The Best Coffee Maker for Office 2023

An energetic shot at the start of your working day is just like a must-have ingredient of your job. Frequent intervals of such revitalization don’t let your energy levels fall in office. And when this refreshment includes coffee as the prime requirement, then no more question remains behind other than the purchase of the best coffee maker for office.

best coffee maker for office

Moreover, being an owner of small or a large scale firm, an employer must be keen about his employees’ addictions particularly, the obsessions that lead to maximum productivity and boost in performance. In this regard, again, the super versatile coffee maker is the perfect solution that depicts the employer’s concern and his favors.

Now, before jumping to the review section, have a look at the benefits of having coffee makers at your office. Also, our team added information about what type of coffee making machine suits you according to the number of employees at the office. You will find detailed information about coffee makers and what to look for a coffee maker? So don’t get panic and read all the information in this ultimate guide to pick super versatile coffee makers for your office.


What are the benefits of putting coffee makers at the office?

The key to energy in the air is indeed a coffee because coffee is more than a fuel for some people rather than a beverage. Some rely on caffeinated drink for morning freshness while others need a cup of coffee every next hour to regain their lost spirit.

And when it’s about the vibrancy of an office environment, then no compromise is acceptable but a hot coffee must be accessible at any time at the office. That’s why a coffee machine within the office premises is a necessary commodity. So, the workers need not waste time in going out to buy a coffee cup. In the below context, we are going to list down a few pros of having coffee makers at the office:

1.      It boosts productivity in the office: 

Nothing can beat the refreshment in the form of coffee during an intense workload. And the reason behind is its matchless positive impacts. For instance, it reduces stress, punches the mind positively, revitalizes soul, and recharges batteries. Therefore, all these influences make the workers feel extremely satisfied. Moreover, they get alert and swim in the sea of motivation to become more productive.

2.      A coffee maker reduces lost work time:

Owning a coffee maker at the office means no more visits to a nearby café for the sake of coffee. But they will be able to grab their favorite sip from a rack just next to their cabin. As a result of this entire scenario, the cut down of work time minimizes. Hence the workers secure more time to invest more concentration in their office tasks.

3.      It keeps your employees healthy:

With the enrichment in antioxidants and nutrients, the coffee potentially ameliorates your mental as well as physical well-being. Meanwhile, it hinders the emergence of some diseases, and above all, comes diabetes. Besides, a small quantity of caffeine also accompanies numerous health benefits. Most importantly, the session of preparing coffee and sipping it relaxes your mind. So, health benefits are just wow.

According to research made by the national institute of occupational health, having coffee before computer time relieves pains. Similarly, consuming 2 coffee cups minimizes muscular pain up to 48%.

4.      It improves the working atmosphere:

Coffee, being an effective stimulant, it not only minimizes fatigue and lethargy. But also strengthens your stamina and helps you compile will power. Thereby, the emission of happy vibes becomes an assurance, and workers interact with each other in a nice mode. So, to maintain a cooperative and friendly relationship amongst the crew, a coffee maker plays an important role.

5.      It is a staff perk:

Favoring your staff through a free cup of coffee is truly a nice gesture from the employer. And really, there is nothing bad in this because gaining work benefits is the right of the employees. Whatsoever, the workers don’t let go of this gesture all in vain. But work with more enthusiasm and put all their efforts for a better outcome. Above all, they also try to surprise their boss in one way or the other. Hence, installing a coffee maker produces much more than investment.

6.      It leaves a good impression:

Entertaining random visitors with an instant cup of coffee is only possible with a coffee maker within the premises. This act of courtesy not only inspires them but urges them to turn into buyers as well. Moreover, there are some sorts of services for which customers need to wait. So, a coffee maker again comes forward and entertains the residents of the waiting room in the best possible way. Above all, it’s a long term investment that pays till ages. Otherwise, the officers will remain busy in running the office boys to the nearest café with 1-2 cups every time.

