Best Blender for Making Flour in 2023

Preparing whole wheat grain flour is not the only option in the world of flours. But there are so many other choices also that you may need for one recipe or the other, for instance oats, wheat berries, nut flour, seed flour, almond flour, and rice flour.

Making fresh flour at home have lots of advantages including cost-cutting and getting flour with no preservatives. There are many different options to grind flour in the kitchen including grind mill and blender.

I prefer a blender to make flour because this multipurpose machine is easy to manage and also a budget-friendly option. Another best advantage to use a blender for flour is, you can save counter space in your kitchen by replacing the grain mill.

So, it turns out that the best blender for preparing flour is one of the essentials in the kitchen. Thus, investing in them won’t go in vain, because this equipment is not ideal for making flour only. But help you with so many other tasks also. 

Versatility is the most required feature of the best blender to bring to your kitchen. Therefore we surveyed thoroughly and short-listed a few items. All these best blenders for making flour are multi-purpose equipment. They cut down the need to buy different machines for different purposes. So, here you go.

Ninja BL770 with 64oz bowl is a super versatile kitchen system that is not only ideal for making flour but also a super fit a machine for preparing the dough, blending, and chopping.

Product ModelPreviewCapacityLatest Price
Ninja BL77072 OZPrice on Amazon
Oster Versa Blender64 OZPrice on Amazon
NutriBullet Rx N1745 OZ / 1 LiterPrice on Amazon
Blendtec90 OZPrice on Amazon
Vitamix 75064 OZPrice on Amazon
KitchenAid5 CupsPrice on Amazon


Top 06 Best Blenders for Making Flour

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender with Total Crushing Pitcher, Food Processor Bowl for Making Flour

This mega kitchen set by ninja is a perfect symbol of versatility. This super popular machine can turn any kind of grain into flour, can crush ice, blend fruits, chop vegetables, and can also prepare the dough. In short, it’s an ideal blender that can do everything in your kitchen.

The package includes a 72oz pitcher for preparing shakes and smoothies. It also contains a 64oz processor bowl. This vast processor makes the product best blender for making flour. It includes a dough blade for mixing whereas; chopping blade helps in even chopping of vegetables for salsas.

Besides, you’ll find 2 single-serving nutria ninja cups. You can prepare nutrient-rich drinks in these ninja cups. Twist the lids and use them as the serving glass.

This machine features 4 blending speeds. They help you enjoy maximum control over the speed of the blender. You can also prepare the perfect consistency of margaritas, dips, and sauces using 4 speeds.

The base of the machine is 1500 watts. All the containers are made up of food-grade material. That’s why; it’s a BPA-free blender that is also dishwasher safe. The good part of the story is that there are so many positive reviews. So, it turns out as a worth-buying package.

  • Performs professionally
  • Well-built
  • Includes suction cup
  • Well worth the money
  • The base is difficult to clean
  • Limited warranty

Oster Versa Blender with Stainless Steel Blade, Low Profile Jar, Perfect for Smoothies, Soups and Flour Making

This Oster Versa blender is a super durable blender for making flour. It also inspires its users through its 5-star performance in making soups and smoothies.

The machine features a 1400 watts motor with classic stainless steel blades. With this powerful motor and with a very nice speed of 250MPH rotates blades to prepare cashew cream, chia seed milk, and nut butter efficiently.   Most importantly, the machine blends all the ingredients evenly keeping fresh taste.

Oster versa has a variable speed control which helps with good control over the blending. Moreover, the unit also features 3 presets for soups, smoothies, and dips. A pulse feature behaves like a cherry on the top.

The 64oz container is also super spacious that means you can grind oats and other grains into flour. It is BPA-free and features easy-to-read measurement marks. A spout at the rim and rubberized handle makes the container a perfect leak proof utility.

Now you can prepare the healthiest drinks easily. The well-consistent soups, dips, and creams made by the machine catch the entire limelight on the dining table.

  • Includes temper
  • Doesn’t slip while performing
  • Powerful
  • Chops finely
  • Easy to clean
  • Very good at blending green vegetables
  • The temper is super long

NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender for Making Oat Flour and Smoothies

I am here with the most advanced smart technology blender for making flour.  The Nutriullet blender grinds perfectly all types of toughest seeds, nuts into flour with its 1700 watt powerful (2.3 hp) motor.

Also, you will get silkiest smoothies because this best blender crushes fruits and vegetables with its sharpest blades. It is because this blender comes with two blades, one for grinding and other for smoothies.

