9-Best BBQ Gloves for Handling Meat

While planning an entire barbeque session or outdoor camping, don’t forget to arrange protective gear. Yes! we are talking about the best bbq gloves for handling meat. Getting burns while deep frying turkey or while turning pork may ruin your whole weekend. So, why not buy some protection to prevent fingers from accidental burns. This will end up not only in a smooth experience but a refreshing mood also.


What kind of gloves should you wear when grilling?

Always wear premium-quality gloves. The gloves must shield your hands against heat while offering nice dexterity to grip grilling tools. Besides, the gloves should provide good coverage to your arms also. Apart from heat resistance, if gloves are water-resistant, then it adds glitter to gold. And ease to clean acts like a cherry on top.

Best BBQ Gloves

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9-Top Rated BBQ Gloves for Handling Meat

Although meat handling gloves may seem optional for a barbeque session, in actual they are compulsory at outdoor bbq parties. So, in accordance to the need of an era, we have brought some bbq gloves not only best for handling meat but also super fit for grilling and ovens. Just go through the below context and you’ll find some amazing products by professional brands.

1-Artisan Griller BBQ Heat Resistant Insulated Smoker Gloves, Great for Handling Meat

This is an American brand. It manufactures very nice gloves for handling super-hot turkey and pork. The gloves are made up of food-grade neoprene rubber. Also, it features a tire tread design. This design offers a good grip over barbeque despite all the grease and oil. So, the gloves turn out to be the best bbq gloves for handling meat.

The interior of the gloves includes a double jersey cotton liner. It promotes breathability and allows you to put on and take off gloves easily. The length of the gloves is also sufficient to protect your forearms from accidental burns. With maximum coverage, these gloves allow you to work across burning grills and smokers.

You can also use gloves while dealing with cast-iron pans. Being a heat-resistant utility, the gloves allow you to hold them for 20 seconds. However, the handling span depends upon the weight and temperature of the skillet.

Most importantly, Artisan gloves are fire, water, and oil resistant. So, frying turkey, pulling pork, and flipping ribs are risk-free. The neoprene coating doesn’t melt upon exposure to hot oil or boiling water. Besides, their water-resistant nature helps you to add or remove ingredients from hot water.

The gloves are resistant to stains also. Thus, they are super easy to wash. Wash them with soap and water while wearing them. Just be cautious about the liner that it must not get wet. If it gets wet mistakenly, let it dry before the next usage.

Add these gloves to your bbq toolbox immediately. So you can deal roast, turkey, and pork and also carve them finely.

  • Keep your hand clean
  • Fit nicely
  • Perfect for outdoor barbequing
  • Slip-resistant
  • Dye on the neoprene washes away leaving behind a patchy look

2-AYL Silicone Oven Mitt for Grilling, BBQ, Safe Handling of Pots and Pans Non-Slip Potholders

This is another set of best bbq gloves for handling meat. They feature a double layer and offer super protection to your hands from heat. The gloves are heat-resistant up to 475 degrees. Their outer features food-grade silicone while the inner includes the cotton layer. This cotton layer offers nice heat resistance.

These silicone cooking gloves are of very good quality and truly versatile. They are suitable for all kinds of cooking purposes. Either you want to bake inside the kitchen or want to barbeque using an outdoor grill or indoor grill. These gloves help you throughout the entire process of handling meat and protect you from accidental burns. Even, they let you dump your fingers in open flames.

The gloves are very good at gripping hot foods and cookware. The outer silicon is textured. It lets you hold the pork, roasts, and even hot plates and skillets tightly without fear of slipping.

We also promise you the durability of silicon. It lets you deal with the hottest jobs without the risk of melting.

The gloves are not super long like the ones manufactured by the artisan. Even then these gloves offer a nice protective coverage till wrists. This is practically enough to deal with hot processes.

It’s snap to clean these waterproof gloves. Use some dish soap and wash them with water. Besides, the gloves are dishwasher safe also.

  • Very functional and effective
  • Offer very good grip
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Fit nicely
  • Super resistant to heat
  • The lining takes ages to dry if gets wet

3-Long Heat Resistant (1472°F) Gloves for BBQ, Cooking, Baking, Cutting

These grilling gloves are the best when you are dealing with meat on a smoker grill at a BBQ party and also, work surprisingly well when you are baking or cooking in your kitchen. This is because these gloves come with a maximum heat resistance level (1472°F). So, these BBQ gloves are super ideal for multi-purpose use.

Also, these bbq gloves come with a blend of triple-layered material that ensures perfect, protection, and comfort.  On digging deep you will find the outer silicone layer that provides protection against any accidental slip. The layer protects from heat which is made of aramid fiber which protects against heat or cut. Soft Polyester cotton blend in the third layer provides ensure comfort to hands when dealing with meat and other BBQ items.

