Best Air Fryer under $100 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you expect a lot from the best air fryer under $100, then you are right at your perspective. Such an air fryer must fulfill maximum consumer requirements since the user buys it with high hopes.

best air fryer under $100
Best Air Fryer under $100

But what if the building of your desires collapses and your purchase refuse to operate or demonstrate poor quality. Not only will your wishes dive in a gloomy pitch. But your dream of enjoying all the fried items without oil will evaporate.

That’s why we have come up again to assist you in this regard. So before you take your car keys and drive to the nearest retail market and make a final purchase. Please go through our article that will let you know the positivity of each air fryer in quite a detail.


Best Air Fryer under $100

We have extracted a few air fryer models that are real experts in producing a healthier and guiltless meal without mess. And we promise that choosing any of them will let you experience a smooth ride rather than a roller coaster one. So, here you go:

Elite Platinum EAF-553-Air Fryer under $100 with Extra Large Capacity

While owning a capacity of 7.3qt, that’s ample to accommodate 5 lbs of food; elite platinum air fryer doesn’t frustrate with its space. Thereby feeding the considerable family at once comes at your fingertips, and your busy schedules find a lot of relief.

However, being a real utility, this best air fryer under $100 meets the consumers’ prime requirement of a healthier meal. Since zero oil is the fundamental recommendation or you can add little according to your personal preferences. But the device does not require any as 360-degree rapid air circulation plays a legendary role.

So, a fat-free meal with no oil yet tender, juicy, and crispy spellbinds your attention and urges you to suggest this budget-friendly best air-fryer to your family and friends.

Here the question may arise in your mind that why we are labeling the product as an economical one. So, the answer is that such quality, convenience, and the built-in technique is challenging to find altogether because pocket-friendly equipment features one but lacks in other most probably.

But elite platinum EAF-553 is the perfect picture of functionality and productivity. Let’s clarify furthermore. So, the availability of adjustable time and temperature knobs allow monitoring the cooking cycle according to food type precisely. Since the temperature control ranges from 210-400 degrees F and you can set the timer up to 60 minutes.

The PFOA/PTFE nonstick frying pan is removable and dishwasher safe. So nothing to fear about dangerous chemicals and cleaning tasks. Moreover, it’s cool touch handles make the product a manageable one for kids also.

So why not to buy an air fryer that serves with maximum flexibility to handle different sorts of eatable. Not only flexibility but cook, fry, or bake quite efficiently.

  • Automatic shut-off timer
  • No oily mess
  • Time and energy efficient
  • Does not take too much counter space
  • Easy to operate
  • Quiet machine
  • Nonstick coating peels with time
  • Don’t forget to shake during a cooking cycle

COMINHKPR129421-Best Air Fryer under $75

While utilizing turbo cyclonic air that surrounds the food thoroughly, this power air fryer brings cholesterol-free and evenly fried products. So, being cooked in the whirlwind of powerful hot air, the device ensures a healthier, crispier, and up-to-the-mark yield.

Therefore, a guiltless meal that doesn’t add to the waistline is ready-to-go with this best air fryer under $100. Also, COMINHKPR129421 5.3qt serves with a delicious flavor and a compromise on the taste is not the criterion.

Above all, oil absence leads to no mess. Therefore we recommend to wipe it with a kitchen towel and warm soapy water immediately after you complete cooking. Although the company guarantees dishwasher safety, but to maintain the performance, why not opt for a better choice that is not also hectic meanwhile.

Moreover, this air fryer under 100 dollars features a digital touch screen. Furthermore, COMINHKPR129421 comprises 7 presets for almost all types of foods like shrimps, steak, French fries, different types of roasts, cakes, etc, and all these delicious items are managed by its easy pre-sets.

However, the facility to do manual adjustment of temperature (180-400 degrees F) and 60-minute timer behaves like a big plus. That promotes better monitoring and control.

We also suggest you preheat the utility for better and quicker results. Therefore marking the fryer as energy and time-efficient product will not be a strange idea.

