The Best Container for Overnight Oats

A nutritious breakfast is the need of every individual these days. Either he works in an office, a retired government employee, or one on a weight loss journey. A beforehand ready breakfast always saves time. This pre-prep also lets you focus keenly on the addition of nutritional ingredients. The main ingredient in a healthy breakfast is oats and to enjoy a toxic-free oatmeal bowl you need proper containers. A specific overnight oat container is a super ideal pick to make tasks easy. So the best container for overnight oats in the kitchen has several benefits.

Oats can never be missed out. And if you soak them overnight, they turn into an awesome meal in an instant. Once the oats are soaked for the whole night, you can follow any recipe to do the rest. But obviously, you’ll need the container.

Picking any random container for the purpose is absolute stupidity because overnight soaking is bound to certain limitations. We’ll surely look at those particularities. But let’s look at some of the innovative products from brands.


7 Top-Rated Containers for Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats Container Jar (4-Piece set) – 16 oz Plastic Containers with Lids, Portable Cereal and Milk Container on the go, Snap Lock Storage Jars with Airtight Lids

These are the plastic jars for overnight oats with plastic lids. Being a plastic utility is economical than the glass jars. But you need not doubt the quality of the plastic. The entire plastic along with that of the lid is polypropylene, it’s BPA-free. That’s why these jars have multipurpose usage. Other than overnight oat usage, don’t worry while putting these jars in the microwave, freezer, or dishwasher. This plastic configuration makes the jars resistant to abrupt shattering.

Every jar in this set of 4 acts as the best plastic container. Their mouth is wide enough. This aspect also adds to the ease of usage for overnight oats.

Each container offers 16 oz of capacity which is super ideal size for overnight oats. The lids feature lock on four sides. Thus, keeps the eatables fresh for a longer span. The concept of fluid leakage is unfamiliar with these jars.

Yogurt, herbs, vegetable seeds, dry fruits, spices, cookies, and candies are just a few things you can store. The list is endless indeed. You can also store mini treats of your pets.

  • Nice transparency
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to open and close
  • Seals tightly
  • Very compact but holds a good amount
  • Better not to put them in the dishwasher and microwave to avail longevity

Toysdone Tulip Jar, Single 1-Liter Jar, Best Overnight Oats Brand

If you already own a cylindrical jar, then you are definitely at the right stop now because this jar shape imitates tulip. The most appealing part of the story is that the brand offers 3 months money-back warranty. It’s simply wow! Because warranty ensures five star quality of any gadget.

Again if you prefer to buy glass containers, then put your hands down for this 1-liter tulip jar, because it comprises food-grade glass. The glass is absolutely BPA-free. But we don’t recommend you put it in the microwave, as prevention is better than cure.

Nothing resists us from saying that it as the super ideal glass container for overnight oats. Besides, it’s resistant to stains, smell, and discoloration, chemical leaching is just out of the question.

As per our rule, we don’t recommend a container without a tight-fitting lid. Because lid fulfills the purpose of buying for overnight oats. This unique and beautiful piece features a silicone gasket. Two stainless steel locking clamps also there on both sides. They let you seal the jar tightly. Hence overnight oats or other food inside remains fresh and pure. Also, the one liter capacity of this tulip jar attracts which is quite enough for overnight oats.  

The wider mouth and crystal transparency of the canister is simply marvelous attributes. They don’t let you move forward without paying for it. The sleek and stylish design acts as a cherry on top.

So, grab this product that hypnotizes through its beauty and functionality. And don’t worry anymore about the storage of tea leaves, dry herbs, spices, cookies, nuts, and a lot more, as it will prove to be a combo of beauty and beast.

  • Leak-proof
  • Easy to wash with hands
  • Snap to open and close
  • Stable and durable jar
  • Stirring anything in it is easy due to the wide neck
  • Fits tightly but doesn’t seal up to the mark

ZENS Airtight Glass Kitchen Canisters Jars of 4 with Glass Lids, 10oz Fluid

The brand brings to you an amazing set of fantastic four containers. These are airtight kitchen canister with enough capacity by Zens. However, they don’t occupy a lot of space. They add charm to your kitchen counter. Also, serves you a clear vision.

Each jar is very good at what it is designed for. With ample interior space, it lets you store dry food and ingredients which is additional benefit other than overnight oats. The length of each jar is 3.35 inches and the diameter is 3.15 inches. As per our measurement, the interior features 300ml capacity-ideal for overnight oats cup.

