Best French fry Cutter for Sweet Potatoes in 2023

Sweet potatoes, a starchy vegetable with sweet taste but rich in vitamins and minerals, are generally served in the USA on thanksgivings. Consumption of sweet potatoes, rich in antioxidants provide numerous health benefits. And how to add them to diet? Sweet potatoes are easy to add in the daily diet plan. These can be steamed, boiled, baked, fried, roasted, steam, or pan-fried. The easiest way to consume is French fries—good news for French fry lovers, especially sweet potato fry lovers. I am here with a guide on how to select the best French fry cutter for sweet potatoes and how good sweet potatoes are? Enjoy your most addicted side dish-French fries, but use sweet potatoes rich in nutrients.

French fry craving is never compromising. But who can rush to the restaurant every time to satisfy an appetite? That’s why preparing French fries at home is an appealing idea, but again, one thing becomes a hurdle. Yes! Cutting potatoes into French fries.

Using a knife to cut potatoes into fries is a time taking activity. This can make you lazy again. But where there is a will, there is a way. So, it’s better to buy something innovative that can help with the activity.

An excellent French fry cutter is the perfect solution. That’s why we have brought some best French fries cutters for sweet potatoes. The reason to pick the special cutter is that all French fry cutters are not suitable for sweet potatoes. It is because sweet potatoes are a little bit harder and require hard and sharp blades. All these cutters are experts in their field. Some are suitable for commercial purposes whereas others are ideal for household usage. Please go through all the details and choose according to your needs.

Product ModelPreviewKey FeatureLatest Price
Culina French Fry CutterRestaurant Quality Fry CutterPrice at Amazon
Sopito French Fry CutterErgonomic Handle DesignPrice at Amazon
New Star Food ServiceHeavy-Duty Cast Iron BodyPrice at Amazon
Tiger Chef French Fry Cutter5 Sizes BladesPrice at Amazon
Weston French Fry CutterRatchet-Style French Fry CutterPrice at Amazon
Best Choice ProductsWith 4 BladesPrice at Amazon
LEM French Fry CutterHeavy Duty Suction FeetPrice at Amazon
best French fry cutter for sweet potatoes


Types of cutters:

With the advent of the latest cutters every other day, cutting potatoes for French fries with hands seems a conventional idea. It doesn’t lead to uniform cuts for sure. Moreover, this exercise requires a lot of prep time. So, it’s a preferable option to buy French fries cutter as it will help you gain multiple benefits.

But you need to be very specific before buying such a magical gadget. Keep in mind your criteria for usage. You are buying for household purpose or for running a French fries franchise? Before you dig into further details, pondering over this aspect will take you to the right kind of cutter. There are different types of French fries cutters designed according to different requirements. Some fall into the category of manual or automatic. While others are either standard or heavy-duty cutters. So, let’s study them in detail.

Standard duty and heavy-duty French fries cutters:

        I.            Standard duty-Old Fashioned FrenchFry Cutter

It is a very simple kind of manual cutter. This group serves with ease of use. Just place them on a kitchen countertop or mount them on the wall. Either way adds balance to the exercise. Also, it helps you to cut potatoes in bulk very quickly. Besides, it is a durable category and offers longevity as these cutters comprise heavy frames.

Most importantly, standard duty French fry cutters serve with a good range of cut types. Not to forget! This kind of cutter is not ideal for commercial purposes.

     II.            Heavy-duty:

So, this group is perfect for restaurants, bars, and cafes. Their frames are built to meet professional challenges. Meanwhile, they are ergonomically designed and very easy to use also. Heavy-duty French fries cutters are available in both manual and automatic versions.

   III.            Manual French fry cutters:

Manual heavy-duty French fries cutters are economical to buy. They are good for small-scale businesses. With these kinds of cutters, you can cut fries into a variety of shapes. Thus this kind is suitable to buy if you offer a diverse fry menu at your cafeteria.