7.      It gives quality and gains quality:

A superlative kind of coffee maker makes awesome coffee and satisfies the mental and physical cravings of the workers. Thus fully focused and the quality outcome becomes undeniable. So, serving quality never results in useless. Rather produces quality in all aspects.

Top 07 Best Coffee Makers for The Office

Apart from serving the entire team of workers the best coffee maker for the office also amuses the guests and clients with a perfect brew. So, it seems a compulsory purchase.

But buying a coffee maker is such a hectic task when the market is spilling with coffee makers of varied range. That’s why we have short-listed a few of them. The good part is that each coffee maker is unique of its kind. Hence the entire list encompasses a wide range of consumers’ categories and is not limited to one house of thought.

So, here you go:

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Brewer 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel Carafe

Since Hamilton beach always strives to introduce innovative devices for the comfort of its consumers. Therefore, it again comes forward with the best single-serve coffee maker that is not less than a blessing for real coffee addicted office workers who spend long working hours in their official job.

So, versatility being the most attractive feature catches the attention at first sight. To clarify, the utility can brew one serving cup. Moreover, if you want to brew coffee for your whole long day, a 12-cup stainless steel carafe is also available. So, either way, the Hamilton Beach single-serve coffee maker doesn’t disappoint your expectations.

Moreover, the Hamilton Beach coffee maker features a control panel that furthermore includes an hour and minute buttons. However, the most thrilling part is the freedom to adjust brew time even before 24 hours. Auto-shutoff also plays a vital role in productive programming. So, you get the chance to enjoy your exhilarating coffee ready on your office side table through this automatic setting.

While offering flexible programming, this coffee maker with stainless steel carafe also facilitates through a lot of various aspects. For instance, the brew basket present on the single-serve side features a mesh filter that perfectly accommodates ground coffee.

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Also, the same single-serve side includes a design that is compatible with cups and mugs of various sizes. So, the absence of a cup from the package is not an issue because any mug from your kitchen cabinet suits well to this coffee making machine.

Above all, the device contains fabulous mechanics and the brew strength selector that demonstrates our statement about this coffee maker for office. Thus, either you crave a regular brew, the coffee with a bold flavor or the strength in between. This coffee maker satisfies your appetite competently.

  • The glass carafe has substantial capacity and also includes measurement markings.
  • Hot plate retains the coffee warmth
  • Doesn’t require high-level care and maintenance
  • Very economical
  • Works quite efficiently
  • Cannot brew at both sides simultaneously

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Office Coffee Maker with Stainless-Steel Carafe, Black

Since this machine is competent to produce 4 cups at once. So a group of 3-4 office colleagues can get super hot coffee altogether. Whatsoever, the thing to remember is that the design of this best coffee maker means to serve a smaller amount of employers?

Moreover, the configuration is quite compact which makes it ideal for offices with smaller desktop. But you cannot doubt its potential through minimum capacity and sleek design because Cuisinart DCC-450BK makes sure the perfection within the boundaries.

So, the construction of its 4-cup carafe is stainless steel. That also facilitates the user with a dripless pour spout and knuckle guard. Most importantly, the brew-pause function makes the product an odd one out since the characteristic helps you experience the coffee taste before the completion of the brewing cycle.

And when any equipment includes an automatic shut off feature, that utility seems an original workhorse. Similarly, this Cuisinart DCC-450BK coffee making machine consists of a 30-minute automatic shut off timer. Hence drains all your worries regarding the accidental burning of the device.

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Above all, an indicator light helps you get to know about the functioning mode of the coffee making machine. And can you believe that the coffee container that is carafe is BPA free? In other words, the manufacturers seem quite keen about their customers’ health and well-being. That’s why they do not overlook the importance of non-toxic manufacturing.

Last, of all, the description that is enough to magnetize you towards the utility is going to blast now. So, the formulation of the coffee maker meets all the North American electrical standards. Thereby makes it an irresistible purchase.

  • Occupies minimum counter space
  • Very convenient to store
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Very easy to wash with warm soapy water
  • Bad quality warmer plate
  • The carafe and lid is not dishwasher safe

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffee Maker for Office

Not very noticeably large but with the increment of 1 cup in comparison to Cuisinart coffee maker Zojirushi brings you a utility that can brew five coffee cups at one time.