With a massive capacity of 5.3qt, feel free to bake, roast, and grill apart from frying. Subsequently, don’t forget to thank us later for suggesting an excellent air fryer that truly worth the money.

  • Excellent at frying frozen foods
  • Very affordable as a large size
  • Well-built
  • Easy to clean
  • Releases hot air from the back
  • Unplugging is must-to-do when not in use
  • Don’t keep close to inflammable things while using.
  • Releases strong smell
  • Nonstick coating is not durable
  • Takes some time to figure out

Elite Platinum EAF-1506D-PFOA/PTFE Free, with 26 Recipe Cookbook

Another air fryer best under 100 by the elite is waiting to brighten up your life with its versatility. So let’s have a glance at what this is all about.

Firstly, it’s quite surprising that the utility EAF-1506D fries, bakes, grills, or roasts with the help of a high-power convection fan. To clarify, the hot air emission wraps the food thoroughly and cooks it with temperature ranging from 149-400 degrees F.

Moreover, the provision of an automatic shut-off timer lets the timer turn off once the cooking cycle is over. However, manual adjustment of both aspects is the perfect key to better control and management.

Furthermore, as we mentioned above, that EAF-1506D air fryer employs hot air rather than oil. Therefore the yield is going to thrill you since it does not go through conventional frying. Not gallons of oil, so no cholesterol, no cholesterol means a healthier meal (85% less oil). Hence a healthier meal means not tightening of your cloths. WOW!

But don’t worry about the taste because the machine loves to satisfy your appetite as well. Thereby produces a crispier snack that is tender and juicy meanwhile.

So, now you can enjoy crispy veggie chips, fish fillets, chicken tenders, and much more. Also if you want to buy Best Air Fryer for French Fries you will definitely love this guide. But remember you can’t entertain a bunch of friends with its small capacity (3.5qt), so don’t dare to invite any since the air fryer can serve 3-4 persons uninterruptedly.

Above all, zero oil splashing, cool-touch handle, and PFOA/PTFE free non-stick basket symbolize a safe and secure experience. Also, cleaning and maintaining the air fryer EAF-1506D by elite adds glitter to gold since both the tasks are breezy because non-stick 3.5-quart fryer basket and the 4.75-quart pan is dishwasher safe while the exterior requires a gentle wipe.

What else you want now except this mesmerizing amalgamation of beauty and beast.

  • Sleek and stylish
  • Efficient machine
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not heat the kitchen
  • Better than a stove
  • Good quality
  • Requires ample space for storage

Yedi-Best Value XL Air Fryer with Deluxe Accessories And Recipes

Being a high-ranking air fryer under budget, the proficiency and convenience of the product from all aspects is absolutely promising. Whatever you want or you need, there is nothing that lacks in this best-rated air fryer under 100 dollars.

The most prominent stance that certainly proves our above statement is the deluxe accessory cooking kit that will accompany your purchase. The kit comprises of a:

Divider for the cooking basket, steaming papers 50 perforated parchments, Cake carrel (8-inch), Pizza pan (8-inch), Racks-Multi-purpose with three stainless steel skewers, silicone pan, rubber mat(heat-resistant)

Besides the above gains, this 5.8qt XL air fryer can feed healthier and delicious meals to a huge family. Therefore, you can take care of each and every family member, whether he is your fitness freak husband or parents-in-law, who are heart patients or suffered from some other chronic ailment. Since frying, baking, grilling, and roasting with 85% less oil is something in which this air fryer best under $100 excels.

How does it cut down 85% oil from food while maintaining the crisp and flavor needs a bit explanation? So a circulating fan present above an electric-coil heating element blows powerful hot air around the snack as a result of which food gets brown and crispier without oil and within a few minutes.

Convenience is also doubtless as the removable nonstick basket is dishwasher safe. Moreover, the touch screen allows you to set the cooking time and temperature manually. Or you can make a selection from the many built-in smart preset programs — your choice.

Last of all, cool-touch handle, button guard, and PFOA & BPA-free coating depicts it an entirely safe purchase.  In short, the air fryer Yedi is capable of embellishing your cooking tasks with ease and convenience from the start till the end.

