Best Hot Plate for Boiling Water 2023

The hot plate is a super alternative to traditional stoves because it is portable, lightweight, and space-saving cooktop. Hot plates are ideal for compact spaces and a perfect partner for traveling and camping. Either for boiling water for tea and coffee or want to reheat your lunch, hot plates are super versatile.

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Cusimax Hot Plate ElectricDouble Burner/Compatoble with all CookwaresCheck Latest Price
NuWave Precision Hot Plate6 Different Temperature SettingsCheck Latest Price


How does a hot plate work for boiling water?

Amongst several kinds of hot plates, electric and induction are the most common ones. Though buying an electric hot plate doesn’t burden your pocket. But it is not a safer option. Whatsoever, let’s have a look at the mechanism behind the two kinds:

How Does Electric hot plate work?

The hot plates become electrical when they include an electric coil. Whatsoever, the electric coil wraps the wire. Therefore, electric power moves along the wire once you rotate the knob. The moving electricity heats the coil meanwhile. As a result of all this procedure, the heat finally transfers to the pan on a hot plate.

How Does Induction hot plate Works?

Though induction hot plates need an electrical source to switch on the unit. But electricity doesn’t heat the cooktop surface and transfer heat from the plate to the pot, subsequently. Preferably the heat develops in the pan itself.

Because the metal coils in the unit produce a fluctuating magnetic field. So, once you put a ferromagnetic pot on the cooking surface. The electrons residing in the metal try to line up with the magnet, but unfortunately, they fail to do so. As a result of this interaction, thermal energy produces and hence heats the pan.

The best hot plate for boiling water is a perfect partner for travelling and camping because a hot plate is a portable and super alternative to traditional stoves.

Top 5 Best Hot Plates for Boiling Water and Cooking Food

However, what if you fail to invest in the best hot plate for boiling water? The pathetic experience will ruin your day and above all, your mood. But we are here to uplift your spirits. Because in the below context, you are going to learn about some best hot plates that are not only super-fit models for boiling water but also these hot plates are the best replacements for cooking in compact spaces. So, we are going to cross fingers unless you make the final choice.

1.     Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

A lot of positive reviews show the perfection of Duxtop induction hot plate. That’s why we claim this induction cooktop as the best hot plate. It is indeed an ideal solution for the residents of Canada and the United States because this portable induction plate features mechanism according to North American electrical standards. So the electrical source requirement is 120V 15amp.

Being a fantastic and trending hot plate, the device offers a unique digital control display. The digital panel includes a digital count-down timer, temperature, and power levels. Most importantly, all these options are effortless to adjust, control, and monitor.

However, if you go in a bit detail, you’ll come to know the additional facility of these controls. So, you can adjust the timer with one minute increment till 170 minutes.

Moreover, 10 temperature ranges are there to help you adjust precisely. Not only this! But power control offers you ten levels ranging from 200 to 1800 Watts. Hence it’s excellent flexibility.

This portable induction hot plate has the capability to boil one liter of water in less than five minutes. This quick water boiling aspect makes it a super versatile hot plate for boiling water for coffee and green tea.

Above all, the cleaning and maintenance are breezy beyond words. As there is no visible flame. So, zero mess is apparent. To maintain this tiny beast induction plate, gently wipe with a damp towel, and all get perfect.

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As we move ahead, let’s not forget a few safety precautions. Since the Duxtop certainly values your satisfaction and investment. That’s why a mechanism that prevents the unit’s burning is a big plus. And this is auto-pan detection. To clarify, Duxtop induction cooktop shuts off automatically if the machine detects no cookware for a good 60 seconds.

Besides, this electric hot plate also warns you about low and high voltage. Meanwhile, it includes a diagnostic error message system and ETL approved. Lastly, we suggest you use a 5″ diameter pot with a magnetic bottom for this cooktop.

  • The LED display is easy to read
  • Heats up quickly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to store
  • Very economical being an induction cooktop
  • Intuitive controls
  • Faster than a gas cooktop
  • The temperature control feature an increment of40 degrees, and it’s annoying

2.     Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner, Stainless Steel Professional Electric Hot Plate

This single burner hot plate is easier to use than the former Duxtop induction cooktop.

While moving ahead, let’s glance at the physical features. So, the housing is stainless steel, which means the durability is undeniable.

Similarly, the cooking plate comprises heavy-duty cast-iron that again symbolizes strength. Above all, the gadget doesn’t shake annoyingly while cooking due to non-slip feet. So, the entire design means to satisfy the customer.

Moreover, to boil water this CuisiartCB-30 single burner hot plate requires 1300 watts of power and boil water with less than six minutes. It heats up quickly and maintains the set temperature throughout the process. Most importantly, clean-up is a snap, and the reason is the coil-less plate.

