User friendly
  • Plating of stainless steel parts is not long-lasting

Sunmile SM-G33 Electric Meat Grinder – 1HP 800W Max Power – ETL Stainless Steel Certified Mincer Sausage Stuffer

Amongst the entire divineness, Sunmile introduces the best maximum power motor that is an essential aspect to look at. Yes, the motor is powerful enough to combat the meat grinder with 2000W of the motor. The motor with this power can perform the whole day. Not only this, but the electric motor of this budget-friendly meat grinder also has a circuit breaker. There is no risk of burning or overheating. We assure you will not find this trait in others.

So, it means you are going to get a perfect partner in your kitchen within a very reasonable price. Yes! Sunmile SM-G33 is the best meat grinder under $100, but you get more than you pay. Because durability and functionality with an amalgamation of safety, all you are going to enjoy within the parameters.

The body comprises stainless steel, the grinder head, and tray feature cast aluminum. Whatsoever, every bit is food grade and portrays a steady build-up.

 Like the gourmet device, this meat grinder also offers three cutting plates. So, you can grind meat either fine, medium, or coarse whatever is the requirement of your recipe.

Moreover, one big sausage attachment also accompanies the package. Therefore, the flexibility to prepare different cuisines is evident.

Also, it comes with ease to start, stop, and reverse the operation, the appliance also offers excellent ventilation while grinding.

Above all, you can grind a considerable amount of meat, so you must go for it if you own a big family. The grinding capacity of Sunmile SM-G33 meat grinder is remarkable, which is 175 lbs per hour.

  • Very powerful grinder
  • Very easy to wash
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Grinds perfectly
  • Produces even texture
  • Not dishwasher safe

Aobosi 3-IN-1 Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer for Home Kitchen & Commercial Use-1200W

Here is another inexpensive meat grinder with a circuit breaker. Or you can say with a built-in overheating protection system. So, the motor means to last for long and doesn’t threaten you with a burning chance. Most importantly, the motor is exceptionally durable and robust, comprises pure copper, and requires 1200W power.

Moving ahead, you’ll come to know that this meat grinder resembles a lot with gourmia and sunmile meat grinders. The manufacturing material of the housing and blades or the on/off/reverse switch resembles closely. All these three models imitate each other.

However, the similarity is not confined here. The availability of three grinding blades clarifies our statement. So, you can grind meat per savory sandwiches, baby food, and casseroles. Also, you can get any recipe that requires fluffy mince or chunky beef.  

However, this fully-equipped electric meat grinder under 100 dollars excels in safety. It is because there is a dual safety switch that hinders an accidental start-up.

In short, saving time, energy, and pocket is no more a dream now with aobosi meat grinder. Also, it lets you prepare favorite pasta, spring rolls, or cutlets with ultimate elegance and flexibility. Lastly, sausage and kibbe attachment is enough to attract you. So, why to regret later.

  • Very easy to clean
  • Quieter engine
  • Doesn’t occupy much space
  • Compact but strong
  • Doesn’t slip during grinding
  • Not dishwasher safe

Kitchen Basics 3 N 1 Manual Meat and Vegetable Grinder with Pasta Maker Bowl

If you love preparing meals traditionally, then a manual meat grinder by F&W worth your attention. Because it’s a manual device and locks in the flavor the better way.

Since it differs from all the above in terms of the power source, that’s why varying in terms of general aspects is also apparent.

Whatsoever, if being a manual meat grinder, you expect inconvenient usages then you are wrong fortunately.

On the contrary, it grinds meat quite efficiently and comfortably. It also offers two options regarding texture. Therefore, grinding coarsely or finely, both are handy with the help of two stainless steel plates.

Nevertheless, an ergonomic handle also plays a role in enjoying an effortless mincing. So, beef grinding for hamburgers is an easy task for this machine. Besides meat grinding, you can prepare baby food because fine vegetable mincing is also possible.

Homemade sausages are not only possible with electric meat grinders only. Also, this manual meat grinder under 25 dollars brings an opportunity to prepare scrumptious yet healthier sausages. Three sizes of sausage funnel are available in this regard. You can also grind garlic or nuts and enjoy endless versatility.