Moreover, the length of the gloves is ideal which is gives enough protection to forearms from burns. Also, the size of these gloves is ideal and suits most of the hands.

I love these BBQ gloves because they serve surprisingly best when removing smoked brisket or pork shoulder from the grill. Even you will deal with coals in the fire. Most importantly, when a party is over these BBQ gloves are your perfect partner when you tend to remove hot grates even when they are hot.

One more thing to discuss is that these multi-use gloves are hand washable as well as you can wash them in a machine.

  • Extra heat resistant
  • Triple-Layered gloves
  • Perfect for camping related tasks
  • Long enough to save forearms
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Leaves smell at first use
  • Little bit stiff material

4-Jolly Green- Ekogrips Premium BBQ Gloves for Pulling Pork with Forearm Protection

These gloves are from America’s best selling Ekogrips version. They are stain and heat-resistant and waterproof gloves. You can use them for all kinds of cooking purposes. These gloves work perfectly,  from handling casseroles from ovens to dealing with meat on outdoor cast-iron grills. These gloves become your true crime partner in following varied recipes.

The gloves are super versatile. Apart from helping you deal with hot turkeys and pork, they let you open jars in hot water also. The possibilities to use these charming and useful gloves are just endless.

They are made up of food-grade silicon. You can see reinforced finger webbing. This design adds to the durability of the gloves and makes them a long-lasting utility, unlike other silicone bbq gloves.

Non-slip grip is also the specialty of these best bbq gloves for handling meat. With no frustrating odor, these thick and premium quality gloves give a nice experience. Their design and engineering help you enjoy a hassle-free and mess-free cooking.

In short, the gloves serve maximum comfort while pulling pork shoulder from the grill. They don’t accompany the risk to burn your hand or to slip a pan full of bubbling hot gravy. So, order it as soon as possible. Because highly rated products won’t wait for long.

  • Easy to clean
  • Very good customer service
  • Covers your wrist
  • The gloves don’t cool down quickly

5-Best Gloves for BBQ Prep, Multi-Purpose Fireproof Indoor & Outdoor Use by GRILL HEAT AID

These best bbq gloves for BBQ prep and pull over meat accompanies multiple benefits. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee along with free lifetime replacement without any hassle. So, why not buy a product with this amazing customer care service.

Besides, these gloves are super unique in their own way. Their exterior comprises of a very good quality para and meta-aramid fiber blend. Whereas, the interior features 100% cotton liner for comfortable wearing.

The design of these gloves not only makes them a great purchase for cooking purposes like BBQ prep. But you can do more than the boundaries. Feel free to use the gloves for carrying salt blogs, logs of wood, welding, and changing electric bulbs.

The BBQ gloves are thick yet flexible with silicon strips. They are super heat-resistant but not 100% water-proof.  So, it’s better not to use them for dealing with hot liquids.

The gloves are durable. They don’t melt or catch fire upon exposure to flame. Also, they offer a very good grip to hold hot skillets and pans. Moreover, holding a burning bbq or turning rib roast on the grill or smoker is like a piece of cake. So, you see the company introduces a complete package of versatility and functionality.

  • Pro at shielding from heat
  • Anti-slip gloves
  • Easy to wash
  • Some fitting issues

6-RAPICCA 17 Inch BBQ Gloves for Handling Meat on Grill & Food on Your Fryer or Oven

Either you are a newbie in the barbeque field or work in a commercial-grade kitchen these best bbq gloves for handling meat act as a game-changer. The exterior features a food-grade neoprene rubber. This coating makes the gloves stain, water, and fire-resistant.

As these Rappica bbq gloves are waterproof, that’s why they allow you to wear them while adding or removing ingredients in boiling water. Besides, the palms of the gloves are textured. They allow you to grip and turn the saucy meat easily. Also, the anti-slip palms help to hold casseroles or hot cast-iron skillets.

The interior comprises dual-layer premium quality cotton liner. This material prevents your hands from the warmth. Also, it adds to the comfort.  The 17” length sleeve is a big plus with Rapicca bbq gloves. So, the gloves shield your hands and arms more than the requirement when you are dealing with meat.

These gloves are a perfect partner for all outdoor camping needs and super fit for a campfire. You don’t need tongs or forks to move the turkey. Wear them and move greasy and juicy turkey or pork with hands. They also help in deep frying turkey at thanksgiving dinner.

As Rappica bbq gloves are resistant to stain, grease, or any chemical liquid, washing and storing is super easy.