As coffee maker for office needs to be compact, and so is this Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto utility. So, this best coffee making machine contains a cone basket. And, it doesn’t occupy an additional space leading an increase to the footprint of the coffee making machine. But resides in the glass carafe and significantly contributes to the overall compactness of the coffee maker.

Moreover, the addition of a water filter makes it a product that is an absolute well-wisher of its users. The reason behind the fact is that this charcoal water filter cleanses and refines water. Hence enhances the originality of the coffee and its purity as well. Above all, this water filter and water tank, both are removable and thus make the clean up a final snap.

Furthermore, automatic keep-warm function and sight gauge are the benefits you don’t pay for. Since this 650 watt, Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto coffee maker is very economical and owns much more than the price.

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In short, why to hesitate from buying a product that filters the water before brewing. And it holds the potential to serve you with a hot one even if your boss calls you once the coffee is prepared. Though it lacks in brew-pause function and pours spout. But even then it proves itself as highly functional and productive equipment.

So, go for it since it’s going to be your best purchase for enjoying hot coffee facilities in the office.

  • Excellent quality
  • Brews perfectly
  • Great design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Water doesn’t leak
  • Plastic body

Technivorm Moccamaster 59462 KBG Coffee Brewer for Office, 40 oz, Black

So, this coffee maker is going to thrill you with its so many unique characteristics that no other brand can think of. Its automatic brew basket is the realistic stance in this regard. To clarify, the mechanism of the brew basket prevents the nonstop coffee flow in particular office circumstances. For example, if you remove the carafe from the hot plate the coffee will magically stop to come out of the brew basket. This aspect prevents any accidental coffee wastage.

Most importantly, this Technivorm Moccamaster 59462 KBG coffee making machine features a 100-minute automatic switch-off timer. Unlike Cuisinart product that includes 30 minutes automatic timer, this product again excels in this particularity.

However, what precisely operate the unit are two switches on the alternate sides. The left side switch indicates the power mode and automatically shuts off after 100 minutes. However, the left side switch is the real icon behind the functionality of the hot plate that lets you keep your coffee warmth at either 185 degrees F or 175 degrees F while clicking the switch to the right or left respectively.

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Though the utility can prepare ten cups at once, which mark it a bit similar in capacity to Hamilton beach coffee making machine the efficiency of KBG coffee brewer is just marvelous for office because it requires only 4-6 minutes.

 Above all, the construction material is metal that ensures maximum durability. Hence holds a clear cut difference from the manufacturing of Zojirushi plastic body coffee maker.

Last, of all, this coffee maker expertly brews while yielding deep coffee flavor from the first sip till the end.

  • Functions without pumps
  • Yields premium quality coffee
  • Well-built
  • Very simple to clean
  • Water drains quickly and contains no speed adjustment button
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Very pricey

Mueller Ultra Brew 12-Cup Coffee Making Machine, Multiple Brew Strength

An innovational yet straightforward coffee maker with a good capacity water tank is an ideal purchase for the office. Though, the water reservoir features sufficient accommodation potential (48 oz). But the equipment brews a single serving cup at one time. However, it’s not at all a drawback because, in this way, the utility can serve coffee individually to every colleague as per his precise liking either regular or bold coffee flavor.

Here the question arises that how it offers brewing variation to all coworkers individually as per their requirement. So here you go with your answer.  

The answer is the availability of different brew spans that are short, medium, and long. So, make a selection as per addiction since this best coffee maker for office allows you to do so.

Moreover, the programming of the machine helps you brew 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz per shift. Also, the unit is compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 pods and promises an efficient brewing. Most importantly, the device also guarantees bye-bye to cold coffees. And serve with a perfectly hot cup of your favorite brew.

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Let’s highlight the safety aspect, as well. So, the water reservoir is BPA-free, and the entire machine holds an honor of UL and ETL certification. Hence such plus makes it an undeniable best coffee maker.

