Best BPA Free Food Steamer Reviews 2023

The best BPA-free food steamer is the only option if you want to prepare healthy food for yourself or your family because these food steamers are made with material (plastic, glass, stainless steel) harmless to health. BPA (polycarbonate plastic) is often used in food containers, water bottles, and water lines. Some studies show that the BPA may seep into food from containers made of BPA materials. Its exposure may cause some possible health issues.


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Manufacturers these days are trying to introduce more and more products with BPA free material. Always try to use food steamers that don’t use polycarbonate plastic (BPA or PFOA) because the heat may break, and BPA may leach in food.

Product ModelPreviewKey FeatureLatest Price
Cuisinart STM-1000Digital/Glass SteamerClick for Latest Price
Oster 57122-Tier/6.1 QuartClick for Latest Price
Rosewill Food Steamer3-Tier/Stack-able BasketsClick for Latest Price
Aicok Food Steamer3 Tier Stack able Baskets/9.5 QTClick for Latest Price
Elite Platinum EST-23013-Tier Nested Trays/8.5 QTCllick for Latest Price

Benefits of Having a Food Steamer at Home

To get perfectly healthy, tender, and moist steamed food, the food steamer is a must-have tool in your kitchen. It means your vegetables, fish, meat, and fruits don’t get mushy or soggy.

Low calorie perfect healthy food is a guarantee because there is no need to add oil or fat to get your food ready.

Also, steamed food is fully packed-in with higher levels of minerals and vitamins or other nutrients as compared to other cooking methods.

Moreover, food steaming is a quicker and easier way to prepare perfect food of your choice and for your baby.

When it comes to baby food, food steamer is a guarantee to get healthy food because the steamer will preserve minerals, salts, vitamin C, and vitamin B1. Also, you can make purees without crushing fruits using food processors or blenders. So, we can say steaming is another alternative to food processor for babies.

What is the difference between food steamer and air fryer?

A healthier lifestyle is in trend these days. That’s why the equipment that prepares cholesterol-free food is getting more and more viral. So air fryers and food steamers are there to serve in this regard.

Different machines serve different flavors because ingredients cooking the food are not similar. To clarify, air fryers use hot air for cooking. Whereas food steamers need water to convert into steam and turn raw food into cooked ones. However, it depends on you which flavor you like the most.

Whatsoever, enjoying the productivity of both the variation is also not a bad idea as both promote fat-free eating habits. The manufacturers of both appliances (food steamer and air fryer) claim fat-free food cooking (up to 80 % less) Meanwhile, both are resourceful in serving a mess-free cooking task.

Top 05 Best BPA Free Food Steamers Reviewed

We are here to guide you, particularly about the best food steamers. And above all, we will prefer to help you with buying the best food steamer because an environmentally friendly device is all that can win your hearts.

So, below you will go through the description of some food steamers from famous brands. Read the detail keenly and thanks us later.

Cuisinart STM-1000 Digital Glass Food Steamer with Stainless Steel Steaming Tray

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Cuisinart is an all-rounder company and holds a significant role in non toxic cookware production. That’s why it also introduces the best BPA-free food steamer. So, if safety is your high demand aspect. Then Cuisinart glass food steamer is your necessary equipment.

Though safety from toxic chemicals is an assurance, the device doesn’t lack competency by any means. To clarify, the steam system is quite powerful. It produces steam from the top and the steam; furthermore, wraps food thoroughly, this happens in a quicker span.

Moreover, the machine comprises a 5L glass pot that is useful in many ways. Firstly, it is vast enough to accommodate a good quantity of food. Therefore you can steam food for a big family at once. Secondly, the pot is dishwasher safe. Hence cuts down your kitchen time while allowing you to spend ample time with family.

Most importantly, the equipment is effortless to use. It includes the Start/Stop button along with an option to pause and reheat and audible alert also, five presets truly rock the stage. In short, all this convenience lay on the LCD control panel. So every control is accessible. Not to forget that while adjusting timer manually, you can set the timer up to 60 minutes.

Also, this glass food steamer contains much more. For instance, a stainless steel steaming tray, 1L detachable water tank, and a glass lid with stainless steel rim.

To sum up, this food steamer from Cuisinart is a combination of creativity and uniqueness. Meanwhile, it means to satisfy the consumer with simplicity. So, step ahead to enjoy healthier eating habits.

