The Best Electric Smoker Under $300 (Buying Guide)

An electric smoker is a perfect choice if you want to smoke meat when weather conditions don’t favor in fire tending. One of the best features of smoking meat is temperature control. Yes! The electric smoker has the most accessible temperature control setting box. You just require an electrical supply to enjoy smoky but juicy beef. Plug it in and start preparing meat, fish, or vegetable of your choice.

The main factor to keep in mind is the price you want to invest because electric grills come with different price tags from $200 to $1000 or above. From my point of view, $300 is the perfect price to pick multi-functional electric smoker with awesome wood chip tray and long-lasting insulation.

Best electric smoker under $300
Best Electric Smoker Under $300


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What is an electric smoker?

An electric smoker is an outdoor cooking unit. While using electrical power, its metallic rods get hot and smoke the food, thereby. However, unlike their peers in the field, they are a mess-free source to grill. But serve with the same traditional grill flavor at the same time.  

Most importantly, they are available in the market in a wide range of designs, each with a variety of features. You’ll see a difference in the cooking area, double doors, smoking racks, cooking and warming racks, and the temperature control options. In short, they are versatile, portable, and the truest innovation of this era.

However, before you purchase it, don’t forget to learn the methodology that will lead to elegant smoky meat. Because operating it requires a proper science and is not a piece of the pie.

Top 05 Best Electric Smokers under $300

Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker

So either you are a newbie or a professional in meat smoking, masterbuilt is here to serve you with its digital electric smoker. Also, the efficient performance with physical structure stiff towards reckless attitude makes it the go-to equipment for every expert.

First of all, notice the physical structure. The housing is entirely insulated, thereby retains heat very well. And this adds perfection to the whole smoking procedure.

Moreover, this digital electric smoker under 300 dollars depicts heavenly ease of usage because it includes a digital panel with different controls. These controls help you turn the device on or off and allow adjusting temperature personally.

Most importantly, the unit doesn’t confuse with lots of bells and whistles that are not less than a perk.

Now let’s open the door to look at other jaw-dropping features. So, upon opening, you see four smoking racks. These racks are fortunately chrome-coated and therefore add luxury to your purchase. Also, these racks are removable to adjust enough room to put large turkey for thanksgiving dinner. In the lower part, you see a water bowl, and this is not useless just to add money. Instead, it helps in adding moisture and flavor to the meat. And all this is available in a reasonable price tag.

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You’ll also get surprised to see a removable drip pan. It perfectly demonstrates the mess-free attitude of the equipment. Because it takes away all the drippings, and you can easily detach it to wash.

Now the most exciting aspect that won’t let you step forward without paying money is its wood chip tray. It’s loading, and the ash removal system is merely incredible because you don’t need to open the door but refill it from the side of the smoker.

Lastly, don’t worry if a lot of smoke accumulates within the cooking chamber. Just open the air damper, and here you go.

  • Very economical for the competency
  • Grills evenly and consistently
  • Easy to set up
  • Heats up quickly
  • Shelves come out easily, and the whole equipment is very easy to clean
  • Doesn’t work for longer periods

Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker under $200

This machine is another electric smoker best at a very reasonable price. But in comparison to the masterbuilt unit, it’s much more economical with the same experience and skill.

Meanwhile, it features an ergonomic design also with a compact footprint. However, it doesn’t mean that the volume is smaller, or it cannot barbeque for a considerable group. No! It’s a misconception because the inner cooking chamber is 548 square inches with the ability to accommodate three racks. So, the surface area to grill meat and veggies is quite sufficient.

Although compactness promotes portability, manufacturers didn’t end the convenience to move here. So they translate the genuine concept of ease by structuring the smoker with a lightweight frame. Above all, two side handles are also there to fulfill your requirement of moving the machine here and there.

While moving ahead, we want to reveal the inner icons of the smoker. As you open the door, below the three grilling racks, you’ll see separate tray for wood chips and water. Furthermore, you’ll also find a 1500 watt of the heating element.

When you plug in the smoker, set the temperature, the heating element will produce heat from 100-400 degrees F. Also, the front door facilitates the temperature monitoring through a large, easy-to-read thermometer. Therefore, once you set the temperature after putting raw meat, monitor the process from outside.