Here, I will mention another unique feature that is this blender comes with soup blaster pitcher which heats up soup bowl easily.

NutriBullet is an ideal budget friendly pick for small to medium sized family which is not only best for making oat flour but also this blender is perfect for juices, smoothies and hot beverages.

  • Budget-Friendly blender
  • Powerful
  • Multiple cup options
  • Limited warranty available

Blendtec Designer Series Sleek and Slim Blender for Making Flour with 90oz Wild Side-Jar

The Blendtec Company is based in the USA. It aims to serve the consumer industry with the best. So, we can claim that this blender is a very good option to select not only for making flour but to enjoy different smoothies and soups as well. It features variable speed with 8 levels. Thus, you can enjoy maximum control over the consistency of your juices and smoothies.

The machine is a unique piece with an LED display. This touch screen makes the cleaning of the base an ultimate breeze. Also, the touch interface gives the unit a stylish look.

The blades are dull and very strong and sturdy. They blend fruits and veggies very smoothly and evenly. These blades also produce heat due to friction. So, you can also prepare your favorite soups in this spacious container.

The machine performs with advanced technology. As it works, a vortex appears that pulls ingredients towards the center in the blades. It truly eases the job.

Yes, the jar offers 36 ounces of blending space. It is perfect for preparing drinks for 4-6 people in a single go. This latest programmable device is capable for preparing hummus, almond butter, nut butter; pancake batter is a piece of cake which is beyond flour making.

The jar gets cleaned with a self-cleaning system. With a few drops of liquid soap and water, the container is very easy to clean.

  • Easy-to-use technology
  • Can also make ice-creams
  • Very sleek and slim
  • Not good at crushing frozen fruits

Vitamix 750 Professional Grade Blender with 64 oz. Low-Profile Container for Smoothies and Flour making

This is indeed the best blender with low-profile 64-ounce jar that is enough spacious to entertain the whole family with smoothies, soups, blending frozen desserts and grinding grains in to flour. Its aircraft grade stainless steel blades can handle any type of hard and tough ingredients. So, you can make almond flour, peanut flour and rice flour for your baking needs. And, also it is super ideal for commercial use for blending nuts. However, this easy to use blender doesn’t occupy a lot of space in the kitchen.

The unit also contains 5 presets. By rotating the control dial to a specific preset, you can easily focus on other kitchen tasks. The yield will be incredibly even without your babysitting.

Moreover, variable speed control and the pulse are also there. They let you accurately adjust the texture of your smoothie and puree.

Frozen desserts are very easy to prepare with this monster. Its stainless steel blades are strong enough to grind hard rock ingredients. Similarly, preparing baby food is also like a piece of cake for the machine.

This blender skillfully kneads different dough. Besides, it helps you prepare batters for pancakes, muffins, cookies, and waffles

The motor is 1200 watts and this makes it a perfect purchase for daily usage. Cleanup is again not rocket science. A bit of liquid soap, warm water, and turn on the machine. Within 30-60 seconds, you’ll be all done.

  • Ingredients fold back towards the center automatically
  • Durable and long-lasting blades
  • Can also prepare soup due to friction
  • Sometimes leak

KitchenAid KFC0516OB 5 Cup whisking Accessory Food Chopper, Onyx Black

This versatile blender can chop, puree, and mix with its premium quality blades. This blender is not only the ideal choice for making almond flour for macaroni, but you can also perform whipping and whisking with the included whisk. So, you see, the machine encompasses all limits of versatility.

Most importantly, the blender performs efficiently. It lets you prepare dips, sauces, spreads, and dressings within a matter of a few minutes.

You can blend ingredients to any texture. It helps you precisely control the consistency of the juices and smoothies with 2-speed and a pulse.

The machine is super simple to use and clean. All the accessories and the container are dishwasher safe.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Good capacity
  • Includes cord storage setup
  • Doesn’t vibrate much
  • Taking the lid off is not that easy

Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Blender for Flour Making

Flour making, a little bit tricky task and require some special features to complete task efficiently. A lot of factors needs attention before buying the blender for flour making, but here I am going to discuss major factors to consider. Also, I suggest checking the manual and features of specific model you are going to buy. In my opinion a blender with high-end technology, stainless steel blades with variable speed will grind flour for years and years. Moreover, the portable blender will not perform like a pro.


If you are planning to pick a blender for making flour from different grains, I recommend picking a model with at least 1000 watt power (2 hp). Why heavy motor is required? This is because a blender with heavy motor will not overheat or stop performing during the process of grinding hard nuts and tough grains.