  • Timer comprises of an automatic shut-off feature so no overcooking
  • Cooks meals very quickly
  • Basket divider facilitates cooking two dishes at once
  • Preserves nutrients
  • No fear of cancerous chemicals
  • Appealing looks
  • Consistent air fryer.
  • Bit bulky

Tidylife 6.3QT-XL Air fryer Oven Cooker with No Stick Basket+Recipes

While minimizing 85% of oil from your regular meal, 1700W Tidylife air fryer under 100 dollars also cuts down 20% of cooking time. Since heat transfer is quicker than a standard oven. So this one attribute makes this product an appealing one amongst top rated air fryers under $100.

In the same vein, the oilless cooker fries, bakes, and grills with the help of high-speed air circulation technology. Hence the device saves your pocket from spending huge amounts on gallons of oil. Therefore allows enjoying a guiltless meal from all aspects, whether it is about Trans fat consumption or precious earning. In addition, the air fryer also features a drip tray that catches extra fat & oil. So what a blast!

Apart from preventing you from buying liters of oil, the machine also cares for your pocket through its versatility.  To clarify versatility, rather than spending on the oven, fryer, microwave, grill, sandwich maker, nonstick frying pan, dehydrator, and popcorn maker individually just go for this top-rated cheap air fryer under $100 and save your money as well as space.

 Moreover, safety is enough to straighten your forehead wrinkles. Since the safe-release button, cool-touch handle, overheat protection, light indicator, 60-minute automatic shut-off, and non-sliding feet design exhibits protective manufacturing.

Furthermore, detachable and nonstick inner basket guarantees convenient cleanup as it is dishwasher safe. Similarly, the nonstick surface also results in fewer residues left behind.

With this 6.3qt tidylife oilless oven cooker, you can smoothly handle a family of 6. Most importantly, your body responds firmly against hypertension and heart diseases once the tidylife air fryer model under 100 dollars enters your home.

So what is still causing you to resist the utility, although the air fryer is remarkably incredible in all characteristics?

  • Smoke-free cooking
  • Resulting snack crispier exterior and juicy interior
  • Very easy to clean
  • Variable temperature control
  • Several presets
  • Very efficient
  • Loud machine

Ergo Chef-Best Budget XL Electric Air Fryer

Similar to the other air fryers, this ergo chef machine fries, bakes, grills, roasts food with zero oil. Though, rapid fast air technology is the main part of this best air fryer, so nothing to doubt about taste and appearance. But we promise you the same traditional deep-fried taste and texture.

Our best-reviewed Best Air fryers for fish

Not only this!  POWERFUL 1700 Watts Multi-Functional Air Fryer does not require a lot of time. However, the hot air circulates the entire food thoroughly and proficiently produces perfect food within a matter of minutes.

Its large 5.8qt size is indeed the family size. But apart from the huge size, this top-rated air fryer facilitates dealing with huge families in various ways. To clarify, the package accompanies four very useful accessories. For instance, silicon tongs, Pizza/Pie/omelet pan, food divider, stainless steel grill rack. Hence all these help to prepare food according to individual requirements.

Moreover, the air fryer with a cheap price tag comprises a large Easy-to-read LED control panel along with touch-activated controls. That certainly allows us to set temperatures precisely and promote better monitoring. On the other hand, the availability of 8 presets equally simplifies the job, so the adjustment flexibility is at the peak.

At this point in the discussion, let me assure you of a fact. That this best air fryer under is a premium quality product and worth the money. So, choosing this will balance your shaking boat and will lead your life towards great improvement.

Coming back to the point, the equipment serves you with speechless safety, most importantly. Cool-touch handle, automatic shut-off timer, and PFOA free pan proves our above statement.

In addition, PBT/PET heating insulation significantly maintains your fryer temperature for a heavenly cooking experience. Moreover, this best air fryer under $100 heats up quickly and hence uses less energy. Thereby we also term it as a time and energy-efficient purchase.