   IV.            Automatic French fry cutters:

On the contrary, automatic cutters save time and don’t strain your hand. They are a perfect option to go if you have to cut innumerable potatoes per day. Some automatic versions use an electric source to operate while others use gas. Potatoes are automatically pushed into blades. As a result, you get bulk produce in a matter of a few seconds.

Top 07 French fry Cutters for Sweet Potatoes

I am here with top of the line french fry cutters. These cutters are an ideal choice for sweet potatoes. I picked these top-rated cutters after 48 hours of in-depth survey.

Culina French fry Potato Cutter for Easy Slicing, 2 Blades

This French fry cutter by Culina is the perfect blessing for sweet potato lovers. It will truly help you in satisfying your French fries craving any time. This best French fries cutter for sweet potatoes is perfectly designed for comfortable operation. It has a slightly curved base according to the potato shape. As a result, the sweet potato smoothly slides away in neat shapes of chips.

Besides, the handle is very easy to push. It neither requires a lot of force nor strains your hands. If you cut dozens of fries, the handle doesn’t cause fatigue to your wrist.

The cutter includes two exchangeable blades. One is for regular-sized fries and the second blade offers thinner fries. So, you can cut the fries as per your liking.

Apart from cutting potatoes into uniform fries, use the cutter for cutting other vegetables also. Cut onion for cheese omelet or radish into thin strips for a nice garnish.

Lastly, the cutter is very easy to clean and maintain. It is also made to last for ages to come. So, don’t hesitate to buy it as it worth more than its price.

  • Blades are easy to exchange
  • Painless to use
  • Includes suction pad
  • It doesn’t fit bigger potatoes

Sopito Electric French fry Cutter with Stainless Steel Great for Potatoes Carrots Cucumbers

The company brings a commercial French fries cutter with ½ inches stainless steel blade. Being a commercial grade device, the machine is not at all bulky in size. Rather it’s very compact with a small footprint and volume.

The blade of the cutter catches the entire limelight. It comprises super durable, commercial-grade stainless steel that can stand years of usage. The blade cuts sweet potatoes in an instant with the maximum breeze.

Sopito French fry cutter is an ideal choice for sweet potatoes because its handle is its perfect crime partner. It is ergonomically designed and very comfortable and smooth to push. The suction cups at the bottom promote a stable experience.

Most importantly, the cutter box is quite long unlike Culina French fries cutter. You need not cut potatoes into two halves. Rather the machine helps you produce longer fries of one whole potato in a single go.

Don’t bind the skill of the cutter to potatoes. But you can also throw carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, and what not to get uniform sticks. The machine is also easy to clean. And the amazing part of the story is that the blades won’t rust up on repeated washes.

  • Made up of food-grade material
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Perfect for sweet potatoes
  • Worth the money
  • No extra blades are included in the package

New Star Food Service 42313 Commercial French fry Cutter with Suction Feet, 1/2-Inch- Best Potato Slicer

The company offering this French fry cutter is famous for making premium quality products. Their products have always won the hearts of the consumers. Besides so many kitchen gadgets, the brand also introduces the best French fries cutter that is not only best for sweet potatoes but also serves a lot in restaurants serving a variety of salads.

This French fry cutter performs efficiently. It is also a perfect blend of ease and versatility. Using this cutter you can cut restaurant-style French fries. The construction material is cast aluminum that enables you to cut tons of sweet potatoes at a time. Whereas the blades are classic stainless steel and are corrosion-resistant. Therefore, you can cut acidic foods also without worrying about blade corrosion.

Its short-throw handle is also a very nice feature. It is easy to operate and works very smoothly when operating with hard sweet potatoes. You won’t feel any difficulty even operating for the first time. Besides, the machine also contains suction feet that stop unnecessary sliding of the cutter while working. 

This french fry cutter easily disassembles for convenient cleanup. So, you see how appealing the cutter is from all aspects. Above all, the devices can a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for a nutritious salad.