The speed of the blades is another important factor to look in. Buying a model with multiple speeds has ability to perform multiple tasks. This is because some recipes like baking require slow blending cycle. Some recipes may require slow speed in start and then may require higher speeds in the middle. Also, when you are planning to make flour from grains, you need high speed to complete task in less time as compared to blenders with regular speed.


As I discussed above, while checking out blenders consider the specific feature required to grind grains. Most of the manufacturers of blenders mention if the specific model is capable of making flour or grinding grains.

Moreover, high speed blenders allow you full control over speed when you are chopping, making puree or grinding grains into powder. Most of the models come with pre-setting for juices, sauces and crushing nuts. Cutting short the story, super blenders allow full control over speed.

On the other hand, a blender with limited speed options will not perform efficiently to get smooth texture of soups and blending different smoothies.

Pulse Feature

Here, I will mention the pulse feature of a blender which is another key feature to get chunkier blend. So, choose a blender with variable speed as well as the pulse feature to get coarse flour.


Keep in mind the multiple tasks a blender can perform in a kitchen, because investing in a blender just for making flour will cost higher. If you pick a model that is best for making flour but also makes smoothies and soups will cut down your task otherwise you have to buy multiple gadgets.


It’s another factor to consider before buying best blender which is ideal for making flour. You will need to specify a considerable countertop space or storage space.


Consider the price of the blender you are going to buy. It’s always recommended to pick model with reasonable price tag. This is because high-end blender models perform multiple tasks efficiently including flour making and other grain crushing.


While making flour the best blender will make a vortex- a region in fluid in which grains revolves around axis. Grains, seeds or nuts will not revolve around if un-sufficient vortex is created. Luckily, now days some brands are available with specific dry grain jar which creates reverse vortex so that nothing is left behind.


Another strong feature to make flour is the blades of a blender. Stainless steel blades are a guarantee to get the best flour texture out of the grains. Also make sure the blades a longer enough to crush grains efficiently.

Jar Size

Always try to pick a blender for flour making which is packed with 60oz above jar.  Also, a blender with capacity above than 60oz will perform efficiently if some guests are there to cater. Otherwise, a smaller container will ruin your precious time with several small batches.


Always pick a model with high quality plastic or glass jar and enough strong to bear tough grains. I mention this feature because during flour making jar will get scratches and often walls get cloudy. For regular flour making I prefer to pick a blender with separate grinding jar.

best blender for making flour

Can you make flour in the blender?

Shortly saying, yes! You can prepare flour in the blender but make sure that the unit is durable enough. With the blender on your kitchen countertop, you can process oatmeal, rice, barley, rye, wheat into fine flour. Preparing flour and using it fresh enhances the flavor of your recipe. Besides, you get the chance to avail of better nutritional content.

How do I mill my own flour at home?

Milling flour at home is not rocket science once you own a truly productive mill. With a functional unit ready to go at your countertop, don’t forget to perform the following tasks.

  • Always choose dry grain for milling.
  • If you rinse or wash the grain, be very vigilant to dry them thoroughly under sunlight or in the dehydrator.
  • Before you add grains to the hopper of your mill, remove all debris or rocks from them. It will let to achieve cleaner yield.

Now you are required to add grains to the hopper. Choose the required texture. Turn on the button and here you go with flour according to your recipe.

Is it cheaper to mill your own flour?

Yes! Because wheat berries are cheaper to purchase in comparison to buying the same weight of flour. And when you buy wheat berries in bulk, it adds glitter to gold to your money-saving strategy. You’ll just have to invest in durable equipment like once in a blue moon. And then you’ll get on the perfect way to mill flour at home and save money.

Can you make flour with a food processor?

For sure, yes! So, don’t let your wedding gift of a food processor ruin in the old storeroom. Immediately get it out of that messy area, clean it, and get set go. Let the processor work on your berries twice. By the end, you’ll get the fine ground with only a little leftover.

How much flour does 1 lb of wheat berries make?

1lb of wheat berries makes 2 cups of whole grains. So 2 cups of grains prepare 3 cups of flour. The final volume of four exceeds the volume of grains that were your initial ingredients.


All the blenders in our review list are best for making flour that falls in the wide range of prices. Some are pricier than others but obviously, you get what you pay for. So, never assume that you are investing in a costly unit for nothing extra. Indeed you will enjoy great value for your money. Similarly buying a less pricey machine doesn’t mean you are again going to waste money on some piece of crap. Instead, the above described economical machines are also useful, functional, and are made to last for a long.