Above all, it’s a single burner and compact meanwhile. So, owning a place without a kitchen doesn’t make any difference because this single burner hot plate for boiling water is ready to serve anywhere with an electric supply.

It is one of the best hot plates for heating foods and liquids. You can enjoy some hot sauces with grill at camping night dinner. Also, it is a super fit model for boiling water for tea or coffee at the office.

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This hot plate is also ideal for college students to let enjoy a fresh noodle cups during the break. Therefore, the induction cooktop falls in the maximum criteria of compatibility.

Unlike the Duxtop induction cooktop, this stainless steel hot plate indeed features no bells and whistles. To clarify, no digital controls for temperature, time, and power. Only single control with 6 settings to adjust the temperature. But, there’re two indicator lights to inform about power and when the device is ready to perform.

  • Creates no mess
  • Temperature range is flexible
  • Temperature control is very accurate
  • Spills don’t get way into the device
  • Lightweight
  • No irritating smells
  • Sturdy construction
  • Gives a lot of heat
  • Due to its ability to get super-hot, not attending the cooking process may lead to burns

3.     Max Burton 6200 Induction Cooktop, Maxi-Matic Deluxe 1800-Watt Hot Plate for Camping

Again we present a stainless steel induction cooktop like Cuisinart. But the mechanism and controls resemble duxtop hot plate. To clarify, pushbuttons control helps you adjust time, temperature, and power levels. So, let’s have a detailed review of how to use it.

Firstly, this stainless steel hot plate helps the user with a 180-minute timer. Secondly, the available temperature range is 100-450 degrees F. Thirdly, it comes with 10 power levels. Normally it takes less than five minutes or less to boil water or heat other liquids.

Hence you need to set all the modes before you proceed further. The LCD shows all the settings you opt for.

But let’s not forget to mention a few specifications regarding all the modes. The timer can shut off automatically. Moreover, the overheat sensor also allows the device to shut off that will help to prevent accidental damage.

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Also, this piece of equipment comes with an unsuitable cookware detector sensor. So, always opt for the pan that means for an induction cooktop. In short, the makers don’t forget to add safety precautions also.

Since the induction cooktop is very efficient and most importantly, safe to use due to no direct flame. So this hot plate is perfect for teenager’s bedrooms who love to enjoy coffee, boiling water for tea, or reheat their favorite soup.

Also, Max Burton Induction hot plate is a super-fit model for instant noodles in office or even when you are out for camping. Besides, it doesn’t heat the surroundings. So, owing this hot plate will allow you to enjoy hot liquids or melt chocolate on the dining table.

To sum up, it belongs to the excellent class of hot plates and fulfills all the expectations of a five-star machine. Also, remember that it requires 1800 watts and is UTL approved.

  • Very easy to clean
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Performs very efficiently
  • Very simple to use
  • Perfect for boiling water
  • Releases some kind of noise
  • Buttons are plastic

4.     CUSIMAX Ceramic Double Burner Electric Hot Plate

Another double burner hot plate is on your way to go. So cusimax brings a hot plate with durable stainless steel housing, the aspect that makes it unique from all is its compatibility with every kind of cookware. Regardless of the pot, it performs efficiently to perfection without heat loss.

Moreover, being a double burner, it occupies some space. Hence compactness is obvious. Its sleek design makes it easy to carry anywhere you want. So, it becomes your perfect crime partner for heating food or boiling water-on picnic or a long drive.

Also, this double burner hot plate helps you as an additional stove in your kitchen. Especially, when preparing different cuisines for large gatherings.

Most importantly, the hot plate with infrared burner again doesn’t lack in easy usage and safety precautions. A handy thermostat to adjust temperature is the evidence in this regard. Besides, the ability to automatic shut off makes it a non-hazardous piece of equipment.

Now let’s describe some more appealing aspects. As mentioned above, the hot plate is infrared and emits no harmful electromagnetic rays. Hence the hot plate emerges as a harmless machine for office or compact spaces.

Moreover, it accomplishes the maximum temperature in a quicker span to boil water or heat soup or pasta. Not only this! But the plate retains heat even if you turn off the controls. A real hot plate indeed!

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While requiring 1200 watts of electric power, the machine features an impressive physique. The surface is powder-coated, the plate is crystallite glass, and below you’ll find rubber feet.

So, all in all, it’s not only the best hot plate for boiling water but preparing soup, or making delicious pasta is also handy. Besides this, don’t forget to experience the thrill of barbeque and frying with this versatile double induction hot plate.

  • Very easy to clean
  • Cooks evenly and efficiently
  • Housing doesn’t get hot
  • It takes 15 minutes to cool
  • Well worth the money
  • Features an indicator light
  • Saves space
  • Easy to store
  • Not built to last for long

5.     NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop for Boiling Water

This is a hot plate that offers multiple choices to adjust the temperature, either you want to make soup or boil water. To clarify, you can adjust the temperature anywhere between 100 to 575 degrees F with an increment of 10 degrees.