Not to forget, at this point that filling water tray and wood chips tray are mandatory steps to perform if you want to enjoy pure grill flavor without exaggerated setup.

In short, no such expertise is the requirement to use Cuisinart electric smoker under $200.

  • Racks and trays are removable and easy to clean
  • Chrome-coated racks
  • Very user-friendly
  • Excellent quality
  • The temperature gauge is not very accurate
  • Placement of water and wood tray spoils the smoke production

Bradley Electric Smoker

Though Bradley electric smoker is a bit pricey in comparison to the above two, it is genuinely worth the money. Because the durability you are going to confront is spectacular.

Yes! This durable bradley electric smoker under $300 can rock the stage through its sturdy construction. The insulated housing excels amongst the peers, and even metal housings are unable to stand its strength.

Also, its stainless steel interior is rust-resistant. Therefore, ease of cleaning is its matchless hallmark.

Moreover, the smoke diffuser system is merely exceptional. Because it lets the smoke flow smoothly and deports dirty smoke at the same time; thus, your yield won’t experience any flaw due to black rain.

Also, this smoke diffuser system is removable so that you can store it in a safer place. Besides, this detaching ability of the system helps you to clean it easily. Hence maintenance is quite handy and feasible.

Above all, the clean smoke technology of this electric smoker under 300 is unique. It smokes the wood for a certain period and doesn’t continue to burn until the wood turns into ash. Hence the device emits clean smoke, and this is the real specialty of Bradley smoker.

So, get ready to enjoy the barbeque flavor fowl, sausage, beef, jerky, pork, and vegetables since you can smoke different meats altogether.

So, just dump in whatever you want, set the temperature and smoke time subsequently. And join your friends and family while the unit smokes.

Not to forget! The user can add a cold smoker adapter so that he can cold smoke beer, nuts, salmon, whiskey, etc.

  • Recommendation of smokers from around the globe
  • Simple and Versatile
  • Easy to set up
  • Imparts, delicious and consistent smoke flavor to food
  • A true game-changer
  • Superb quality
  • Requires no wood refilling for 9 hours
  • Racks are dishwasher safe
  • No ash
  • Automatic feed system
  • Includes two heat system, one for oven while other to produce smoke
  • Magnetic doors
  • Briquettes are expensive than wood chips

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, 725 Square Inch

Here you go with another digital electric smoker with stainless steel construction. We feel proud of introducing the Char-Boil digital electric smoker with an insulated double-wall structure that retains heat and smoke very well. Also, its sleek design adds bonus points when compared with other leading models.

Similarly, other aspects of the structure also deserve a massive round of applause. For instance, the side locking latch ensures a tighter seal.

Also, the digital control panel is a perfect piece of luxury. Because it helps you adjust temperature and depict your settings through a blue LED display.

Moreover, you’ll also see a temperature gauge that informs you about the inner temperature. And the good part is that this temperature gauge is removable.

Let’s not forget to mention the significance of the water pan. So, it is coated with porcelain and easily slides out water refilling. Most importantly, this digital electric smoker under $300 includes a remote control in the package. Fortunate to this, Char-Boil digital smoker is that any brand has not offered this facility discussed yet.

Besides all these hallmarks, the smoker allows to grill a wide variety of food on its four adjustable racks. Also, its ability to generate smoke for 4-7 hours without any refill doesn’t let you ignore the device.

Lastly, carrying the smoker here and there is not a big deal because it comes with wheels and an integrated handle.

  • The LED display is very easy to read
  • Gives you complete control over the entire smoking procedure
  • Glass door helps you see while the grilling takes place
  • Smoke seals very tightly
  • Cooks juicy, smoky, and tender to perfection
  • Less messy dye to grease tray
  • Every component is detachable for an easy cleanup
  • The controls are not very intuitive

Americana Stainless Steel Electric Water Smoker

A very economical electric smoker under $300 but with an ample cooking chamber is now ready to thrill. So, with 351 square inches of the cooking chamber, the smoker offers you two chrome-plated grids as cooking platforms.