  • Very easy to use
  • Great design
  • The handle doesn’t heat up
  • Glass pot rather than plastic is a big plus
  • Stainless steel doesn’t rust
  • A bit bulky

Oster 5712Electric Glass Food Steamer for Cooking, 6.1-Quart, 2-tier, White

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Oster always introduces innovational products; its BPA free glass food steamer also features some exceptional aspects. These extraordinary aspects make it a different product from other food steamers on our list. So, let’s have a look at how it excels amongst the others.

Firstly, you see that the capacity is enormous within a compact design. To clarify, the device comprises double-story steaming bowls that are 3.8-quart and 2.3-quart, respectively. However, Cuisinart’s food steamer includes only one 5L bowl. So, here comes the significant difference that makes Oster more preferable choice because the availability of two bowls offers versatility and adds to capacity.

Moreover, they allow you to steam different ingredients, meanwhile. However, your purchase also depends upon your requirements. So, focus keenly!

Secondly, it is mainly built according to North American electrical standards. Therefore the machine proves itself the best nontoxic food steamer for cooking. Moreover, the instant steam function catches maximum limelight.

Now let’s learn how Oster food steamer operates. Surprisingly, the LCD is designed on a push-button control panel. However, the LCD contains every control. For instance, red indicator light for cooking, green indicator light for keeping warm and above all 95-minute timer. Not to forget at this point that this is the maximum time a device can offer. Moreover, the keep warm function is a good bonus.

Lastly, we like to mention some more traits. Side handles feature configuration that serves a secure tighter grip. Besides, the glass pots feature glass lids that fit tightly. This helps to preserve the moisture, flavor, and nutritional content, therefore. Above all, a removable and dishwasher safe drip tray makes the product easy to maintain equipment.

  • Heat water very quickly
  • The monitoring water level is quite handy
  • You can fill the water reservoir without removing
  • Very easy to use and easy to clean
  • Includes eight egg holders
  • The digital timer starts to malfunction after a few uses

Rosewill Electric Vegetable Steamer with BPA Free Stackable Baskets, Egg Holder, rice Bowl

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As we are here with the best food steamer that’s why excluding Rosewill food steamer with rice cooking bowl from the list won’t be justice. Because the making of its baskets and rice bowl undeniably a BPA free cooking appliance.

Also, safety is a promising feature of all aspects. Besides safe manufacturing, the device serves with oil-free meals according to its name. Therefore, safety from cholesterol is also a significant advantage that lets you cherish a healthier lifestyle.

Similarly, the backstage mechanism is equally favorable. The turbo ring design indeed produces steam very quickly in less than 40 seconds. As a result of this efficient and powerful steam generation, the entire cooking takes place in minimum time. Thereby flavor and nutrients don’t get the chance to release. Instead, get locked within the food.

Moreover, the equipment offers a straightforward route to water refilling. Water vents are available on both sides to facilitate water refilling via these vents once the water finishes. Most importantly, these water vents stop you from interrupting the steaming cycle because they offer a handy passage without the need to remove the basket.

Also, the basket lids feature steam vents that let the steam spread evenly throughout the basket. Not only this! Rosewell electric steamer shuts off automatically once all the water gets used so nothing to worry about the food burning or any other motor damage.

However, there is still a lot to go. But let’s be comprehensive like its compactness. So, this Rosewell electric BPA-free food steamer facilitates with 6 egg holders in each basket. A 60-minute timer, cool-touch handles, and secure storage are the benefits you don’t pay extra for.

  • All baskets and rice bowl are dishwasher safe
  • Features a water level indicator
  • A considerable capacity (9L)for big families
  • Innovative design helps you steam different ingredients at the same time
  • Water inlets are real pros that are not present in oster or Cuisinart food steamer
  • The numbers and lines on the timer are not water-proof, therefore erase after a few wipes

Aicok BPA Free Food Steamer for Vegetables With 3-Tier Stackable Baskets Including rice Tray and Egg Holder, Stainless steel base 9.5 Quarts

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The food steamer by aicok imitates a lot to the Rosewill machine from various angles. Firstly, the 3-tier design of both devices offers an excellent capacity. The second similarity is the mechanism to shut off automatically when water finishes. Thirdly, two side water inlets that help water refilling without stopping the steaming process is again a similar favor. Also, both of the brands promise BPA-free steaming baskets. So just like Rosewill food steamer, aicock also receives the title of the steamer with BPA free material. 

Besides a comprehensive intro, we will also love to share details thoroughly. So, the steaming baskets feature high-temperature resistance. In other words, they can stand temperature till 284 degrees F. Not only this! But its high chemical resistance is also a handy trait.