Most importantly, within a super-economical range, you also get the chance to prepare homemade pasta-spaghetti and rigatoni

And when you get all your tasks done, the cleaning will not scare you. It is because all the components are very easy to separate and dishwasher safe.

  • Sturdy
  • Light weight
  • Doesn’t slip while operating due to robust suction cup
  • Grinds and minces perfectly
  • Stuffing consumes time

ALTRA 3-IN-1 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Mincer, Food Grinder& Sausage Stuffer with High Capacity Meat Tray (3Lb)

Though above meat grinders excel each other in one trait or the other this heavy-duty meat grinder by Altra is super versatile and efficient. It gives you maximum control over the meat texture.

Firstly, let’s discuss the hidden icon that stands behind the entire charisma. Yes, the motor is all-copper, durable, requires 450 watts, and above all is noiseless. Moreover, it’s powerful enough to grind 3 pounds of meat per minute. Therefore, efficient performance yields excellent texture and makes it the best heavy-duty electric meat grinder under $100.

The manufacturers don’t limit the magic of the device here but thrill through flexibility also. So feel free to grind coarse, medium, or delicate meat with the help of 3 stainless steel plates. Not only flavorful mince, but you can also grind vegetables and fruits while enjoying flexibility.

If the machine gets clogged, don’t panic and use the reverse button to set it. Apart from this, the unit is very easy to use and clean also. Though not dishwasher safe but that’s not a big problem.

Most importantly, Altra meat grinder locks in flavor during the process, just like a manual grinder. It is because spiral rod attachment squeezes meat without damaging meat fiber.

Lastly, safety is also an assurance. Because all the attachments comprise food-grade material and guarantees healthier processing. And a good part of the story is that the meat grinder by Altra is ETL-certified. So, don’t doubt safety and quality from any aspect.

  • Stainless steel body
  • Housing is very hard, durable, and heat-resistant
  • The excellent quality cutting blade
  • For home and commercial use
  • Not good at grinding high-fat meat

Kenome Metal Meat Grinder Durable Attachment for kitchenAid, Silver

Besides all the complete packages of meat grinders, we also have a metal food grinder attachment for you. This attachment is compatible with all kitchen aid stand mixer, and it’s all components feature food-grade material. So, on the prior base, the product assures you a healthier grind.

Upon attaching it to the power hub of a stand mixer, you get on the perfect ride to enjoy different kinds of meaty recipes. Either you need a chunky or fluffy grind; every texture becomes handy with this all metal durable meat grinder under $100.

Above all, the addition of a sausage stuffer is just like a life-saver. Moreover, its two sizes allow you to prepare all kinds of sausages at home, whether it’s Italian, summer, or boudin.

Also, preparing bread crumbs is a facility. Besides bread crumbs, you can also grind vegetables and hard cheese quite elegantly with superior speed.

Hence this meat grinder under 100 lets you enjoy a variety of mouth-watering cuisines related to meats or vegetables.

Lastly, all the parts e.g., 2 sausage stuffing tubes and four grinding plates, are very easy to detach and clean.

  • Very durable construction
  • Grinds effortlessly
  • Imparts versatility to stand mixer
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect work hoarse
  • Cheap metal

STX InternationalDuty Electric Meat Grinder – 3 Lb High Capacity Meat Tray, 6 Grinding Plates, 3 Sausage Tubes-Best Food Grinder

This meat grinder is sturdy and durable and requires 1800 watt to operate. The meat tray is also quite huge. It can accommodate 3 pounds of meat in a batch.

This grinder works with a patent cowl air induction cooling system. Its motor features a circuit breaker for safety. The feeding tube is2 inches in diameter. With the help of advanced variable intake and auger, you can grind meat in bulk.

The unit includes all the accessories. For instance 3 stainless steel cutting blades, 6 grinding plates including one for sausage stuffing.

All the parts are made up of food-grade material. Blades are dishwasher safe but plates are not. So, better to wash them by hand.

The unit serves with a lot of other attachments also including sausage stuffing tubes and kubbe attachment.

In short, the grinder comprises so many bells and whistles.  It helps you much more than grinding. Most importantly, it is efficient and easy to use with a lot of positive reviews. So, you must buy this because it serves more than its price.