  • Heat-resistant up to 932 degrees F
  • Serve nice grip
  • Fit well
  • Comfortable to use
  • Smells a bit at first use

7-VRP Silicone BBQ Gloves, Best Protective Insulated Smoker Gloves with Waterproof Grip

These bbq gloves for handling meat come in 4 different sizes. Also, they provide nice coverage to arms through their long cuffs. So by choosing a suitable size, you can get this protective gear with a nice fitting option.

These gloves are super resistant to heat. Also, the textured design enhances a tight grip over the hot barbeque and cookware. So, both qualities help to handle grills, roasts, charcoal grates, and pork easily. You can also cut and carve burning hot turkey perfectly with these gloves.

Also, the gloves are waterproof. Therefore, they let you perform cooking processes related to boiling water like opening cans or taking out boiled corn from hot water. Moreover, if hot gravy spills from a cast-iron skillet or pyrex dish, the liquid won’t ruin the gloves. 

The gloves are very useful for what they are made to do. They help you to handle greasy, wet, and hot meat within the kitchen or at outdoor grills and smokers. Working with a campfire becomes the ultimate breeze. Picking, grabbing, pulling, turning, and transferring hot meats, vegetables, and cookware was never so easy before.

Last, of all, the company truly cares for its buyers. So, the customer care service is worth appreciating.

  • Very good quality
  • Grips perfectly
  • Easy to clean
  • A little bit difficult to take off

8-GEEKHOM Long Waterproof Non-Slip Grilling Gloves for BBQ

 For risk-free outdoor cooking, Geekhom comes forward in the care of its valuable customers offering the longest bbq gloves for handling meat.

The brand introduces grill gloves that feature a dual-layer. The exterior is BPA-free silicon. It is heat resistant up to 446 degrees F. However, the inner layer is cotton. The cotton liner adds super comfort to your wearing.

Besides heat resistance, these bbq gloves are waterproof also. They allow you to work not only with hot grates, burning hot turkey, rib roasts, etc. but help you in dealing with steam roast and hot water.

These gloves are the longest silicon gloves discussed yet. So, if you want more than enough protection with silicon, geekhom bbq gloves worth-buying. 

Above all, the non-slip surface adds glitter to gold. The textured layer helps you deal with greasy foods like a pro. We just recommend you not to hold hot items for so long. As it may badly influence the lifespan of the gloves and may hurt your skin.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to store with a hang loop design
  • Enough heat-resistant for a hot smoker
  • Good customer care service
  • The hanging loop comes poorly stitched

9-G & F 1682 Dupont Nomex Heat Resistant Gloves for Cooking, Grilling & Fireplace

Here you go with an extremely economical and best reversible bbq glove for meat handling. They are super flexible with an outer layer of Dupont Nomex fiber and silicon block coating. This kind of exterior makes the gloves highly resistant to heat. The inner liner features pure cotton and serves good comfort.

Pick one glove and see that you can wear it in either right or left hand. This is because the gloves are reversible. The stretchable design also makes these gloves a unique piece from above all.

The gloves help you well in your indoor kitchen as well as in outdoor barbeques. They are equally functional at dealing with ovens and indoor grills. The gloves fit perfectly over your fingers and palm and offer a tighter grip. Don’t worry about the size selection. The flexible design of the gloves fits all.

Once used, wash them in the machine and use them when they dry completely.  Don’t use damp gloves. Also, it’s better not to dip your hands with gloves on in boiling water. Because they are not pro at this and your hands may get burnt.

  • Very good for quick turning and tossing
  • Provides good coverage
  • Flame-resistant
  • Very well-made
  • Price is for a single piece not for one pair
Best bbq gloves for handling meat

Types of Material Used in BBQ Glove Manufacturing

Manufacturers make bbq gloves while using any of the four materials described below. These materials are perfect to prepare such gloves. Each material serves several benefits in regard. Let’s learn in detail:


The pros of silicon usage in glove making include:

  • Silicon gloves are super easy to clean. The reason behind the fact is their nonstick nature. Sauces and meat juices don’t stick to the silicone surface. This results in an easier cleaning episode.
  • Brands prefer to use food-grade silicone with no BPA. This composition of the silicone makes it the best material for gloves. As it ends up in zero exposure of food to hazardous chemicals.

However, a few cons are also there that include:

  • Silicon gloves doesn’t fit on all the curves of your hands and arm.
  • They don’t offer maximum insulation.


This material is now considered an old one to prepare bbq gloves. However, its benefits are excellent which are:

  • They help you nicely in moving hottest cookware.
  • Leather gloves are quite thick and shield your hands perfectly from flaming logs.

Again leather gloves include a few cons which are:

  • Cleaning leather gloves is not a snap. Because they are not dexterous and are not a pro at dealing hot foods.
  • Leather gloves don’t serve for a longer span. They just get frustratingly hard after a lot of usage and become useless.