UniquelyMueller ultra brew coffee maker includes no glass carafe like all the above coffee makers. So, if you feel uncomfortable with the delicacy of a glass carafe, Mueller ultra 12-cup coffee maker is your perfect station.

  • The water tank is removable
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdily fixes water tank
  • Heats up water quickly
  • Features no light to indicate low water level
  • Brew adjustment is not very flexible

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee Thermal Drip Instant Coffee Machine

If you focus on buying a coffee making machine for office that means to facilitate your coffee making from start till its cleaning then no other brand can beat sboly coffee maker because it brings you a machine with a self-cleaning option.

Furthermore, the offices are not casual places, and washing components of the coffee maker is not a favorable task there. That’s why, with the self-cleaning function, we mark a sboly single-serve coffee making machine as the best coffee maker for the office. So, this particularity is indeed the specialty of the device in which all the above utilities lack sadly.

Moreover, efficiency is again remarkable since the ultimate time requirement is 3 minutes. Thus investing 3 minutes in this fantastic unit will give you an extremely energetic coffee. That’s a perfectly hot cup of coffee because the mechanism of this coffee maker doesn’t compromise on the temperature also.

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Though single serving is the potential of the machine, you can also adjust the quantity further through water adjustment function. Since the water reservoir can accommodate 6-12 oz water, so, choose the amount from in between.

However, you also get the chance to brew either a K-Cup or ground coffee. So, the choice is entirely yours. Hence a side button helps you in making a precise decision according to your preferable brew style.

Above all, the sleek and stylish yet compact design makes it a perfect purchase for smaller offices and studio apartments. Being a smaller coffee maker comparative to all the above, it doesn’t require space only on the countertop though it can ideally fit on your office tables.

  • Very durable
  • Offers versatility through two brewing styles
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Bigger and great filter basket
  • Well worth the price
  • Frustratingly lightweight and slips around

OXO 9-Cup best Tasting Coffee Maker for Office

Oxo coffee maker includes programmable functioning like never before. First of all, it heats water, and subsequently, rainmaker shower evenly pours water on the coffee grounds. As a result of this phenomenon, ground coffee yields its full flavor and meanwhile guarantees ultimate consistent beverage.

While containing a double-walled stainless steel carafe, this best tasting coffee maker drains all worries regarding coffee temperature. The availability of an internal mixing tube is not less than a bonus and promises 100% hot coffee until the last drop. Hence the construction of the carafe ensures hot brew every time.

Moreover, the unit’s equipment includes a single dial that lets you select the required quantity of cups. Twist the dial, adjust the 24-hour timer, and press the brew button.

Also, the utility provides facilitation regarding water temperature adjustment. After a while, a genuinely aromatic and flavorful coffee will get ready to make you timely caffeinated.

Amongst so many useful features, let’s not forget to mention a few more furnishings. For instance, a freshness indicator, automatic wake-up timer, and pause and pour functionality that all mean to only the user’s job.

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Lastly, we feel a great privilege to announce that. SCA (specialty coffee association) marks Oxo 9-cup coffee maker as an outstanding coffee maker for producing coffee with pure goodness anywhere anytime even in the office. Since all the above coffee makers don’t hold such honor. Therefore this unit excels amongst all the best office coffee making machines at our review guide.

  • Features an LED display that precisely exhibits the current status of the machine
  • High-quality drip coffee maker
  • Easy to use controls
  • Sturdy construction
  • Modern appearance
  • Pricey equipment

Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Coffee Maker for Office

Types of coffee makers:

Having easy access to a coffeemaker is indeed an economical idea. So, if you are fed up with your random visits to coffee shops, and decide to buy one, don’t forget to refer our info. Because we truly care for coffee lovers like you and specifically your pocket. Hence aim to educate you in the right direction. In this regard, we have come up with different types of coffee makers, along with their characteristics. So, choose wisely as per your preferences:

1.      Pressure coffee brewers:

Manual espresso maker:

Finely ground coffee is the requirement for a manual espresso maker. However, before you start brewing, just pack the grind tightly. Lastly, you get to enjoy coffee with all the goodness within 1-2 minutes.

