Are Copper Tea Kettles Safe to Use

Copper tea kettles not only focus on their functional aspects. Also, these tea kettles embellish your kitchen countertop meanwhile through their aesthetic looks. Since a variety of designs are available in the market. However, some come so decoratively to the extent that their basic purpose lack behind and a question emerges in mind”Are copper tea kettles safe?” Such copper tea kettles are neither long-lasting nor suitable for daily use since they are more or less a toy.  So, better focus on the ones that are a bit weighty with the stainless steel lining or some other metal. In order to avail the most out of your purchase.

But apart from the durability and functionality of the copper tea kettles. Let’s analyze its other aspects along with its safety for a true tea addict:

Are Copper Tea Kettles Safe to Use


Advantages of copper tea kettles:

While owning an awesome ability to conduct heat, a copper tea kettle excels in efficiency than glass or stainless steel. To clarify, it quickly boils water even on medium flame. Hence proves as time and energy-efficient metal than others.

But are copper tea kettles safe to use?

Safety of copper tea kettles:

Since copper doesn’t impact negatively upon health when its intake is via food. But its effects are never appreciable when it chips off of copper kettles while cooking and invades the boiling liquid. Therefore, we cannot abruptly claim that copper kettles are safe because their safety depends upon a few rules and regulations. Since the criteria for both old and new copper kettles is different so why not go in a bit detail:

Since the copper kettles feature a metal coating so normally a new product is considered safe for cooking purposes. This metal coating may comprise stainless steel, nickel, or tin and acts as a strong hurdle for copper to leach into the hot liquid. However, prefer to buy stainless steel coated copper kettle over the one layered with tin. Because tin wears out more quickly thereby making the kettle an unsafe piece for health within no time.  

 But the copper kettles that undergo usage for a long time come under the category of old ones. As they experience deprivation of a barrier due to regular use. So, they are not safer ones for preparing tea. The copper reacts with boiling water and the resulting product behaves hazardously for your digestive system. Moreover, make sure that you remove the copper kettle from flame once the water starts to boil. If you don’t bother the whistle and let the water boil continuously, you’ll taste the burnt copper upon drinking.

How to Clean Copper Tea Kettle?

Bottom line:

Once you feel the metal layer of your copper kettle is no more. Don’t get sad about the failure of your purchase because that’s not the failure indeed. Even then a copper tea kettle can serve you decoration purpose because of their antique style and appearance. And for tea addicts, I love glass teapot with a strainer in the spout. Stay blessed!