  • Lasts for long
  • Super powerful
  • Easy to put together
  • Can deal huge amounts skillfully
  • Little bit Noisy

Buyer’s Guide

Meat grinding is an absolute art. Because the procedure of chopping may come across different textures. So, it’s not a single go process but requires watchfulness. However, it has now transformed into maximum convenience with the advent of meat grinders.

Since long, butchers or households were used to grind meat manually with the help of sharp tools. So, the fashion threatened the safety of the user. Therefore, meat grinders are not only resourceful in adding ease but shields against injuries also.

As we are on our marks to the world of meat grinders. So, let’s check first of all, about the types of meat grinders in the market.

Types of meat grinders:

        I.            Manual meat grinders:

If you term manual meat grinders as non-electric, you won’t be wrong. Because they don’t require electricity to operate but your muscular power is the source behind. Above all, their construction comprises the elementary design. So simplicity is undeniable.

Moreover, they mean to grind smaller portions and are the affordable equipment from the entire category. Therefore, their compatibility for domestic purposes and most importantly, for smaller families is obvious.

Components of manual meat grinder include different cutting plates, a stainless steel body, and a cutting knife. There is a funnel at the top through which you will direct the target food to a spiral auger. And furthermore into the cutting blade. The cutting blade will finally take meat through cutting plates.

Just remember! The machine can deal with any kind of meat either it’s chicken, pork, duck, or turkey but in small batches.

     II.            Electric meat grinders:

On the contrary, electric meat grinders rely on electrical power to operate. Besides they require very minimal manual exertion which is not indeed an exertion but just an initiative for the machine.

As we are not discussing commercial meat grinders. So, we claim electric meat grinders a perfect utility for huge families and other domestic purposes such as parties, etc.

Most importantly, they can grind a huge amount of meat depending upon the size of the models. Also, the electric meat grinder can deal with the toughest raw pieces of meat that manual grinders fail to combat. Moreover, their efficiency is just remarkable. So, if high processing speed along with accuracy is your topmost demand. Then nothing can stand your expectation other than an electric meat grinder.

These electric appliances also symbolize versatility. Because they accompany a wide range of adjustments regarding blades and speed. Apart from grinding meat, they can also chop or slice vegetables for salads, etc.

   III.            Commercial meat grinders:

Now, we are going to address the requirement of professionals and commercial users. So, the third kind of meat grinder is a commercial one. They are quite mature in all aspects. So, better to recommend them to butchers and restaurant owners.

As we mentioned that these kinds of meat grinders fulfill the demand of consumers related to large scale production. So, obviously, you need to spend a handsome amount. But don’t worry because the outcome will harmonize your investment.

Whatsoever, they are larger and can grind meat in bulk quantities in a single shift. And as far as, professionalism is concerned, speed and precision are the biggest trademarks of commercial meat grinders. In short, they are truly time-efficient and save maximum manpower at the same time.

Factors to Consider Before Picking Best Meat Grinder Under $100:

Perfect purchases lead to perfect cuisine by the end. So, if you are into buying some cookware or kitchen appliance. Don’t step into the market before getting awareness about some must-have ingredients. Because sacrificing time and money in a pathetic product is the worst exercise in life.

The same is the criteria for buying meat grinders. As the consumer industry is getting more and more concerned about the details that result in an awesome meal. That’s why their inclination towards meat grinders has also increased. Because grinding meat at home gives them more control over the texture. So, it’s time to teach them about a few precautionary measures before buying them.

We are here in this regard to teach about the factors to consider before buying a meat grinder. So, let’s start:

1)     Manual or electric meat grinder:

Meat grinders requiring 100% manpower are economical than electric ones. But are not that much time and energy-efficient. At the same time, they also lack speed and can’t handle a bigger quantity in a single batch, like electric meat grinders. However, they add a few minutes of hand workout. So, it’s totally up to the consumer’s end that what his priorities are. Budget or convenience!

2)     Size:

The size of the head from where the meat passes indicates the potential of the equipment. Thus, the larger size means the device can grind a huge amount at one time and vice versa. So, it’s time to question yourself how much quantity you want to grind at once. And this obviously depends upon your family size.