        I.            Automated espresso maker:

There are two kinds of automatic espresso maker. One kind is partially automated espresso, whereas another type is fully automated espresso. Whatsoever, both kinds don’t make coffee as pure as a manual espresso maker. But it depends entirely upon your choice. If you prefer convenience over rich flavor, then automatic espresso makers are your ultimate choice. Not to forget! The automatic espresso makers are pricey, though.

      II.            Moka pot:

This particular coffee brewer makes espresso while using steam pressure. Most importantly, it is an elegant replacement of a full-blown home espresso machine and is economical comparatively. Similarly, it makes a thick and rich brew that tastes awesome with creamy steamed milk. Above all, it’s the most viral coffee maker amongst campers due to its compatibility with camping fire.

   III.            Aeropress:

First of all, let’s clarify that this coffee maker imitates a big hand pump. So, it pushes hot water through finely-ground coffee beans. Most importantly, it forces hot water with maximum pressure to prepare a flavorful espresso. As a result of this pressure, useless chemicals from the beans don’t leach into the coffee. Thus, making the device beneficial in its way. however, it’s easy to use but a bit frustrating to clean, subsequently.

2.      Filtration coffee makers (drip brewers):

        I.            Auto drip brewer:

While serving you with every service pretty automatically, an auto-drip brewer is simple, easy to use, and less pricey. That’s why it is the most preferable option when it comes to making rich coffee efficiently. However, auto-drip brewer offers you an opportunity to select among sizes. Because it is available in both large and small sizes.

      II.            Single-serve coffee makers:

This category portrays usefulness in a very particular way. To clarify, it puts a full stop to preparing an entire pot of hot coffee. While the requirement is only 1-2 cups. So, with single-serve coffeemakers, you get to go with a cup of fresh coffee in an instant. Rather than making a lot of coffee of no use. However, there are further three kinds of single-serve coffee makers, each featuring unique traits. They include a k-cup, a Tassimo disc machine, and Nespresso.

   III.            Manual drip-brew:

Well, manual drip brew lets you control and monitor both temperature and volume of water. Therefore, most of the work requires the user’s vigilance and manual pouring of hot water. Therefore, it is the most recommended type for purists.

    IV.            Vietnamese coffee maker:

So, this coffee maker comprises a small steel filter and prepares delicious iced coffee. Firstly, you put coffee grinds on the filter and pour hot water over it, subsequently. Therefore, hot waterfalls in the glass that already contains some condensed milk. Wait until the coffee completes brewing. Mix it with milk afterward and last, of all, add ice.

      V.            Percolator:

A coffee maker with a capacity to produce a huge quantity of coffee empowers above all. Because you cannot deal with numerous guests with either of the above category. But with percolators, some impossible missions turn into biggest miracles. Because preparing 100 coffee cups is just a piece of cake for percolators. In addition, the usage of boiling water to prepare coffee is the reason why people go for percolators. As some people love the results of the hottest water. So, if you prefer to buy percolators, then either of both reasons stands behind the scene.

    VI.            Cold drip:

Another kind that prepares a much better cup of iced coffee is cold drip brewer. But, sadly, it is as slow as snail and requires 6-24 hours for making coffee. Hence time is the ingredient instead of heat and requires coffee grinds and water also.

3.      Steep brewers:

French press:

Coffee resulting from a French press features a grainy texture. Thus, the appliance emerges as an ultimate piece of a headache to clean. But even then, some people love the coffee from the French press due to the real good inside.  

Firstly, mix hot water and coffee grinds. Secondly, let the mixture steep for 4 minutes. Last, but not least, separate grinds from the mixture through pushing down the screen. And, here you go, the heavenly beverage of the day.

4.      Combo coffee makers:

Drip and k-cup combo:

This is the most versatile category. Because it allows you to prepare a k-cup coffee or brew a pot as per requirement. Since it serves dual purposes with maximum convenience. That’s why drip and the k-cup combo is a viral kind of coffee maker.  