Meanwhile, the unit also includes 6 presets for temperature setting. So either set manually or use a pre-program adjustment. It depends upon your convenience.

Most importantly, it comes with incredible programming technology. This particular innovation facilitates with 100 hours of memory. Hence preparing tricky recipes is no more a rocket science. And this programmable setting makes it the best induction cooktop. This hot plate is ideal for boiling water because it takes less than 4 minutes to boil one litre of water, either for pasta or tea.

Besides, this cooktop is not functional with every kind of cookware. Preferably pot with magnetic base is the sole requirement because it’s an induction cooktop basically and works only with induction-compatible cookware.

At this point in the context, we will like to reveal a fantastic fact. So, here it is! Gas and electric ovens cannot stand the competency of this best hot plate. Not only because it’s programmable but also due to its energy-efficient attitude. To clarify, it employs up to 70% less energy than other hot plates.

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Therefore, don’t even think for a second and buy it to enjoy multi-purpose cooking needs. Because the commodity can simmer, sauté, boil, stir-fry, steam, barbeque, and the list are endless.

Amongst all the benefits; being lightweight and portable, Nuwave induction cooktop is enough to win the hearts. So, hurry up before you regret.

  • Shuts off automatically
  • Very nice temperature control
  • Cleaning is a snap
  • Very easy to store
  • Quite versatile
  • Exact and controllable unit
  • A bit noisy

What hot plate is?

A hot plate is a metal or flat ceramic surface. It uses electricity to heat up and cook food, furthermore. It compensates gas stovetops in so many ways. For instance, they are lightweight, portable, and can accompany you for camping also. Moreover, hot plates don’t mess up your cooking tasks and simplify the job from beginning to end. 

Most importantly, they are space-saving equipment. So, serve as an additional stovetop when different cookware occupies the entire cooking range. Also, they offer versatility because using them over the dining is an excellent idea.

best hot plate for boiling water

Can a hot plate boil water?

A hot plate is a portable countertop burner. But they also behave like an excellent permanent alternative of traditional stoves and convection ovens. Whatsoever, it becomes your perfect crime partner while traveling as well as at a place with no kitchen. So, once it accompanies you in your lifestyle, it performs multiple sorts of cooking. Therefore, you must gain knowledge about how to use it appropriately.

But the question arises in the minds of consumers above all is that they can hold hot plate boil water. And the answer is yes. So, here you go with a step by step process of boiling water on a hot plate:

  • First of all, plug in the hot plate and set your required temperature afterward. However, some models lack the temperature adjustment knob. So, just heat them for five minutes after switching on the electrical power.
  • Secondly, you need to fill up a saucepan with water that is neither too much nor too little.
  • Furthermore, place the pan on the pre-heated hot plate. The water will most probably start to boil within 10 minutes.
  • Boil the water for a few minutes. So, once the boiling completes, unplug the device.
  • Lastly, store it securely after cooling for further use in the future.

Which is a better hot plate or induction cooker?

Hot Plate vs. Induction Cooker

Hot plate:

Hot plates are portable and also act as an additional stove in your kitchen. Besides, they offer services similar to convectional stoves but within a minimal space. Most importantly, they are quite safe to use. Because their craftsmanship includes automatic turn-off, non-skid surfaces, child lock, and time limits.

Similarly, a hot plate annoys with con as well. And that is its demand for a power source, be it electrical or gas as it doesn’t perform without an energy source.

Induction cooker:

Opting for an induction cooker means availing a chance to cook very efficiently without using much energy. Therefore, we term this machine as time and energy-efficient. Moreover, its mechanism exhibits magical safety. To clarify, unless it doesn’t detect cookware, induction doesn’t heat up. And once you remove the pan, the device cools down instantly. Above all, the induction cooker transfers heat directly to the cookware.

However, the user takes some time to develop an understanding of the induction cooktop. Because it’s not a breezy piece of equipment at first use, also, its magnetic field doesn’t invite a digital thermometer. Instead, it holds compatibility with non-digitals ones. Lastly, this expensive cooker leads you to buy an induction-friendly pan with a magnetic base because no casual pot remains functional on this.

To sum up, induction cookers are a better option despite their pricey range because their advantages empower the cons and influence our lives more positively.

Buying guide to Pick the Best hot Plate for Boiling Water

In this section, we will explore details about what types of hot plates available on the market and what to look in before picking the best for boiling water.

Moreover, in the last part of this buying guide, we have added frequently asked questions about hot plates that will also clear your mind about hot plates and its multiple usages at compact kitchen places or camping.

 Types of hot plates:

A hot plate doesn’t mean only a hot plate. But there are ceramic, electric, cast-iron, induction, and propane hot plates. So, let’s elaborate on each kind with its significance.