3)     Frequency of usage:

Manual grinders are made to stand the daily usage because they feature a sturdy build up and offer long-term services. However, if you intend to use a meat grinder not that often the electric ones suit your lifestyle.

4)     Check on the washing convenience:

By the end of a busy kitchen day, who wants to indulge in hectic cleaning? So, better to invest in a meat grinder with cleaning ease. Some brands claim their grinders compatible with the dishwasher. Whereas others ask the buyers to disassemble their products and hand wash them. Again it’s on your end that which cleaning method satisfies you most.

5)     Knives and plates quality:

Make sure before buying that you are paying for the best quality. And when it’s a meat grinder, don’t ignore the quality of knives and plates. Because they decide best how rough or easy it can be your grinder with meat. Hence, zero compromises on the quality is the advice as always.

Moreover, prefer to go for stainless steel blades. Because they are durable, rust-resistant, and remain sharp for a considerable span. If you invest in blades prone to rusting, then food contamination remains no more thinking but a reality.  

6)     Ease to use:

Not to forget the ease of usage. So, if you require to buy a manual meat grinder, do check that rotating parts move smoothly. So that you don’t have to exert a lot and strain your wrist, therefore.

Similarly, purchasing an electric meat grinder is not exempted from the criteria also. Therefore, check on the knobs. Are they ease to rotate, handy, and serves with precision or not.  

7)     Some essential accessories:

If you are paying your precious amount then why not pay for the versatility also. So, choose a grinder with divine versatility and this is only possible when it includes several accessories. For instance, sausage and pasta making attachments, extra grinding plates, cutting blades offering different shapes, etc. However, make sure that the additional are potentially functional also. And not just an increment to a grinder for the sake of price.

8)     Durability:

Who wants to enjoy a meat grinder for a few months only? Nobody because longevity is the dream of every buyer. So, keenly look at manufacturing and build quality. Normally, the aluminum body represents sturdy construction because aluminum is a stable element and can tolerate vigorous use. However, it’s just a suggestion but we mainly focus to analyze the quality. And manufacturing material reflects quality on a prior basis.

best meat grinder under $100
Best Meat Grinder Under $100

Frequently Asked Questions

A.     How to clean an electric meat grinder?

When you finish grinding meat, dump a slice in the grinding pot and give it a jerk. As a result, remaining meat particles will also be absorbed. Now, just detach removable parts and give them a soapy water bath. However, if some parts still contain meat remains, use a toothbrush to remove them. Let the parts get dry subsequently, and store the appliance in a cool dry place.

B.     Stainless steel plates and blades are better or carbon steel?

Stainless steel is a three times more durable metal in comparison to carbon steel. So, if you want a long-lasting component then go for a grinder having stainless steel plates and blades. However, stainless steel parts are not dishwasher safe. So, it’s totally your preference that you want long-lasting performance or convenience.

C.      What is the problem if meat doesn’t come through the plates properly?

There can be either of the following reasons behind the scenario:

  • Blades and plates are no sharper now.
  • The meat may not be cold enough for a good grind.
  • There is also a possibility that the parts of the grinder are not assembled properly.

D.     How to prevent grinders from rusting?

If you let the grinder dry up properly and don’t store in a damp condition. Then you can avoid rust occurrence. Moreover, storage in a dry cool place is a recommendation. And don’t forget to wrap it in a cloth as a precautionary step.

E.      Can we grind vegetables with a meat grinder?

Yes! For sure, you can grind different kinds of vegetables with your meat grinder

F.      Is buying an expensive grinder a good idea?

If you are not a professional and want a grinder for domestic usage, then go for a mid-range appliance. Because for household cooking, it can serve for several years to come.

G.     Should we wash the grinder after every usage?

Since grinder means to deal with raw meat. Therefore it’s better to sanitize it with soapy water every time you use it. This will help avoid the accumulation of pollutants and contamination will be prevented for sure.


The best meat grinder under $100 seems a dream. But now become a reality because the manufacturers are now bringing highly developed products within this budget. So, hats off to all the companies who primarily focus on the requirement of the consumer industry. Hence keeps on introducing innovational products within the financial parameters.