We feel free to claim that these are the best container for overnight oats. They are super durable yet lightweight. The credit of their strength goes to their ingredient that is borosilicate. This borosilicate glass not only adds to the strength but makes them heat-resistant also.

The lid! How can we forget to discuss its significance in particular? Because its design makes the jar a worthwhile purchase. So the lid includes a BPA-free silicone ring. This ring promotes airtight fitting. Once you store cookies, sugar, and tea leaves, the airtight seal prevents them from moisture. The versatile lid also acts as a small tray.

Their incredible heat-resistant nature makes them compatible with microwave and dishwasher. It’s indeed a sigh of relief for any buyer if he comes across a dishwasher safe utility. But be aware! You are not supposed to dump the jar in the dishwasher along with the lid. It’s better to put off the lid before the washing cycle.

Don’t hesitate to trust Zens. Its innovations take you towards a healthier lifestyle. Besides, its appliances excel in quality, safety, and aesthetics from all aspects.

  • Not at all bulky
  • Adds to your kitchen decor
  • Simple and very useful
  • Nicely airtight
  • Great transparency
  • Easy to open and close
  • The lid is not dishwasher safe

Kilner 0025.899 Breakfast Jar Set, 0.35L, Transparent Jar with Measuring Lid for Oats

Oh my God! We have got an overwhelming response to this jar from the consumer industry. This best jar for overnight oats is super versatile. You can prepare a rich breakfast in it and carry it to your office. Similarly, storing a healthier lunch or any snack in it is also a practical idea. Hence, the product is a complete package for preparing, storing, and eating overnight oats.

Its lid features a silicone sealing disc. The lid itself is made up of stainless steel. It can also serve as a measuring container for overnight oats. As a rule of thumb, it can accommodate 50 g of oats. So, you can follow these criteria for measuring ingredients.

A stainless steel spoon also accompanies the jar. You can easily secure it with the container in a silicone spoon holder. This aspect is absolutely mind-blowing. It finishes the risk of losing a spoon in the car or under your office desk, ideal for meal preps.

You’ll also come across some markings on this premium quality glass jar. Above all, the canister is dishwasher safe. So, what else you are looking for at this minimal price. Indeed the usefulness crosses the boundaries.

  • Very well-built
  • Super easy to use
  • The lid may rust if you don’t dry thoroughly before fixing

Arc International Luminarc Working Storage Jar, Dof Glass with White Lid, 14-Ounce, Set of 8

This brand is quite common in the field. You might have heard luminarc glassware. And yes! This is it, luminarc storage jars. They are available in the market after undergoing several quality tests. And we can confidently claim that every set falls in the entire criteria of quality and safety.

Neither 1 nor 2! Unbelievably the set includes 8 glass jars with 8 white lids. Since the jars are made up of glass. So, safety from chemicals is an ultimate assurance. Because manufacturers prioritize to infuse purity in their products.

Besides storing jellies, nuts, and spices, they act as the best container for overnight oats. Transparency of the jars immediately hypnotizes the buyer. Because it lets you see the remaining quantity without opening the lid every now and then.

Last, of all, these 14oz jars are dishwasher safe. Hence drains all the frustration at the end of your busy day.

Not to forget that the company belongs to the USA. So, you can clearly judge the quality and durability level of these USA made overnight oats containers.

  • Nice capacity
  • Adds convenience to your lifestyle
  • Microwave friendly
  • Lids fit well
  • No con is found yet

Ball Collection Elite Wide Mount 16Oz Pint Jars (Pack of 4)

Again we have come up with a set of mason jars made in the USA. This USA based company brings a set of 4 jars each depicting 16oz capacity. Their design is super classic and unique. Luckily, the neck is wide and facilitates refilling and stirring overnight oats. Besides, you can explore your crafting talent hidden inside with these beautiful jars.

Once you start using these jars, you’ll come across their jaw-dropping versatility. They serve as a drinking container. Also, let you store jams, pulses, and even baby food. According to multiple reviews, the jars have proven themselves as the ideal container for daily use and best for overnight oats.

Last, of all, how can we forget to address your safety concerns? So, get happy because the jars are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

  • Perfect to take along on travels
  • Leak-proof
  • Stack up nicely
  • Unique shape
  • Don’t put it in the freezer

Bormioli Rocco Fido Square Jar with Blue Lid, 17-1/2-Ounce

This is the biggest jar amongst all discussed yet. But still, the price is not in the sky. I hope the introduction is enough to grab your attention. Let’s jump at the next point.