Factors to consider before buying a coffee maker for office:

Buying any coffee maker blindly that the vendor suggests you are not a good act. Because you know your requirements better than the seller. Above all, your purchase must be an amalgamation of your needs and preferences. So proper education is the demand of the scenario. Hence the learning will let you know about the factors to consider before buying a coffee machine.

1. Machine type:

First of all, do inquire about the type because functionality depends upon the category you choose. So, let’s learn about popular kinds:

A.      Bean to cup:

This coffee maker grinds only the required amount of beans while leaves the rest behind. Therefore brewing a fresh cup with all the flavorsome oils is its specialty.

B.      Manual espresso:

As the name indicates, you prepare coffee with the help of manual control. Most importantly, operating manual espresso is not a piece of cake. But the resulting yield holds perfect harmony with your likings.

C.       Capsules:

It is a very easy, easy-to-use class of coffee machines. Because the user only has to put a pod in the maker. While the brewing takes place automatically.

D.      Filter coffee:

Although it is an economical kind of coffee maker. But it is potent enough to brew a huge amount of coffee at one time.

E.       Coffee vending machines:

If you are not into intricate appliances, then coffee vending machines are ideal to buy. Because they are extremely easy to use, and brewing requires only a few button presses.

2. Capacity:

Obviously, the requirement for an office varies from the requirement for a home in terms of capacity. Therefore, keep in mind the number of cups you want to brew at one time. So, buy the coffee maker with size accordingly.

3. User-friendliness:

Although some people at the office love a coffee maker with multiple bells and whistles. But the user-friendliness requires simplicity. So, simplicity to use, fill water, clean, and maintain are the perfect key to enjoy your purchase until the last sip. Above all, compatibility with your lifestyle also links to user-friendliness. To clarify, if you prefer dishwasher rather than manual hand washing of utensils, then you must buy plastic-free utility.

4. The material of the coffee maker:

Non-plastic coffee makers are widespread in the market. Because the majority of manufacturers don’t use plastic while making coffee machines. However, there are choices available for the materials of the filters. Whatsoever, a paper filter is the most appropriate option.

5. Additional features:

Smartness within a machine is very important to add to the convenience and cut down the frustration. Therefore, preferring to buy a coffee maker with additional features is not a bad idea. Although they are a bit expensive but truly worth their price. So, just ask the vendor about the availability of a few characteristics that are resourceful in adding ease. for instance, auto shut-off, auto start, auto-clean, etc.

Moreover, if cappuccino is your choice most of the time, then your purchase must include a milk frother accessory.

6. Speed and temperature:

Some machines require a few seconds to brew a cup of coffee. Whereas others need minutes to deliver the same yield. Therefore, consider your requirements in this regard. However, a capsule or vending machine, both are known for pouring efficiency in coffee brewing.

Moreover, the normal brewing temperature in most of the machines is 196-205 degrees F. However, if you love to drink boiling hot coffee, then look for something extraordinary. To sum up, both aspects contribute to dominantly in preparing an awesome coffee cup.

7. Maintenance:

Since proper maintenance enhances the lifespan of any equipment. So, don’t overlook the cleaning requirement of your device. And make sure that you can fulfill the cleaning needs of the coffee maker on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Otherwise, your investment may deteriorate in a couple of weeks.

8. Cost and value:

Never trust at a high cost for better functionality and productivity. Because this is not the right criteria of perfection. Rather there are so many coffee makers that are much better in terms of performance. But don’t cost you a property. Therefore a comparison between cost and value is the biggest recommendation.


If you consider sincerely, then a coffee maker is amongst the staple requirements in an office. Therefore, while striving to choose the best coffee maker for the office. A lot of specific factors need consideration besides the quality of the yield. Since you are going to make a selection for the workplace. That’s why serving size, unit’s size itself, and the programmability deserves zero negligence. Above all, it’s merely a petroleum machine that provides fuel to employees for better performance. So, choose wisely.