  • Commercial-grade
  • Very sturdy
  • Metal shaves with time
  • Requires some force

Tiger Chef French Fry Cutter, Heavy Duty Vegetable Chopper Sweet Potatoes Machine with Suction Feet Complete Set of Wedge Blades, Pusher Blocks and Cleaning Brush – Complete Combo Set

This is another commercial-grade French fry cutter. It is a stable machine with heavy-duty construction. You can mount it on the wall or countertop for a long run if you need to cut fries very frequently. Otherwise, it includes suction feet for steady operation.

The whole machine is metal-based. Also, there are five shapes of the cutter to prepare different sizes of fries. However, this is not only the best French fries cutter for sweet potatoes. But you can also throw in other vegetables for a uniform cut.

A variety of blades allow you to add a variety of cuts to your cuisines. So, enjoy the versatility with this super device.

The handle features an ergonomic design. It helps to push the potatoes easily and instantly. As a result, the cutter can cut dozens of potatoes quickly without straining your hand.

The machine also includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, it seems an unbeatable choice by all means.

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Simple to use
  • Unique design
  • Well-built
  • A bit tricky to clean

Weston French Fry Cutter and Veggie Dicer, White

This French fries cutter by Weston is super economical to buy. It has maximum positive ratings. So, you should consider this option if French fries are your everyday snacks and especially if you love sweet potato fries.

The package includes blades + pusher of two sizes. The unit is versatile in comparison to other best sweet potato fry cutters. It is ideal choice for vegetables and fruits not only into fine strips but also can dice them.

The machine contains a knife guard attachment that is removable also. If you want to dice apples and potatoes, just attach the knife guard for a safe and easy dicing. Most importantly, the cutter is dishwasher safe.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Nicely built
  • For household kitchen
  • Requires ample force to cut

Sweet Potato French fry Cutter, Fruit Vegetable Slicer with 4 Blades by Best Choice Products

This French fry cutter with four changeable blades is an ideal choice for slicing sweet potatoes and is perfect for restaurant owners. It is heavy-duty and is built keeping in mind the commercial requirements.

The manufacturing material is stainless steel and is rust-resistant for sure. The machine includes three blades for producing different sizes of French fries. Besides, it offers another blade particularly for slicing apples and oranges.

Its handle is easy to push and the product even harder items like sweet potatoes come out of the blade quickly. Moreover, the handle, frame, and blades are easy to clean. For further convenience, you can also mount the machine on the counter or the wall.

So, don’t ignore this versatile cutter. It‘s the best source to save money and also saves kitchen countertop from putting additional units.

  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sharp blades
  • Needs manpower to operate
  • Bulky

LEM Commercial French fry Cutter for Sweet Potatoes

Another commercial-grade French fry cutter is available in the market within a very nice price range. So many professionals have found this LEM unit as an ideal choice for sweet potatoes.

With two cutting blades, the unit serves efficiently with uniform strips of potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, cucumber, etc. it is all made up of super quality stainless steel and is made to serve for ages.

The availability of suction feet is not less than a bonus. It adds stability to the unit during operation. Mount it either on a countertop or wall, choose as per convenience.

Very easy to clean and use, this cutter for French fries is the perfect piece to buy. People owning restaurants, cafes or bars must not overlook its importance. As it can produce French fries in bulk very efficiently.

  • Very good customer service
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Requires enough strength to operate

Different ways to cut French fries:

There are majorly two ways to cut French fries. That is:

  1. With a French fries cutter
  2. Manually with the help of a knife and cutting board

Neither way is rocket science. Just be precautious and follow the few guidelines and you’ll end up with perfect and uniform cuts.

1)     French fries cutter:

These cutters are true game-changers. They reduce the prep time and serve a safe culinary experience. Most importantly, the resulting cuts perfectly imitate the restaurant-style fries. So, choosing a cutter for cutting potatoes into fries is a preferable option.

You just have to peel the potatoes thoroughly. Place each potato one by one in the given space. Pull the handle and here you go with piles of French fries very quickly.

2)     Knife and cutting board:

Manual cutting is not as quick as the former style. Also, it’s not safe and fries may vary from each other in width. But it’s a way more economical than buying a French fry cutter. However, the practice can lead you to expertise. So, let’s learn how to cut French fries with the help of a cutting board and knife.

