Best Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough Buyer’s Guide

Mixing ingredients with hands is a time taking task. Besides, it doesn’t produce even results also. So, a novice in the field must buy an electric mixer to simplify the process. Amongst the types of mixers, a handheld mixer is the right appliance for a household baker. To fulfill the cravings of husband and kids, a housewife needs to bake cakes and cookies every other day. So, buying the best hand mixer for cookie dough is the requirement primarily.

Cookies, most popular and easy to make a recipe at home’ It is one of the lovely treats for all (young to old) not only in the USA but all over the world. There are a lot of options to make cookies with different flavours adding on the dough. It all depends upon your creativity and love to decorate cookies, whether you love plain or some fancier treat.

If you are ready to create cookies at home, typically very minimal ingredients are required. You need to mix ingredients to makes super perfect dough, either manually or using an electric mixer. To get ideal dough for cookies, an electric hand mixer is a super versatile appliance that is an ideal companion to cut mess work in the kitchen.

To prevent any rough and tough experience, our dear readers, we have short-listed some handheld electric mixers. All the models genuinely excel in the field and worth more than their price. Just go through the list and pick the one that you find most suitable according to your needs.

Product ModelPreviewKey FeaturePrice
Cuisinart CHM-3RExtra Long Self Cleaning BeatersLatest Price
KitchenAid KHM512CLSoft Start FeatureLatest Deals
VonShef Hand MixerCheapest Multi-Purpose MixerLatest Price
Breville BHM800SILUSCBeater IQ TechnologyLatest Deals
Black+Decker MX600RHelix Beaters (reinforced Nylon)Latest Price
DmofwHi 5 Speed6 Stainless Steel AttachmentsLatest Price

But before jumping to the review section let us explore how many types of mixers are available on the market and also their functionality. You will also come to know the advantages and disadvantages of these mixers. I also recommend having a look at different factors, any best hand mixer should have (brief discussion).


Types of mixers:

Once before the advent of electric mixers, manual mixing with hands was in fashion. Still, there are recipes of dough that you can follow easily without electric mixers.

However, you may want to buy an electric hand mixer to simplify the job. So, make sure that you know a little background of the machine.

In this regard, let’s learn about the types of electric mixers, firstly. There are two types that are hand mixers and stand mixers. These are described below:

Electric hand mixer:

  • This group of mixers is not very expensive
  • They neither require a lot of counter space nor need an ample area for storage.
  • Electric hand mixers are easy and quick to clean because they include removable attachments
  • They are as skillful as stand mixers.
  • Above all, they are very easy and safe to use, and lightweight also.


  • They comprise smaller motor that cannot tackle heavy or dense dough.
  • Mixture splatters around therefore, they are a bit messy to use.
  • Maneuvering and gripping an electric hand mixer is challenging while dealing thick batters
  • This is not a hands-free category of mixers. You cannot do any other task once you start the appliance.

Electric stand mixers:

  • They comprise a heavy-duty and powerful motor
  • Also, they include more attachments than hand mixers
  • They require an ample amount of countertop. Besides, they need sufficient storage space.
  • It is a mess-free category of mixers. Their package includes a large mixing bowl that prevents splatters. Some models also include splashguard.
  • It’s a hands-free appliance. You don’t need to hold the mixer while it works.
  • It mixes efficiently and can competently deal with denser dough.
  • An additional feature like programmable settings in some models is a nice plus.


  • Stand mixers are not easy to clean.
  • They are expensive to buy and are not affordable for people with low budget.

Advantages of hand mixers:

  • Mixers give you nice control over your dough.
  • Using mixer rather than hands refines the final appearance of the cookies.
  • They help you get the job done very quickly
  • A hand mixer prevents your wrist from strain as it performs the strenuous job.

Top 06 Hand Mixers for Cookie Dough

Cuisinart CHM-3R Electronic Hand Mixer 3-Speed, Red

Again Cuisinart hits the list and brings the best electric hand mixer. It includes 220 watts of the motor. The machine also offers automatic feedback. It helps you knead dense cookie dough perfectly.

The device is very easy to use. It features an eject button that is not hard to press. Moreover, speed control helps with three levels and is also very simple. You can set the speed according to the thickness of your cookie dough conveniently.

The gadget is equally functional for right-handed and left-handed users because it includes a swivel cord. Most importantly, the beaters are extra-long and of great quality. They include no center posts and are very easy to detach for cleaning.

The charming red color of the hand mixer also catches the limelight. You can add it as a nice addition to your kitchen set up. Also, it is made up of durable food-grade material (BPA-free). 