This kind of gloves usually includes kevlar or aramid as the basic manufacturing material. This fabric is highly resistant to heat.

The pros of fabric bbq gloves include:

  • They are good at dealing grill grates, hot skillets and pans.
  • You can wash them in machines.
  • Fabric gloves are comfortable to use.

The cons of fabric bbq gloves include:

  • Like silicone gloves, they are not nonstick. That’s why they are not easier to wash with hands.
  • They are not good for handling food because of their sticky nature.
  • Never use fabric gloves if they are not thoroughly dried. Wet or damp fabric gloves become good conductors of heat and result in burns.


If the glove includes silicon exterior and fabric interior, they are considered to be made up of synthetic material.

Their pros include:

  • They help you deal tongs and cookware easily.
  • Also, they let you hold turkey or pork directly.
  • Synthetic gloves are thick and perfectly exhibit premium quality
  • Cleaning these gloves is very easy. Just be cautious that the interior doesn’t get wet.

However, the cons include:

  • Just like leather gloves, they don’t insulate your hands very well.
  • If the inner gets wet, let it dry thoroughly. Otherwise, the gloves will conduct heat.

Factors to Consider Before Picking BBQ Handling Gloves

Best bbq gloves for handling meat surely ease your grilling experience. They protect your hands from the hottest grates and meat while offering maximum grip over them. All the gloves vary from each other in one trait or the other. All you have to look deeply into all the details of their manufacturing. For instance, analysis of glove length and the fabric used. This will help in choosing the product compatible with your requirement. The below context will help you in selecting the right glove amongst dozens. In this, you’ll get to know about the prime factors that need maximum consideration while buying gloves. So, let’s start:


A good grip over the grilling equipment is very important. You cannot avail a solid grip with thick and stiff gloves. So, look for a flexible pair while choosing best bbq gloves for handling meat. A flexible pair will let you hold grates and logs easily with maximum comfort.


In the market, you will find bbq gloves with different lengths. Some cover your hands above the wrist. Whereas, other cover your forearms till elbow. Longer cuffs offer more than enough protection. They shield arms against burning coals and splashing grease. With commercial-grade smokers and grills, it’s better to buy gloves with longer cuffs. However, it’s up to your personal choice. Choose that you feel comfortable with.


Must inquire about the heat-resistance limit of the glove. The temperature of the smoker and grill may exceed up to 500-600 degrees F. so, buy gloves that are resistant towards higher temperatures. Otherwise you may be get busy in nursing your burnt hand.

D-Water resistance:

Water-resistant gloves turn out perfect when they confront steam and meat juices. With water-resistant gloves, you can easily deal boiling water too. So, it depends upon you most frequent activity. Because sometimes a buyer prefer excellent heat-resistance and may compromise over the water-resistance.


Cleaning stain-resistant gloves is super easy. A gentle hand wash is the maximum requirement. If your gloves are not stain-resistant, then they must be compatible with machine wash. So, look for a glove that is at least machine washable.

Frequently Asked Question

Why do BBQ chefs wear black gloves?

Bbq chefs prefer to wear black gloves due to multiple reasons. As barbeque is all related to marinating, greasing, lighting coal, etc. So, you can say, it’s all about mess before the delicious meat. Black gloves don’t show much grease, stains, and sauce. Because, the black color hides a lot of backstage hassle. Above all, they look cool dude.

What gloves do BBQ pitmasters use?

Pitmaster prefer to use gloves with pure cotton liner and nitrile exterior. These gloves are very comfortable to wear. Besides, they are economical too. Taking off and cleaning them is super easy also. Moreover, nitrile gloves are not prone to tearing and puncturing. These gloves are not super heat-resistant. But their thickness does the rest of the shielding job. Most importantly, they are black in color according to the demand of the job.

Do silicone oven gloves work?

Yes! Silicone oven gloves work well for outdoor grilling due to following reasons.

  • These gloves are heat-resistant up to 450 degrees F.
  • Silicone oven gloves are waterproof. Thus allow you to deal steam, meat juices, and grease.
  • They feature rugged surface that adds to a firm and stable grip.

What can I use if I don’t have oven mitts?

You can use kitchen towels as an alternative to oven mitts. Towels appear to be very flexible in comparison to oven mitts. They let you grip hot pans and get them out of the oven very easily.

What kind of gloves protect against heat?

Obviously heat-resistant gloves protect against heat. But in actual which materials make a glove heat-resistant are:

  • Kevlar
  • Terry knit
  • Carbon fiber
  • Combination of all above.

All these fibers offer different levels of heat resistance.


A best bbq glove for handling meat doesn’t cost a kidney. But the service in return is just matchless. So, don’t consider it a casual tool and do buy it to enjoy the grilling experience to the fullest.