  • First of all, put a potato on the cutting board
  • Take a knife and cut a very thin slice out of it. This is important to give the potato a flat base.
  • Now allow resting on its flat base. With the help of the knife, start cutting slices of the potato. Maintain the width of the slices as per your liking.
  • Next, you just layer 2-3 slices on one another. Cut these slices into fries of your required thickness.

Buying Guide to Pick French Fry Cutter Best for Sweet Potatoes

Here is the step by step guide to pick multi-functional French fry cutter for your home.

Factors to consider:

Although you have gained ample knowledge about French fries cutter. But still, there is a lot more to go. So, let’s learn some more aspects of these machines. This will help you in buying the right cutter for your requirements.

1.      Material:

French fries cutter, especially for sweet potato slicing is not the device that you use once in a blue moon. Rather it is one of the most commonly used machines in the kitchen. That’s why; your bought cutter must be durable to stand daily usage.

It should be made up of high-class material. The material must be resilient for both light and heavy-duty cutting. Moreover, always choose a durable material so that your cutter can serve in the long run. Our recommendations for material are stainless steel and cast iron.

2.      Blades:

It is very good to buy a machine that includes different cutting blades within the package. This saves investing in other cutters. Besides it also gives you a chance to add versatility to your cuisines. Just make sure before buying that the blades are easy to exchange and that they are sharp enough.

And when we consider sweet potato French fries you should pick the cutter with harder and sharper blades because sweet potatoes are harder than any other vegetable.

3.      Ease to clean:

If the blades and other parts of the cutter are easily removable, it means, you can thoroughly wash the device. So, make sure before paying the final money that they are removable. Also, the blades must be of classic stainless-steel so that they won’t rust with time. Some companies also claim their products as dishwasher-safe. But a gentle hand wash always prolongs life. That’s why it’s very important to buy a cutter that is not a hassle to clean.

4.      Size and storage:

A French fry cutter should be a compact piece of equipment. With a small footprint, it must be easy to store. Normally, manual cutters are suitable if you don’t own ample storage space. Because they don’t include additional components.

5.      Suction cups:

French fry cutter can become a total source of frustration if it lacks in suction cups or features a slippery base. So, look for a machine that includes suction cups. It will add stability to the cutter while cutting.

Frequently Asked Questions

A.     What fast-food chains have sweet potato fries?

This is not a very common menu available everywhere. Only a few restaurants have come forward with sweet potato fries with all the details.

Mc Donald’s in Chicago, Norway, and Sweden

Burger king

B.     Are sweet potatoes harder than regular potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are harder than regular potatoes. Although both the kinds are tuberous root vegetables but they belong to different plant families. That’s why they differ in biological nature. The sweet potato contains starch with a much-complicated structure as compared to regular potatoes. This is a very brief reason behind the hardness of sweet potatoes in comparison to regular potatoes.

C.     Are sweet potato fries better for you than french fries?

Consuming either type after deep frying is never a healthier choice. So, whatever type you choose, it all depends upon your cooking method. Because both kinds fail to defeat each other in their nutrient density. Both of them excel each other in one way or the other.

Sweet potatoes offer more calories and carbs than regular potatoes. But they are quite rich in other nutrients at the same time. The biggest difference is in the vitamin A content in which regular fries completely lack. The same is the case with vitamin E. So, it doesn’t make any major difference whatever kind you opt for. But the aspect that defines health is the cooking method.

D.    Does sweet potato Spike insulin?

To some extent sweet potatoes spike insulin. It entirely depends upon the kind of sweet potato. As there are 400 kinds of sweet potatoes around the globe. Some don’t disturb diabetics while others may have a negative influence on the insulin. Portion control and cooking method also need to be addressed in this regard.

How to Make Sweet Potato French Fries Using an Air Fryer?


Once you purchase the best French fry cutter for sweet potatoes, you never fail to achieve perfect fries immediately. This tiny monster facilitates your kitchen lifestyle. So, don’t miss out on the chance and pick up any product as per your preference and enjoy the beast.