Another good part is that the manufacturer is offering a 3-year warranty with the machine. So, hurry up and buy this Cuisinart mixer for mixing cookie dough or anything else you want.

  • Super powerful for the price
  • Simple to use
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Not messy
  • The lowest speed is not very slow

KitchenAid KHM512CL 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer, Crystal Blue

With a great number of positive reviews, we bring another best hand mixer for cookie dough. This is a very versatile hand mixer with 5-speed levels. It helps you beat different eatables ranging from nuts to cream with the flexibility to adjust speed.

Thanks t its cord which is also a very helpful feature. It wraps nicely and doesn’t interrupt the kneading cycle. The removable parts are very easy to detach with the single-handed press of a button. Once you press the button, the part comes off immediately.

The beaters are good quality stainless steel. They are also dishwasher safe so, cleaning turns out as a maximum breeze.

With KitchenAid mixer, you can easily control the consistency of the batter. Its power and flexibility help you perform slow stirring to high whipping and anything in between. The company is also offering a 1-year hassle-free replacement warranty and this is a nice incentive.

  • Perfect slow speed
  • Not messy
  • Good variety of speeds
  • Quiet
  • Beaters are very thin

VonShef Hand Mixer Electric Whisk with Dough Hook, 5 Speed Chrome Beater and Turbo Button 250w (Red)

 Another hand mixer on our list is a very compact, sleek, and lightweight electric hand mixer by VonShef. Its appearance is quite stylish and the color combination catches the limelight. And the most important feature to consider is its price. Yes, this multi-purpose hand mixer is one of the cheapest brands on the market.

The machine includes a powerful 250-watt motor. It is a versatile model and can mix bread dough kneading, and whisk with help of different attachments available in the package.

These attachments are two dough hooks, two beaters, and one balloon whisk for every mixing needs in kitchen. All these accessories are made up of stainless steel. Dough hooks help you in cookie dough kneading. Also, they help to mix thick batters. However, beaters help you in mixing lighter mixtures and to whisk egg whites.

The device is also very simple and easy to use. It includes 5-speed settings that you can easily operate with your thumb. Moreover, the ejection button and turbo function are very nice features.

The attachments are also easy to detach and are dishwasher safe. So, this best hand mixer for a whisk, beater, and cookie dough is a must-have piece for all the baking lovers. It is easy to use, versatile and durable and gives nice control over the mixture.

  • Easy to handle and store
  • The first speed is really slow
  • Can handle batter with different consistencies
  • Quiet
  • Beaters rust after a few uses
  • It gives a burning smell

VonShef Hand Mixer Review

Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer, Silver, 2.3

This best hand mixer comprises 9-speed levels along with boost. The mixer works with IQ technology. This featured technology helps the device to detect the attachment. As a result, the machine automatically recalibrates to the required speed based on your mixing needs.

Amongst the impressing attachments, there are two scraper beaters, two balloon whisks, and two dough hooks. The speed of the device adjusts itself according to the accessory you attach.

Moreover, the scraper beaters perform quietly which is another impressing feature. The scrapers let you touch the beaters to the base of the bowl. Therefore, all the ingredients mix thoroughly.

With 240 watts of the motor, the mixer offers a mixing light also which is another unique feature. It helps you view the whole mixing and kneading process in a bowl.  Also, the handle is ergonomically designed and is very comfortable to hold.

The machine includes a smart removable storage box. Once you are done with washing and drying, place all the attachments in the compartment. Also, set in the swivel cord, attach the box to the mixer and put it in the cabinet.

The body is made up of food-grade plastic. Most importantly, the company offers a 1-year limited warranty. So, you can claim any flaw within one year of purchase.

  • Mixing Light
  • Easy to operate
  • Coated beaters
  • Includes a pause button
  • Lightweight
  • Solidly built
  • The rubber on the beater comes off with time
  • Little bit pricier than others

Black+Decker MX600R Helix Performance 5-Speed Premium Small Hand Mixer, Red

This best small 5-speed hand mixer is a very good innovation by black+decker. Its beaters are made up of reinforced nylon which is two times more efficient than any other model. As a result, they are durable enough to handle dense mixtures. Moreover, they perform efficiently and mix cookie or chunky cake batters quite evenly.

The helix beaters feature double surface area, unlike ordinary beaters. Therefore, their interaction with the ingredients is maximum. It ensures perfect mixing with consistent texture and lot of other delicious recipes.

The machine also offers 5 speeds along with a turbo boost feature. The power boost helps in the mixing of thick ingredients quickly. This feature made this hand mixer efficient for cookie dough.