Most uniquely, the water pan is stainless steel with 5.5 qt capacity and is the largest of above all. Besides water, you can use cranberry or apple juice, and bear also. Just to penetrate some divine kind of flavor in your barbeque. In the same vein, this southern country smoker helps you prepare some different types of recipes also—for instance, orange-pecan smoked chicken.

Being a chimney-like configuration, the smoker differentiates itself from all the above in terms of design because the flavor channels lead smoke for premium food flavoring.

Also, two sliding access doors facilitate checking and refilling wood chips and water pan in between the smoking procedure.

Moreover, its built-in temperature gauge, durable stainless steel legs, and three cool-touch wooden handles make this electric smoker best under 300 dollars.

So, if you are on a budget, want to dive into the culinary experience of smoking without hassle. Americana by a southern country smoker can solve your problem. This best budget will serve you better because it’s here to last for a longer time without breaking the bank.

  • Smokes pretty well
  • Includes a temperature control
  • Easy to clean
  • Fitting of the lid is an annoying aspect

How does an electric smoker work?

If you compare electric smokers with charcoal and propane gas smokers, you’ll find the same vertical alignment. However, in gas smokers cooking compartment at the top and the bottom accommodates the heating source.

Whatsoever, very few components put on their functionality to smoke meat. These components include:

  • An electric heating element
  • Grill racks
  • Water pan
  • Compartment to put the wood for burning alongside the heating element.
  • Dampers and vents

Above all, convection plays an important role. Therefore, hot air circulation takes place that heats the cooking chamber and cooks food to perfection. But why not go in a bit detail on how some elements contribute to the working of an electric smoker:

·        Heating rods:

Heating rods are electric and lay at the bottom of the smoker. They are the ones that heat the space and gradually turn food from raw to cooked state.

·        Wood chip tray:

To give your food the pure traditional grill flavor, an electric smoker includes a wood chip tray. Since it surrounds the electric heater, therefore, you can put any kind of wood, including oak, cherry, alder, etc. to burn and generate smoke. Once the added wooded gradually turns into ash, the electric smoker chef can add more wood chunks to the firebox. As a result, there will be no pause for the burning wood without breaking the grilling cycle. Hence the resulting flavor will be incredibly marvelous

·        Water pan:

The water pan lies above the wood chip tray. Before you start to smoke, fill the container with cold water so that the internal temperature may not rise very quickly. When water releases steam upon heating, the steam promotes convection cooking.

·        Grill racks:

Most of the models include stainless steel racks. So, for grilling, either place food directly on theses grill racks. Or put your food in cast iron skillet to be placed on the stainless steel racks. It’s up to your choice.

·        Dampers and vents:

Because airflow caters flames to regulate the temperature of an electric smoker, that’s why this fantastic equipment includes dampers and vents at the top and bottom. Thus, you can open bottom dampers to invite air inside. It’ll increase the temperature by feeding the flame. On the other hand, opening the top vent will help to release heat. Thereby, it’ll maintain the temperature balance.

Advantages of an electric smoker:

It is the latest alternative to traditional grilling. We expect nothing from an electric smoker but convenience, ease, mess-free experience, and enjoyment. Fortunately, the device serves us much more than this. That’s why nowadays it’s getting more and more viral amongst barbeque lovers. So, let’s study its hallmarks, attracting consumers from all around the world.

a)     Automatic:

Electric smokers cut down your maximum job that is the requirement of traditional grilling. These grills are automatic units and serve you like a robot. You just need to dump in the raw meat and set the timer. Most importantly, no need for frequent turning. Once your set timer completes its duration, you can enjoy your perfect grill.

b)     Compatible equipment for indoors:

If you live in a small apartment or a place with no garage or balcony. Also, you don’t want to cook on indoor electric grills because of their incompetency to produce smoked flavor. Then electric smokers can genuinely change your life. Because they don’t require an exaggerate set up like traditional grills and can be set indoors. But thrill with the same smoked flavor. Also, they don’t emit smoke or smell that’s why using them indoors is an acceptable idea.  

c)      They use clean energy:

We claim electricity as the cleaner fuel source in comparison to charcoal and propane. And as electric smokers rely on electrical power. So we expect the yield to be more flavor with lesser pollutants.

d)     Spacious:

While featuring a maximum of four racks as the cooking surface, the electric smokers offer quite a vast grilling space. So, it’s up to you! Either you grill different kinds of meat in a single go or grill the same category. These magical units serve you with bulk grill for a party or a friend get together.

e)     Energy-efficient:

Most of the electric smokers come with solid steel; therefore, the heat absorption and redistribution are marvelous within the chamber. Also, steel holds the potential to retain heat for a long time that makes electric smokers energy efficient.

f)       Safe to use:

Because electric smokers have an automatic shut off timer, that’s why they shut off once the timer completes the cooking cycle. So nothing to worry about overheating or hazardous fire that can damage the smoker’s mechanism. Moreover, like traditional grills, electric smokers don’t emit carbon monoxide gas. We can say them a safer resource to enjoy a flavorful barbecue. 

g)     Includes a thermostat:

For evenly cooked meat, you must have control over the grill temperature because some foods require low temperatures, while others need high. Electric smokers come with a thermostat, so monitoring temperature is not rocket science. Therefore, you can control your electric smoker in a much better way than a traditional grill.

h)     Portable:

Though they are spacious but occupy less area as compared to their structure. We can announce that electric smokers are portable. The machine also supports portability because carrying it here and there doesn’t involve the burden of charcoal or woods.

i)       Operating electric smokers doesn’t need a pro:

Smokers other than electric ones are intricate to use because they are not as easy as electric smokers. Therefore, a professional chef is not a requirement to use an electric smoker.

j)       Leaves behind little residue:

Electric smokers grill quickly. Therefore, it’s evident that they use less electricity. Also, their efficient attitude leads to minimal residue behind and makes the clean up a shorter task.

k)     Easy to clean:

As we mentioned above, electric smokers leave little waste behind and are not as messy as charcoal and propane smokers. In the same way, electric smokers are very easy to clean. The reason behind this is their stainless steel body that doesn’t invite food to stick to it. Therefore the cleanup is an ultimate piece of cake.

l)       Sturdy:

Most importantly, they are sturdy devices because they have to deal with some robust activities. Moreover, the good part is their thick steel legs that indicate the dense structure.

Factors to consider before Buying Best Budget Electric Smoker

Buying an electric smoker not compatible with your requirements or lacking refinement in several aspects may spoil your mood. So, better take steps that refrain you from going in hell depression of investing in an ultimate pathetic device. That’s why we are again here to guide you about a few factors to consider before buying an electric smoker. So, you get to enjoy every bit of your selection.

        I.            The number of openings:

Don’t ignore to notice the number of openings. They play an essential role in temperature regulation. Also, these opening control the smoke within the chamber. So, if the cooking chamber becomes too smoky and you lack invents. Don’t expect the resulting food delicious up to the mark. It may get burnt due to high temperatures, and excessive smoke will ruin your barbeque.

     II.            Temperature control:

Besides offering you vents to maintain heat and smoke, the best electric smoker(under $300) comes with temperature control settings. This heat control instrument is known as thermostat or rheostat that helps to control the temperature. Also, temperature regulation plays a vital role in perfect grilling. So, don’t move ahead without considering this aspect. You will get your food unburnt for sure with an amalgamation of divine flavor and delicate texture. Some units offer rheostat detectors, whereas others include a thermostat. The majority of the users love to go with a rheostat detector.

   III.            Heat flow:

Heat smokers come with two types of heat flow. They usually serve with heat flow from bottom to top, and these are the standard electric smokers. So, we recommend this type for domestic use. However, if your usage encompasses the household level and you are a professional in the field requiring efficient yet best services. Then we recommend an electric smoker with heat flow from top to bottom because the latter category is the perfect catalyst in the professional field.

   IV.            Food trays:

First of all, inquire about the durability level of the food tray. In this regard, material plays an important role. So go for the stuff that can stand high temperatures. For instance, steel, stainless steel, or any other that is compatible with high temperatures. Moreover, the durability is inversely proportional to the level of maintenance required. The sturdier the food tray is, the less focus on the maintenance aspect is acceptable.

Secondly, do check the arrangement of food trays. Some trays are arranged horizontally with inclination. While other horizontal trays are placed at an inclined angle, whatsoever, choose the method and structure following the type of food you are going to cook more often.