This container best for overnight oats is made up of Italian glass. The glass type perfectly symbolizes strength, durability, purity, and whatnot. It is free from all the chemicals including lead and BPA. As a result, you can put it in the dishwasher.

The most unique part of the story is that this 17 ½ oz container can stand unexpected shocks. So, you see, longevity is just super promising. The capacity of this glass jar is super enough to enjoy healthy overnight oats.

The combo of rubber gasket and metal clamp make up an awesome seal. Thus, food remains fresh and useable for a longer span.

Your storage issues remain no more issues with this glass jar from the farms of Italy. Apart from keeping pasta, pulses, or other dry ingredients, use this glamorous jar to preserve and can also. This jar urges your inner talent to erupt. It let you prepare some DIY gifts. And when it comes to home decor, the possibilities are just endless.

  • Prevents moisture
  • Simple yet beautiful
  • Well made
  • Wide mouth
  • Good size
  • Better not to put in the dishwasher

Factors to consider:

Buying the best container for overnight oats is not rocket science. Just consider some do’s and don’ts and you’ll end up with the most suitable container as per requirement. here, we are going to reveal a few considerations. Neglecting any of them may ruin your dream to enjoy your new purchase. So, make sure you address all the factors before paying the final money.


Normally, containers for overnight oats are available in 2 different materials. It’s either plastic or glass. Both materials have their own set of pros and cons. But glass jars are a good option to go for. Glass doesn’t accompany the risk of chemical leaching. Hence it’s considered a safer option. On the contrary, plastic jars may spoil your morning treat by injecting plastic smell in oats. Chemical leaching is another story you have to deal with plastic jars.


Choosing the right size is not as straightforward as it seems. Because an extra space for mixing is very important. Besides, if you soak oats in milk, space must be ample to prevent spilling. Not only this, but the soaked oats rise also thus acquiring more space. So, keep in mind all these specifications. If you want a container for 16 ounces of oats, better buy one with 20 ounces of capacity. 

Similarly, buy a large jar if you want to prepare 2-3 servings of oats in a single go. But being habitual to prepare single-serving needs a small-sized jar.


The simple recipes of overnight oats make them an ideal meal to grab and go. so, if you are always getting late for office and habitual to enjoy morning treat while traveling. Then buy lightweight jars. Also, the container must be compact. So that you can save enough room in the bag.


The container for overnight oats must be easy to grip to help to mix. If you don’t find a jar with handles, check for the jar configuration. The shape must be comfortable to hold and easier on hands. Besides, the jars with wider necks are an absolute win. This feature also promotes easy mixing.


The compatibility of oat jar with dishwasher is a nice perk. However, if you approach the most ideal jar but don’t find it dishwasher safe, it’s ok! Because washing them is just a snap.


It is important to buy a compact container .so, that it can fit in your carry bag. Similarly, the lids must fit tightly to prevent leakage in your bag. Otherwise, the resulting disaster may be irreversible.


Some recipes of overnight oats also include the usage of the microwave. So, it’s better to check the compatibility of the jar with the microwave. This will let you enjoy your purchase in a long run.

Best oats for overnight oats:

Plain, old-fashioned or rolled oats are best oats for the purpose. However, you can also use gluten-free oats for overnight oats.

Why overnight oats have to be in a jar?

Basically, overnight oat is a no-cook method of preparing oatmeal. The process doesn’t involve a stove. But soaking of raw oats in milk along with other add-ins. And this soaking needs to take place in a jar.

Can you put overnight oats in a plastic container?

Yes, you can! Plastic containers are lightweight and durable. Moreover, they are not prone to shatter like glass. But they become stinky after multiple usage episodes. As a result, they may spoil the original aroma of your overnight oats. So, it’s better to go for mason glass jars.

Do overnight oats have to be covered?

Yes for sure! Covering is mandatory, because oats or any food can easily absorb surrounding odors. If you keep overnight oats in the refrigerator, then there are more chances of taking more funky odors. So, buy a jar with a tight-fitting lid. So, that you can cover overnight oats properly.

How do you make overnight oats taste better?

Besides basic ingredients, there are endless possibilities that let you make overnight oats taste better. Some of this ad-in are:

  • Chia seeds
  • Vanilla extract
  • Peanut butter
  • Strawberry jelly
  • Chopped apples
  • Maple syrup
  • Hazelnuts
  • Chocolate chips


Thanks much for reading till the end. Besides shortlisting a few best containers for overnight oats, we have brought other amazing kitchen appliances also. So, stay tuned until the next article reveals all the hidden facts.