Another powerful feature of Black+Decker is its 250 watts with five speeds. The motor is enough powerful to whip cream and egg whites. Also, it helps you prepare cookie and cake dough perfectly in less time.

With the auto-eject button, the attachments come apart in no time. All the attachments are dishwasher safe so cleanup is super easy.

The unit also includes a storage case. You can store all the accessories in the box. So, hurry up! Grab this beautiful yet functional mixer and enjoy the craziness.

  • Includes a resting heel
  • Reinforced Nylon Beaters
  • Plastic but sturdy
  • The cord is not very long

DmofwHi 5 300W Ultra Power Kitchen Hand Mixer with 6 Stainless Steel Attachments and Storage Case

This is another best multipurpose kitchen hand mixer that contains a powerful 300-watt motor. You can mix stiffest cookie dough or any other mixture for recipe very easily. The unit helps with a 5 level speed system. These multiple speeds will meet all mixing needs in your kitchen and are easy to operate with the thumb.

The mixer includes very nice attachments. They are 2 beaters, 2 balloon whisks, and 2 dough hooks. All the attachments add versatility to the mixer. They help you perform tough to easy tasks. You can beat tough batters and prepare dips also.

Moreover, all the components are easy to separate and dishwasher safe. The attachments can be easily stored in a snap-on case that comes with the mixer.

Another impressive feature is its design and construction. This electric hand mixer comes with a very comfortable grip because the handle is ergonomically designed. Besides its grip, it includes a heat dissipation system. This system makes the device a safe piece to use.

Most importantly, the company is always there to guide you about any problem. So, buying this hand mixer is a good choice.

  • Attachments are of good quality stainless steel.
  • Beautiful unit
  • Mixes, beats, and whisks perfectly
  • Efficient and durable
  • Includes a nice holder to fix machine and attachments
  • No marked cons available

Factors to Consider Before Buying Hand Mixer

Buying a kitchen appliance is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of research about features, benefits, drawbacks, and reviews of products available in the market. But if you go through a buying guide, the process turns into an interesting exercise.

In the below context, we have brought the same kind of buying guide regarding mixers. You’ll get to know about very important considerations that should not be neglected. So, don’t miss out on the chance to learn about factors to consider while buying a mixer. Here you go:

1.      The power:

Make sure that you are going to buy a mixer enough powerful according to your needs. Some mixers require fewer watts to perform than others. They are not good at mixing thick materials. So, ask about the output of the device from the retailer.

Normally, a mixer with a 220-watt motor is a good option to go for as it can skillfully mix cake batters and cookie dough.

2.      The attachments:

The availability of attachments is a nice perk. They add to the versatility of the machine and offer flexibility also. The attachments can be:

  • Dough hook
  • Extra beater
  • Whipped cream maker, and much more

3.      Appearance:

If you’re obsessed with the appearance of kitchen appliances, you will love to buy a mixer with an attractive color. Or you’ll immediately get inspired with a tool harmonious with your kitchen color scheme. However, don’t ignore the potential level at the same time.

Besides, make sure that you are purchasing a size compatible to your kitchen countertop and storage cabinet. Buying a mixer that you fail to adjust within your kitchen is a total fail.

4.      Resting heel:

This feature is very useful. It helps you to put the mixer on the countertop in the balanced way while not in use.  Without a resting heel, you cannot place the unit in an appropriate position.

5.      Ease to clean:

The parts of your mixer must feature a single press detachment. Otherwise, you’ll end up figuring ways to remove the component. Once removed easily, the parts are easy to clean. Furthermore, if the components of your mixer are dishwasher safe, then it’s a true bonus.

6.      The weight:

You may have to operate the mixer for a longer span as per your recipe. So, it’s wise to buy a machine that is comfortable to grip and lightweight to hold.

7.      The material:

To avoid occasional replacement of your purchase, look into the manufacturing material of the mixer. They have to do the toughest jobs of the kneading and mixing. Therefore, prefer to buy a sturdily built product.

8.      Length of the beaters:

Short beaters are ok if shallow bowls are your go-to pots in the kitchen. Because mixers with short beaters are useless if you prepare cookie dough in deep bowls. For deep bowls, buy mixers with beaters long enough to reach bowl base.

9.      Ease of use:

The mixer must be easy to operate. A simple speed setting is a nice way to add convenience.


The refinement of the final product depends upon the best hand mixer for cookie dough. Mixing the batter with hands fails to deliver perfect texture. However, some recipes still require hand mixing. While others cannot be prepared without a hand mixer. Anyhow, keep in mind all the aspects that add ease to your experience and select accordingly. Don’t forget to focus on your budget also.

Best Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough

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