1-Ceramic hot plate:

This is an ideal category if you want to practice some scientific experiments. Anyhow, no connection to a gas or plugging in the electric socket is the requirement. Instead, place the plate in the microwave and heat it for 5 minutes at a high temperature. So, you can use it for an hour maximum unless it cools down.

2-Electric hot plate:

It performs through a self-electric heating system. Therefore, temperature control is in the hands of the user. Whatsoever, an electric hot plate is not quick at heating up and cooling down.

3-Cast-iron hot plate:

This kind of hot plate gets hot after you put on a heating source. So, once it heats up, the plate gets ready to serve you.

4-Induction hot plate:

A magnetic reaction heats the plate and hence boils water or cook food. Above all, an induction hot plate features timers. These timers let you know about the right time to switch off the device.

5-Propane hot plate:

Lastly, there is a hot plate that performs uniquely with a gas supply rather than an electric supply. So, once you connect it to the gas pipeline, the plate gets ready to help you with a hot flame.

Factors to Consider Before Picking Hot Plate for Boiling Water

It’s time to pen down a few aspects to consider before buying a hot plate. Just focus on them while considering your personal preferences and get ready to enjoy the most exhilarating experience.

        I.            Heating source:

Though the majority of the hot plates use electrical sources to exhibit productivity some kind doesn’t depend upon electricity to perform, for instance, propane, ceramic, and cast-iron hot plates.

     II.            Performance:

As we know that hot plates are used to boil water, cook the food, or keep it warm. But the feature that makes a specific hot plate worth buying is its speed to perform. So, don’t forget to make an inquiry about how long will it take to cook.

   III.            Wattage:

Generally, we recommend you to go for enough high watt hot plates that won’t burn the food. Above all, wattage tells that either you can use the hot plate for cooking the meals entirely or not.

   IV.            Portability:

If you buy a hot plate for the sole purpose of traveling then weight, volume, and size matter a lot. Because you have to carry your luggage also, portability becomes an uncompromising requirement. For instance, a double burner hot plate needs more space. But if you are going to travel in a big car, then it’s easy to carry along.

Moreover, ceramic hot plates are not suitable for traveling because they are quite heavyweight. Also, you need to be very cautious while taking hot glass plates along with your journey. However, hot glass plates require less area to accommodate but can crack easily, so select vigilantly while considering all the aspects.

     V.            Temperature control:

Overheating and burning food is a nightmare for any cook. So, the availability of temperature control (thermostat knobs) behaves as the game-changer. Moreover, if a hot plate takes a decade to heat up, skip it immediately.

Besides, make sure while choosing a double burner hot plate that both the burners serve differently. One must mean to cook food thoroughly whereas the other should serve as a food warmer or heating water.

   VI.            Safety:

Above all, protection from burns and fire injuries should be a must-have ingredient in your purchase. Moreover, if you own kids at home, then don’t overlook the importance of a child lock because it’s the key to your children’s security.

VII.            Cost:

Do prefer to buy a quality hot plate that doesn’t cost you a kidney, meanwhile because there are products in the market with a harmony of price and productivity. So, select wisely!

Frequently Asked questions

A.     Does a hot plate use a lot of electricity?

Though, the electricity consumption depends upon the size of the burner of the hot plate. If you consider a small hot plate as an example, and then let’s clarify some facts. So, if you use a small hot plate for one hour, it’ll consume 1200 watts of power. Therefore, if you continue to use it with the same frequency for a month, the power consumption hits 36 kilowatt-hours.

However, the ratio of using a portable electric heater resembles small water boiling hot plate. Electricity consumption doesn’t turn out the same. Instead, it is calculated to be 45 kilowatt-hours that are indeed greater than the hotplate power consumption. Whereas, a room air conditioner utilizes less electricity in comparison to a hot plate. Hence, if you use it for the same period, the total power consumption is 30 kilowatt-hours.

B.     Can you put a pan on a hot plate?

Yes! You can put any kind of pan on a hot plate even if it’s cast iron. But if you perceive the surface less durable and prone to scratching, then be cautious while opting for heavy-duty materials. Because scratching leads to accidents.

C.     Can you use a hot plate for cooking?

Yes, of course, hot plates aim to cook or reheat already cooked food. In short, they are fantastic alternatives to conventional stoves. Because they can cook everything just likes a stove. Therefore, different sandwiches, soups, rice, pasta, etc. with multiple variations are quite easy to prepare with a hot plate.


The best hot plate for boiling water helps you enjoy a nice ride. Although the decision is a bit challenging but selecting while considering all the pros and cons and your requirements will result in perfect purchase. Above all, we are not urging you to buy amongst the list just because they are our recommendation. But, in some cases, we recommend picking one because all these genuinely worth your precious earning.