Similarly, the 3-tier configuration is also efficient. To clarify, the design allows steaming different ingredients at one time. However, you can mix afterward as per your requirement. Moreover, the construction style adds to volume. So, the device helps you preparing large quantities in a minimum span.

How is the minimum span? Because the unit works with an 800W powerful steaming system. Hence it heats up and steams efficiently and results in evenly cooked food. But remember! The ingredients of the lower bottom bowl get done faster, and the efficiency decreases as you move upwards.

Above all, the stainless steel base ensures durability. And usage and cleaning ease is a prominent aspect. So, get ready to experiment with the nutritional steaming of fish, meat, or veggies because the equipment not only locks in flavor. But the nutritional content as well. Thus it helps you follow a long-awaited dietary plan.

  • Compact design, easy to store
  • 60-minute timer
  • Features a water level indicator
  • Performs great
  • Excellent quality
  • Water inlets are very small

Elite Platinum EST-2301 Electric Food Steamer with Stainless Steel 3-Tier Nested Trays for Fast Heating

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Another food steamer with a 3-tier design stands last in our list. Although these time the capacity is not that much huge. But even then, the Elite Platinum 8.5qt BPA free food steamer can serve a bigger family.

Above all, the equipment guides about steaming times of different foods. Besides the 60-minute automatic shut off timer, you’ll see a detailed guideline. So, either you want to steam broccoli, fish fillets, or zucchini, particular steam timings are available.

Similarly, the Elite Platinum steamer exhibits excellent design. Vents on the lids are the most significant stance in this regard. These vents positively promote even heat distribution. Moreover, two egg steaming trays lead to convenient egg boiling. Also, the brushed stainless steel surface is indeed a valid symbol of elegance. Last but not least, the water level window is enough to add the remaining facility.

Also, the machine is super easy to use. To clarify, no extra bells and whistles. First of all, fill the water reservoir, dump the ingredients in bowls, and set the timer. Most importantly, you need not spend extra time washing the steaming baskets because they are dishwasher safe, fortunately.

While capturing the entire productivity, in a nutshell, let’s not forget to mention safe manufacturing since steaming bowls are plastic. So, you may doubt about its safety because BPA (nontoxic chemical) is usually a part of the plastic. However, we make sure that this is the best food steamer. Hence guarantees health from all angles.

  • Generates steam instantly
  • Compact design, easy to store
  • Suitable for steaming large portions of food
  • 90% plastic unit, stackers get shapeless due to heat
  • Lightweight plastic steaming baskets don’t seal well resulting in steam leakage

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Factors to Consider Before Buying BPA-Free Food Steamer

There are a few primary considerations you should ask yourself before buying the best food steamer. Here in this section, we discussed the most important features.

1)     Safety

The most important feature you should consider is the safety measures of the food steamer. So keep in mind the material used in the construction of food steamers. Some models come with Stainless steel or glass material but others with plastic containers. Luckily there are BPA-Free food steamers on the market to serve you better.

2)     Size

Food steamers on the market are available in different sizes (one liter to nine liters). The food steamers with 9-liter capacity are enough to entertain a large family. So, the size of the food steamer you are going to buy is directly proportional to the size of your family.

3)     Capacity of Basket

Most of the food steamers come with multiple compartments with more than one basket. The average size of one basket is around 3 Quarts.

4)     Keeping Warm Function

This feature is available in modern food steamers. This function keeps warm function turns on when all the cooking process finishes and keeps food warm until the food finishes.

5)     Timer

A timer is another essential feature to consider before picking food steamer for your home. This feature plays a vital role in cooking food in different styles as per choice. Also, the delay function works efficiently when you wish to start cooking later.

6)     Auto Shut-Off Feature

Almost all the food steamers are equipped with this feature. The food steamer turns off automatically when the water in container finishes. The auto-shutoff function will prevent overcooking, and you will get healthy food.

7)     Cleaning

The trays and baskets with food steamer should be easy to remove and should be dishwasher safe.

8)     Warranty

Different models come with varying periods of warranty, and the warranty claim is directly proportional to the quality of the product. Always try to consider the food steamer with at least one year’s warranty.


Though all the above products are the best BPA-free food steamers a safe construction is not your only requirement all the time. There is also a long list of features that sometimes lay above all. For instance, keep warm function, ease in cleaning, auto shut off, etc. That’s why we have described all the food steamers in good detail. So, you get excellent help to reach a compatible product according to your needs. Good luck!