  • sleek and modern appearance
  • available temperature range is 180F to 400F
  • extra durable coating
  • very easy to operate and clean
  • automatically resumes
  • can cook almost everything
  • quiet air fryer
  • The underside gets so hot
  • Cheap plastic hardware
  • Better not to wash in dishwasher

Costzon Electric Air Fryer-UL Certified Dishwasher Safe Air Fryer under $50

Willing to turn your direction towards healthier eating habits? Why not purchase a fryer that requires no oil. But bakes, grills, roasts, and fries with the help of powerful hot air rather than oil, commonly called Air Fryer.

Costzon air fryer is the air fryer under 100 dollars that is capable of encouraging your passion for a smarter waistline. However, while cutting down cholesterol from your diet, the air fryer does not disappoint you from the resulting flavor. Because impotent to yield crispier and delicious food does not mark it a worth buying purchase under budget.

Since no oil so no mess and therefore cleaning does not become a frustrating task. Although dishwasher is a recommendation to wash if you want to clean it manually, that’s not also a hectic job because nonstick coating releases food and leaves behind no residue.

While glancing at the time and temperature settings, we indeed congratulate ourselves on bringing highly adjustable cookware. Since freedom to set the built-in temperature control (176°F-392°F) and timer (0-30 Mins) is incredible. That’s why you can monitor everything you cook either; they are French fries, onion rings, steak, vegetables as per requirement.

Moreover, this best air fryer gives an awesome chance to kids in exploring the charisma of air frying. To clarify, it is a safe product for children because of a built-in cool-touch housing and handle, no oil splatters, non-Slip feet, etc.

With no oil smell, the 1500W air-fryer serves with amazing usage, flexibility, versatility, and convenience and more budget-friendly. The only bonus within the price range in which it lacks is its small capacity that is 3.2qt. So, if you are a member of a bigger family, the costzon air fryer is not your go-to place.

  • Cooks to perfection
  • Easy to store
  • Very easy to clean
  • Great value
  • Compact utility
  • Takes some time to get used to it

Air Fryer KUPPET-Electric Hot Air Fryer, Oilless Cooker with Extra Large Capacity, Nonstick Fry Basket 

An awesome healthier alternative to conventional deep frying that potentially reduces 80%of oil intake is this kuppet air fryer. After thorough and in-depth research, we short-listed it as the best air fryer under $100 because we find it an ultimate blend of quality and productivity through a series of experimentation.

Just dump in the raw food and adjust the temperature through a variable temperature control 180℉ – 400℉. As a result of this moisture will dry away under the influence of powerful hot air. Subsequently, the eatable turns into a crispier yet mouth-watering snack with oil of the food itself plus hot air.

Furthermore, this best budget air fryer comes with six cooking presets e.g. you have a choice of presets like steak, frozen food, vegetables, bread, French fries, desserts or bread. So, whatever mode of operation you choose is up to your personal preference.

While setting the temperature, don’t forget to adjust the 30-minute timer that’ll automatically shut-off when your set time will finish. However, we recommend you to preheat the device for quicker and inspiring results.

Teflon nonstick PFOA-free removable frying basket and pot are dishwasher safe, so cleaning is not an issue. This air fryer under$100 comprises of a PBT+PET inner part and heat- resistant handle with Fiberglass braid inner wires.

Moreover, this cookware device complies with all standards of electromagnetic fields (EMF). So, if you handle according to instructions, no other machine can beat this in safety.

Last, of all, the utility features up to 5.8qt capacity and can serve food for 3-5 people. So do you smell any incompetence? Absolutely not!

So a durable but cheap air fryer with a fusion of quality, elegance, and the latest technology can be at your doorstep. Just choose kuppet air fryer and enjoy the deal.



      We hope that our research might have drained half of your frustration in selecting the best air fryer under $100. So, we wish you good luck with your journey towards a healthier eating lifestyle. For rice lovers, we have chosen Top 06 Best Rice Cookers for Brown Rice. But don’t forget to stay tuned because a lot more related articles are on the way.

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