     V.            Portability:

If you want a portable electrical smoker, then you must analyze the weight of your machine because lighter weight promotes mobility. Moreover, the availability of caster wheels and handles also encourages movability. And since every electric smoker doesn’t come furnished with these two gears. So, better to look for these two. If carrying electric smoker here and there is going to be your regular exercise.

   VI.            Power:

Never ignore the importance of the power of the heating element. Whatsoever, the power depends upon the size of the device. So, if the cooking area is 700-800 square inches, then 800 watts of power is the requirement. Similarly, 1000 square inches of the cooking area need 1200 watts of the heating element. So, be very vigilant about this factor as your cooking chamber gets hot evenly if a compatible amount of power is served.

VII.            Cooking area and size:

Although they are bigger units, even then, you need to ponder over your requirement of how many people you aim to serve. So, select the size according to the size of the group you are going to thrill with barbeque. In the market, you’ll see electric smokers with cooking areas ranging from 700-1000 square inches. Therefore, nothing to worry about because you get to go with a wide range of sizes.

VIII.            Cleaning procedure:

Always try to go for a unit that doesn’t need intricate cleaning. Rather general cleaning tips make it perfectly presentable and usable for the next time.

   IX.            Brand:

Choosing a renowned brand in the field is a good idea. Because of being an old and famous name, they won’t dare to risk their reputation. Therefore, they will respond to any query from the consumer urgently. Only a topnotch company will offer services for a selected period. So, to enjoy after-sale service, we recommend you to pick the best electric grill with warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How can I control the moisture inside my smoker?

You can regulate the moisture inside the unit through vents on the top because closing and opening them changes the moisture level. Closing them increases the moisture, whereas opening them lets the moisture turn into vapors. Moreover, make sure that your vent is not close while the smoke is running all around.

2.     What kind of wood is suitable for barbequing seafood?

Different kinds of wood are ideal for different food groups. Although there are no limitations, we suggest you go for alder or maple for grilling seafood. Also, freshwater fish yields excellent flavor with fruitwoods. 

3.     Why is my unit smoking too much?

After you burn the charcoal, it will emit a lot of smoke to build the fire. And this is absolutely normal at the start.

4.     I should use wet or dry food chips?

Dry chips burn very quickly and generate concentrated smoke. On the other hand, if you soak the chips in water for 30 minutes, you’ll see a huge difference. They will not burn with that pace, and therefore, the intensity will be less obvious.

5.     What is the best way to clean the smoker?

Mix water with apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle at a 50/50 ratio. Shake it well, subsequently, and shower it on the surfaces and grills. Then, wipe it with a soft sponge. However, precaution is not to use any harsh chemical for smoker cleaning. Most importantly, don’t forget to plug it out before initiating the process.

6.     Is using an extension cord with the electric smoker is a safe idea?

Always use the extension cord that is certified for outdoor use. The companies grant this special permission through a tag on their wires. Moreover, it should be a maximum of 25 feet in length with a diameter of more than 16AWG.

7.     Is an electric smoker as good as a charcoal smoker?

An electric smoker is more efficient in energy compared to a charcoal smoker. Also, temperature control is more feasible in electric smokers than charcoal grills. However, charcoal smokers are sturdy, durable, and lasts for longer than electric smokers.

8.     Can I use pallets in an electric smoker?

The pallets are wood chippings that burn to generate smoke with a unique flavor. So, when the smoke revolves around the food, it catches the flavor and turns into golden-brown color hence. Pallets produce smoke in an electric smoker. Therefore, they are compulsory if you want a traditional grill taste.


After educating you about multiple aspects regarding electric smoker, we expect that your urge to buy one is pinching hard. So we have come up with a few best products under 300.

As you have also gone through factors to consider before buying this innovative device so, it’s no more a task to select now. So, just go through the context and choose while considering your knowledge and, above all, the requirements.

So, this is the entire world of electric smokers. We hope that there is no more ambiguity in your mind about any perspective regarding this innovation because we have thoroughly described their working advantages with the pros and cons of the best electric smoker under $300.

Also, make a clear decision that your requirement is an electric smoker, or an indoor grill is your best choice so that you don’t end up buying something useless for your field.

So, best of luck!